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By sharia law, obama is a muslim because his father was one. This is how you tell if he is muslim or not. If he is as claimed a christian, then by sharia law he is an apostate, and the punishment for that is death. Since there is not one cleric issuing fatwas for his death, then that would imply that he is not an apostate

dsrtsage, Free Republic 50 Comments [9/7/2010 5:51:20 AM]
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Twisted logic if I ever heard it

9/7/2010 6:04:50 AM


Yeah, or maybe there's just no clerics in the states willing to risk a visit from the Secret Service. They tend to take offense at people threatening the president.

9/7/2010 6:05:07 AM


So because no Muslims are calling for his death than the means he's a Muslim? What??

9/7/2010 6:22:35 AM


I would seriously love to know what kind of hive-mind method they think Muslims use to communicate this information to each other.

9/7/2010 6:32:18 AM


Or, it implies that he's not a Muslim.
Irregardless, Sharia Laws are not used in the US, surely. Therefore it doesn't matter to the US Government what Sharia Laws say.
Plus, the President of the US has Freedom of Religion, just like everybody else in the US.

9/7/2010 6:33:18 AM


> By sharia law, obama is a muslim because his father was one. This is how you tell if he is muslim or not.

Okay. So, basically you're saying Muslims cannot convert to Christianity, because that's what the Sharia says.

Suppose, for a sake of argument, that he did convert to Christianity and some Muslim cleric would be calling for his death. (Obviously it doesn't matter whether or not Obama is or is not a Muslim, because he has stated publicly that he's a Christian. If your theory holds true, that ought to be enough of a reason to call for his death.) What should Christians do in that situation, in a country that doesn't endorse legality of such death warrants?

Follow-up to that: If someone has publicly stated they're Christians or have converted to Christianity, and there's a legitimate concern - mind you, concern, not actual threats just yet - that they should be subject to a death penalty for apostasy, what would be the morally right thing to do?

Your options seem to have shrunk to 1) admitting that Sharia law is unjust and Obama, as a claimed Christian, should be protected from that injustice, or 2) allowing Obama to suffer an unjust fate, thus admitting that Christianity has no power over Sharia. (Cool kids call this concept "moral relativity". I hear some fundies are not very hot about it.)

In short: Your logic doesn't work if you take Obama out of the story and put in a random new convert to Christianity.

9/7/2010 6:39:43 AM


Um, he's pretty much publicly stated that he's a Christian (Reverand Wright, anyone?). If they're not calling for his death it implies one of two things: 1) You're wrong. 2) Every Muslim in the world is in a conspiracy in which they all know "the truth" while nobody else has ever been informed of this "truth" and it has never been leaked despite there being 1.5 billion people as art of this conspiracy, many of which don't even like Obama. Hmmmm, which one is more likely?

9/7/2010 6:47:49 AM

Table Rock

Well I'm an atheist but... oh wait. My dad is Catholic and I haven't been excommunicated. Holy crap, I'm Catholic!

9/7/2010 6:57:21 AM


Another lame attempt at using selective reasoning (?) to paint Obama as a Muslim. He's no more Muslim than I am Martian, but of course you lot will never stop banging this particular drum until he leaves office. And even if he did happen to Muslim - so the fuck what? He's the president of a secular nation - go look up what that means.


9/7/2010 7:07:59 AM

Mister Spak

Since you are squawking about Obama being a muslim, then that would imply that you are opposed to the American constitution.

9/7/2010 7:36:12 AM


@Table Rock

"Well I'm an atheist but... oh wait. My dad's Catholic and I haven't been excommunicated. Holy crap, I'm Catholic!"

And as my ancestor was a Norman knight who came to Britain in 1079, I guess that makes me a Catholic too - even though I was baptised Church of England. I'm an apostate! Especially as in my youth, I grew out of that superstitious silliness when I began thinking for myself.

Is dsrtsage projecting so much he makes the IMAX format obsolete? What about his ancestry, and any vile skeletons in his family cupboard? Or simply a case of methinks the lady doth protest too much - especially his sexuality? Two Words: Ted Faggard.

@Mister Spak

"Since you are squawking about Obama being a muslim, then that would imply that you are opposed to the American constitution."

Especially considering [i[this[/i] part of the Constitution (Article 6; emphasis added):

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

So either dsrtsage & his Freeper ilk are (check one):

[ ] Enemies of the State, as they oppose the US Constitution, and the nation said document is based on; as they oppose what the Constitution represents, they therefore hate America.

[ ] They're not as American as they claim to be. It really says so much about a country's population when more people outside that country know more about the Constitution than a sizeable amount of that country's population.

[ ] It's just a round the houses way of them saying 'I hate n****ers'. But then, them saying what they do, the way they do, they're already admitting it.

[ ] All of the above.

Choose wisely. In all cases, you and your right-wing ilk are fucked.

9/7/2010 7:38:25 AM

D Laurier

By sharia law?
No, sharia law does not determine who is or isnt a muslim. And sharia law does not state, suggest, or imply, that faith is hereditary.

9/7/2010 7:58:51 AM

Yeah, so?! I'll ask yet again for the upteenth time: What has Obama's faith got to do with him running the country?

9/7/2010 7:59:48 AM


9/7/2010 8:04:22 AM


I'm pretty sure that you're thinking of some local customs and not shariah. But I could be wrong. What are your qualifications to speak in this area?

9/7/2010 8:04:51 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Yeah, because massive religions are very good at keeping track of the members they've lost. Go tell that to Catholics and Mormons who wanted to leave the church, I'm sure that they'll tell you all about how promptly they were excommunicated.

9/7/2010 8:41:45 AM


"By sharia law, obama is a muslim because his father was one"

Sharia law is shitty.

Sharia law also doesn't state anything like that.

9/7/2010 8:42:28 AM

Actually, he has to have declared the first verses of the Koran THREE TIMES to be considered a muslim. I didn't know that you were so mis-informed about Sharia law.

9/7/2010 9:35:37 AM


We all know what a bastion of knowledge regarding Islam and Sharia can be found on Free Republic. </snark>
Hell, they're not a bastion to anything except blind, arrogant, bigoted, stupid ignorance.

9/7/2010 10:10:34 AM


And by US law, Obama is a United States citizen because his mother was one.

Interesting how you seem to be following Sharia while constantly denying that facet of US law.

9/7/2010 10:39:31 AM


Have YOU had any Muslims call for your death? Oh I see they do but only because you're American. Which means either A)Obama is an American and they ARE calling for his death or B)You're a Muslim too. Furthermore what of the Jeremiah Wright controversy? Did you forget that? And even further and most important: What the fuck does it matter what faith he follows?

9/7/2010 11:03:23 AM


This is the dumbest argument i've seen.

9/7/2010 12:03:20 PM

Thinking Allowed

Good thing there is no religious test to qualify you to be president of the United States.

9/7/2010 12:30:35 PM

Old Viking

Does sharia law say you're a moron because your father is?

9/7/2010 12:42:21 PM

The L

Sharia law only applies to Muslims. By definition, it would not apply to an apostate, because that person would no longer be Muslim and thus no longer bound by Sharia law.

Your logic is valid, but your premises are faulty, thus rendering your argument unsound. Try again.

9/7/2010 1:03:46 PM

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