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I was just reading the projected path of Hurricane Earl. It looks as though it will hit Washington D.C. this week. Notice that Obama is suppose to meet with Abbas/Bibbi tomorrow.

I think our father is sending a clear message!!!!!

FathersChild, RaptureReady 84 Comments [9/7/2010 6:01:44 AM]
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Child support, much?

9/7/2010 2:28:27 PM

Brendan Rizzo

9/7/2010 2:47:26 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Comment deleted.

9/7/2010 2:49:32 PM


Because hurricanes have never struck the east coast before.

9/7/2010 4:49:49 PM


The clear message was a welcome break from the blistering heat. I think your gawd loves us more than you.

9/7/2010 6:08:24 PM

@Tolpuddle Martyr
I know that picture.
That picture is of a tornado that hit Myrtle Beach SC around 10 years ago.

9/7/2010 6:48:06 PM

Darth Vader

Unlike many of the posters here, I am a conservative libertarian and disagree with most of Obama's economic and domestic policies. I also happen to be a Christian (of theoligically liberal bent).

But of all the things God could be upset about, why on earth would this be it? Giving credit where credit is due, Obama has done a pretty decent job in restoring the United States' ability to act as a global peacebroker, and considering that the Bible encourages believers to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem," I would think God would be happy to see Obama at least giving peace talks the ol' college try. (As most other sitting presidents have done in recent years.)

Your god's politics kind of suck. I mean, he could have sent a hurricane to stop the unconstitituonal health care bill or block the government from challenging Arizona's immigration law... but NO... he has to wait until Obama does something that's actually pretty ok and then he gets pissy about it. What's up with that? How can you Republicans (which I'm guessing you are) support such a God, anyway?

Wait, wait, I get it. The message was to Abbas and Netanyahu... kind of like "Get along, kids, or daddy's going to take you out to the woodshed," right? That would almost make your concept of God rational again.

9/7/2010 6:55:36 PM


Actually, it kinda swerved right past us untouched, I should know, I live in the Delmarva area.

Another fundie theory excuse bites the dust, although using his logic I guess God finds favor on Obama, but seeing as how the Outer Bank towns like Nags Head and Kitty Hawk were hit the hardest I guess God doesn't like the Wright Brothers.

9/7/2010 7:01:56 PM


[Pat Robertson]

True Story !

[/Pat Robertson]

9/7/2010 8:09:42 PM


{dupe post, sorry}

9/7/2010 8:47:05 PM


As other posters have mentioned, hurricanes rarely hit DC. All they ever get is the tail end of what is usually a tropical storm by the time it even hits Delmarva. God isn't very bright if he thinks sending a storm to ravage the Atlantic Coast but more or less leave DC alone, will teach our Capitol a lesson.

And if Earl is all the Big G has to throw at us, I'm not impressed at all. I live in an area of the Eastern Shore that was right under the projected path of Earl (technically a tropical storm by that point). I went out with friends the night it was supposed to hit and accidentally left the windows in my truck down. When I got back to it the next morning the seat was kinda damp but that was about it. Hell, the causeway to Chincoteague Island stayed open.

9/7/2010 8:59:28 PM


His aim must be lousy then because apparently he missed.

9/7/2010 9:04:01 PM


Yeah, yeah, it could just as easily be a response to Glenn Beck's hijacking of the civil rights movement, but that couldn't be possible because God always conveniently agrees with you in making his vaguely targeted attacks...

9/7/2010 9:24:48 PM

refuter of fundy vermin

Only a RaptureRetard would make such a horseshit prediction.

9/7/2010 9:31:40 PM


Perhaps it's God warning America what will happen to us all if the theological snake-oil pushers and the teabaggers who follow them are allowed to gain, keep and hold the reigns of power in this country.

Not that I actually believe this, but still...

9/8/2010 12:25:58 AM


You're a fat idiot and I'll kill you someday. I'll make it realllllly painful too. You disappointment.

9/8/2010 2:33:23 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Sounds like D.C. is chock-full of iron chariots these days...

9/8/2010 4:25:52 AM


You know what would be a clear message?

The clouds parting and a monstrously loud voice booming down from the sky "KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF AND DO X".

That would be a clear message.

A hurricane going toward one location and hitting lots of shit on the way, doing tons of collateral damage, is not a clear message.

Funny how your god's aim is absolutely terrible.

9/8/2010 9:20:28 AM

Philbert McAdamia

If a thousand years is like a day to god, maybe he's all tweaked about something from a long time back, maybe what one old Indian tribe was doing.
Then again, there's the thing with his aim.

Shit, it could as well be he's mad at the dinosaurs in Europe.

Or on Mars.

9/8/2010 11:10:00 AM


But "Earl" did good things for Washington D.C. so that means your God wanted good things, peaceful things for D.C. and President Obama.

9/8/2010 2:58:30 PM


Looks like Earl changed his mind. Bet you feel stupid but I'm sure you'll come up with a 'works in a mysterious way' reasoning. Here in N.C. we got some much needed rain. Such punishment!

9/8/2010 3:06:26 PM


...God is against peace in the Middle East?

9/8/2010 4:09:07 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Sorry to disappoint you, but Earl didn't hit DC.

9/8/2010 4:12:36 PM


It passed east of Massachusetts. Just a rainy, breezy night in Worcester. It was stronger over the outer Cape, where you might want to stay out of the water because of rip currents. If that's the worst the Supreme Being can do to a sinful place like P-Town, he's an underachiever.

9/8/2010 4:34:35 PM

Justanotherathiest, they are fundies, what do you expect? They seem oblivious to the world and nothing seems to stop them from carrying on like the loons they are.

9/8/2010 4:41:27 PM

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