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I was just reading the projected path of Hurricane Earl. It looks as though it will hit Washington D.C. this week. Notice that Obama is suppose to meet with Abbas/Bibbi tomorrow.

I think our father is sending a clear message!!!!!

FathersChild, RaptureReady 84 Comments [9/7/2010 6:01:44 AM]
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Because the fact that the most Christian states are always getting hit by multiple hurricanes every year means nothing.

9/8/2010 8:34:33 PM

Zeus Almighty

Please, please, please predict that I WON'T win the lottery this week. I really need to win $50 million.

9/8/2010 8:46:12 PM

That is what multiple other natural disaster said..

9/9/2010 12:43:54 AM


But didn't the storm miss DC?

9/9/2010 4:33:06 AM


Yes, his message was "I love messing with these people who claim to follow me".

9/9/2010 1:14:14 PM


Percy Q. Shunn said ...

"Sounds like D.C. is chock-full of iron chariots these days"


I hear traffic is becoming a real problem and several public transportation systems are being proposed.

9/10/2010 2:35:28 AM


Hurricanes move along the coast, it just so happens Washington D.C. is near the coast, stop saying goddidit, you're only making yourself seem less and less credible.

9/11/2010 4:43:39 PM


Guess what it didn't even come ashore what now assholes?

I like how Louisiana has more churches than any other state in the US but keeps getting pounded by natural disasters. See I can play this game too.

9/13/2010 7:21:52 AM

Doubting Thomas

I think our father is sending a clear message!!!!!

Yeah, mainly that if we don't start all being bible banging Christians, God will send the edge of a hurricane to swipe part of the East Coast causing no damage and bringing pleasant weather.

9/13/2010 10:44:27 AM

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