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The fact that the hell-bound moron [Maher] has only contempt for Christians and hasn't a clue about actual Christian doctrine doesn't stop his from spouting opinions of it.

DoctorDoom, Free Conservatives 17 Comments [7/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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11/2/2007 8:35:11 AM


Apparently, most Christians don't either.

5/25/2008 2:57:51 AM


Actually he knows a lot about the Christian doctrine as he was raised Christian. Why do you think he's so disgusted by religion in the first place?

2/23/2009 2:00:59 PM


My God.

That irony... that hurts, man. That irony hit so hard it HURTS.

This is the same guy who makes up weird crap about evolution, atheism, Obama, liberals, and pretty much everything else he doesn't like. He does not actually know anything about it but insists on making his own "facts" up and shouting them from the rooftops.

And he still has the audacity to accuse someone else of ignorance.


3/21/2011 1:35:33 PM


Whereas no fundie has ever done that. No, never.

(Reaches into the box for a new irony meter).

3/22/2011 2:45:22 AM


So, DoctorDoom has been frothing on the internet for nine years now at least. What does he do for a living?

9/14/2013 11:11:20 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Never actually read the 'new testament' have you?
The forgers were still adding chapters in 400 CE.

10/1/2013 7:30:23 AM

rubber chicken

I feel a disturbance in the force, as though a billion irony meters cried out and were suddenly silenced

10/1/2013 8:13:52 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Never actually read any 'xtian doctrine,' have you?

11/29/2013 6:55:30 AM

Dr. Shrinker

To be fair Doc, you have only contempt for liberals and you haven't a clue what liberals really believe or stand for. That doesn't stop you from spouting opinions.

Would you like to see some examples?

11/29/2013 7:08:54 AM


The fact that the worse-than hell-bound subhuman [Duckturd Dumb] has only contempt for anyone not exactly like him and hasn't a clue about actual Christian doctrine doesn't stop his from spouting the lies of it.

The word 'Sociopath'. I suggest you consult a dictionary. It'll say 'See Duckturd Dumb'.

11/29/2013 7:11:58 AM


Almost the 10 year anniversary of DoctorDoom's first appearance on this site--this guy's as much of a fixture here as Rapture Ready.

5/27/2014 3:25:18 PM


This is it, Doomies first quote here. And it only gets worse in the ensuing decade...

5/31/2015 3:25:03 AM

Yet he knows more about it than many Christians

12/11/2016 1:38:09 AM



Duckturd Dumb outs himself. Whore Lie-Party Smells ceases to exist.

I doubt they'd welcome you on Freak Cuntservatives, Duckturd. That membership of the Log Cabin Republicans awaits, however.

12/11/2016 3:40:54 AM

12/11/2016 3:57:55 AM


It's almost tempting to give DoctorDoom partial credit. When it comes to topics like food chemistry, germ theory, nuclear power, GMOs, and vaccinations Bill Maher is an absolute moron. But Maher is competent when it comes to religion and as far as I can tell from the OP comment none of the topics listed were in the original discussion, so I really can't give Doom credit. I also can't give Doom any credit because saying somebody is going to or should suffer for all eternity is 'being a massive dick.'

12/11/2016 3:59:51 AM

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