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AIDS is the biggest public health scam in medical history. Like global warming, AIDS is being used to push a powerful leftist political agenda. For over two decades the Public Health Establishment has used your tax dollars and the full power of the federal government to wage a massive propaganda (and intimidation) campaign designed to:

(A) prevent the American public from hearing the scientific evidence that suggests HIV may not cause AIDS
(B) scare the public into thinking "we are all at risk"
(C) coverup the extreme toxicity of AIDS chemotherapy drugs (which are not just used on "fast-track" gays and junkies, but also given to pregnant mothers, infants, and children)
(D) use this fear to push a leftist social agenda that includes socialized medicine, and the promotion of homosexuality and explicit sex "education" to tender-aged school children
(E) use their "public health mandate" to bypass the authority of parents and local school boards who object to their social engineering schemes
(F) create a massive federal bureaucracy encouraging the use of addictive drugs, to include prescription heroine
(G) use threats and intimidation to silence dissenting scientists and to keep the press from covering the debate
(H) and finally, to use AIDS as a model to push similar social agendas with respect to future epidemics.

GodGunsGuts, FreeRepublic 41 Comments [9/16/2010 3:52:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 30
Submitted By: Son Goku On The Flying Nimbus

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Should be on CTSTDT IMO.

9/16/2010 4:09:29 AM


What is wrong with you people?

When there's no other pandemic around you always gotta go back to this...

Sad really.

9/16/2010 4:10:44 AM


You keep rambling on, but all I hear is "I'm a fucktard".

Also [CITATION NEEDED] (First! Hah!)

9/16/2010 4:25:50 AM

London Jew

"Anything I don't like doesn't exist!!!"

9/16/2010 5:10:23 AM

Horus IX

4G is back on the interwebs? Prepare the harpoons! His JWO (Jesus World Order) will destroy all of humanity! Oh...wait...it's 4G...nevermind...nothing to see here...just another douchebag spouting off shit he knows nothing about.

9/16/2010 5:28:31 AM

Doctor Whom

Actually, in the eighties, it was used to push a powerful rightist political agenda. But that was okay by you, wasn't it?

9/16/2010 5:29:51 AM


Never heard of Roy Marcus Cohn, have you?

9/16/2010 5:40:10 AM

Doubting Thomas

The biggest scam is that Christians have been using AIDS to try to scare people away from having sex by claiming it's a punishment from God, and using it as a tool in their anti-gay propaganda by claiming that all gays are disease-ridden degenerates.

9/16/2010 6:49:30 AM


Is this person being paid by Mattius Rust to sell Vitamin pills as a anti AIDS treatment, as it sounds like one of his anti-retroviral diatribes , which he used to promote his brand of vitamin pills in South Africa
to me...?

9/16/2010 6:52:24 AM


Yes, those homosexual, child-raping AIDS pushers. Burn 'em all!

In the immortal words of Regan
"Let Jesus fuck you!"

9/16/2010 6:57:19 AM


Your disconnection from reality is astounding.

9/16/2010 10:56:26 AM

Danny Noonan

Is it wrong to hope he gets AIDS?

9/16/2010 11:39:35 AM


Well, thankfully, we have great people like yourself who are able to overcome all that and get the truth out.
By the way, what does cause AIDS? It's toilet seats, right?

9/16/2010 12:15:54 PM

Seeker in the Dark

Hey, it's been a while since I've seen a GodGunsGuts quote. Isn't it ironic that he would complain about medication, when he clearly needs to take his?

9/16/2010 12:31:40 PM


@Danny Noonan:
Wrong but understandable. :p

9/16/2010 12:32:41 PM


Life must be terrible for people who see a hidden agenda behind everything. Thinking everybody has hidden intentions and anything done for his sake is only to backstab him.
Are people like this happy at any time?

9/16/2010 3:14:20 PM


AIDS denialism angers me more than any other conspiracy theory, because it has had seriously harmful repercussions.

Fact: In the 80s, when the AIDS scare broke out, countless people died.
Fact: Less people die of complications of AIDS now, due to medical treatments
Fact: Countries that deny these medical treatments due to denier propaganda continue to suffer countless casualties due to the AIDS epidemic.

9/16/2010 6:29:44 PM


Anti-retroviral drugs are NOT chemotherapy.

And sex ed? You really think teaching our kids how to play safe is a Bad Thing? Fuck, that attitude right there is exactly why there's an epidemic of STDs and teen pregnancy!

Last, drugs aren't a Bad Thing in and of themselves. The problem is that addicts -- specifically heroin and meth addicts -- need a place where they can get a measured dose, that's guaranteed not to be laced with other drugs or cut with household chemicals, and a clean needle, and thanks to prohibitionist asshats like you, they don't have that.

9/16/2010 8:00:22 PM

Mrs. Antichrist

Funny how the length of time between catching HIV and developing AIDS somehow magically increased when the drugs were developed and given to the public.

9/16/2010 9:29:10 PM


9/17/2010 2:03:04 AM

Everything you said here, my good man, was complete and utter bullshit!

9/17/2010 3:18:11 AM

Many, many academics have personally done research on AIDS and HIV. Do you think they are all liars?

The Right Wing love to scare the public. By the way, most people aren't really scared of AIDS. Not in the same way that people freak out about terrorists, who have caused so many fewer deaths.

No, just no. The older drugs were quite toxic, but they were better than the disease. Newer drugs are not quite as bad.

Heh, promotion of homosexuality? If anything, AIDS is more likely to ferment opposition to it, given the stereotypes. Sex-ed is hardly explicit, either. By that age, admit it, we all knew the major details. The lessons are there to deal with misconceptions. You know, like the idea that AIDS doesn't exist? I am also compelled to point out that this whole irrational anti-sex rhetoric is getting old and tiresome. It has been since it was started two thousand years ago, actually, and it's no better now. I find it funny how you people freak out over sex (life) yet violence (death) is gleefully advocated.

Oh, and here in the UK, we have public health (again... life!) services. We aren't Nazi Communists at all.

I'm all for it, if it keeps idiots like you at bay. It looks like your use of biased language becomes extremely shallow and obvious here. "Social engineering schemes"? I don't care what some stupid redneck or their school boards say, when their decisions are about the life and death of millions of people.

Heroin was originally synthesised with the intent to use it as a painkiller, much like morphine and other opiates. Like morphine, it can be abused. We finally found a disease bad enough to necessitate the use of such a powerful drug. The idea that the left is trying to promote use of heroin, or similar, is an absurdity designed with the sole purpose of bolstering your stupid list.

No comment.


9/17/2010 8:57:00 AM

Brendan Rizzo

So will you agree to inject yourself with HIV then?


I thought not.

9/17/2010 3:38:28 PM

Kat S.

Great, prove it. I would like scientific data and concrete evidence preferably instead of more theories to your theories.

Can't do that, huh? That's what I thought, but you probably would still claim you're doing a service of some sort politically.

Besides, what's the harm if you're wrong?

Oh wait.

9/17/2010 7:14:17 PM

African people have a word with you.

9/18/2010 11:06:52 AM

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