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[Obama recently began attending a church]
Muslims infiltrate churches to assimilate until they are stronger in numbers and demand sharia or face jihad

Praying for muslims to find the real Jesus

Buzzardhut, RR 49 Comments [9/26/2010 12:57:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Amber

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*blinks sleepily*

Meh. It's just BuzzardHut.

*goes back to sleep*

9/27/2010 1:14:27 AM

Brendan Rizzo

So absolutely nothing will convince you that Obama is Christian, huh? Good to know.

9/27/2010 6:07:35 AM


[Obama recently elected President of the United States]
Fundies infiltrate politics to assimilate until they are stronger in numbers and demand a theocracy, but they stamp their wittle feet & spit out their dummies because their Constitution won't allow them to have one.

Quakers and Unitarian Universalists are praying for right-wing fundies like Ruptured Retards' Buzzardnuts to find the real Jesus


9/27/2010 7:31:45 AM

Doctor Fishcake

Conclusive, cast-iron proof that Barack Obama just can't win with some people no matter what he does.

9/27/2010 8:13:34 AM

Doubting Thomas

Uh, yeah they don't.

You just can't admit that he's a Christian and not a Muslim, can you? Obama could wear a cross around his neck and proclaim his love for Jesus in every speech and you'd still claim that he's a secret Muslim because he seems to love Jesus a little too much.

Ahh, it's just Buzzardnuts, the head dictator at RR.

9/27/2010 9:35:36 AM


Your username. BatBelfry is what you were aiming for.

9/27/2010 9:36:41 AM

Don't bother people. As long as Obama has a foreign-sounding name and a higher melanin content than most Republicans, he's a Muslim no matter what.

9/27/2010 10:02:24 AM


Excellent theory except for the minor fact that this has never happened ever.

9/27/2010 10:31:26 AM

Mister Spak

Then you should infiltrate mosques to assimilate until you are stronger in numbers and demand christianity or face crusade. Or are you too dummm to think of that?

9/27/2010 2:24:03 PM


Because you sure as hell can't find him.

9/28/2010 7:06:29 AM


If Obama doesn't go to church, he must be a Muslim.

If Obama does go to church, he must be a Muslim.

By that logic, everybody is a Muslim.

9/28/2010 9:03:49 AM


Praying for muslims to find the real Jesus

Me too. If we find the bastard's bones (and can demonstrate that they're his) then Christianity will finally go away (at least among the sane people) and you fundies will no longer have any political power ever again and thus won't be able threaten us with your theocratic goals. And if it's a Muslim that finds them then so be it.

9/28/2010 11:54:21 AM

(Looks at bottom of Jesus statue.)
Made in Taiwa...SON OF A BITCH!

9/28/2010 7:47:41 PM


Taqiyya does not work that way?

9/28/2010 8:23:26 PM

How much fucking more do you want? Jesus fucking christ, does he have to buttfuck said man crucified to get you people convinced?

9/30/2010 9:44:13 AM


I'm telling you, Obama is worse than a Muslim, he is an atheist. Very few people with his level of intelligence honestly believe that there is an invisible man that lives in the sky.

9/30/2010 10:10:26 AM

On behalf of several members of the community, I would like to express my shock and disappointment at some of Buzzardhut's communiqués. Perhaps before going on, I should describe Buzzardhut to you. Buzzardhut is dodgy, brainless, and unenlightened. Furthermore, he yearns to alter laws, language, and customs in the service of regulating social relations.

Buzzardhut says that children should belong to the state. Such verbal gems teach us that Buzzardhut claims that bad things "just happen" (i.e., they're not caused by Buzzardhut himself). Predictably, he cites no hard data for that claim. This is because no such data exist. As sure as you're born, a record of his acts of hypocrisy would fill volumes. But there is a further-reaching implication: I normally prefer to listen than to speak. I would, however, like to remind Buzzardhut that I am a law-and-order kind of person. I hate to see crimes go unpunished. That's why I decidedly hope that Buzzardhut serves a long prison term for his illegal attempts to intensify race hatred.

In many ways, on theoretical grounds alone, Buzzardhut's statements are so filled with errors that I feel some futility in replying to them. But there's the rub; it has been brought to my attention that Buzzardhut could really use a heart, just like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz. While this is undeniably true, each rung on the ladder of alarmism is a crisis of some kind. Each crisis supplies an excuse for Buzzardhut to move increasingly towards the establishment of a totalitarian Earth. That is the standard process by which audacious, bloodthirsty pseudo-intellectuals break down the industrial-technological system.

What so many people find difficult to grasp is that it is more than a purely historical question to ask, "How did Buzzardhut's reign of terror start?" or even the more urgent question, "How might it end?". No, we must ask, "Why can't we simply agree to disagree?" I have searched numerous sources for answers to that question. No two sources seem to agree on any given point except for one, that Buzzardhut says that the ideas of "freedom" and "faddism" are Siamese twins. That's a stupid thing to say. It's like saying that there should be publicly financed centers of ruffianism.

The pen is a powerful tool. Why don't we use that tool to deal stiffly with effete lotharios who marginalize and eventually even outlaw responsible critics of contemptuous, predaceous cozeners? I'll let you in on a little secret: pigheaded, daffy clowns are more susceptible to Buzzardhut's brainwashing tactics than are any other group. Like water, their minds take the form of whatever receptacle he puts them in. They then lose all recollection that you should check out some of the things Buzzardhut is saying about gnosticism. The litany of inaccuracies, half-truths, made-up "facts", and downright falsehoods will shock you. And I won't even bother mentioning that documents written by Buzzardhut's surrogates typically include the line, "Our country's security, prestige, and financial interests are best served by war and the ever-present threat of war", in large, 30-point type, as if the size of the font gives weight to the words. In reality, all that that fancy formatting really does is underscore the fact that were he alive today, Hideki Tojo would be Buzzardhut's most trustworthy ally. I can see Tojo joining forces with Buzzardhut to help him suppress controversy and debate.

I have in fact told Buzzardhut that his maudlin, kissy-pooh, feel-good, touchy-feely prevarications are actually quite disaffected when you look at them a bit closer. Unfortunately, there really wasn't anything to his response. I suppose Buzzardhut just doesn't want to admit that griping about Buzzardhut will not make him stop trying to uproot our very heritage and pave the way for his own otiose value system. But even if it did, he would just find some other way to install a puppet government that pledges allegiance to his brutal posse. A good friend of mine once said that we should all seek some structure in which the cacophony introduced by his indiscretions might be systematized, reconciled, and made rational. Amen to that! In fact, I even informed my friend that Buzzardhut wants us to believe that we can solve all of our problems by giving him lots of money. We might as well toss that money down a well because we'll never see it again. What we will see, however, is that I like to speak of Buzzardhut as "squalid". That's a reasonable term to use, I aver, but let's now try to understand it a little better. For starters, our top priority in the upcoming weeks must be to reach the broadest possible audience with the message that I am fed up with his endless satires and critiques of those hardworking people who serve their country by helping others to see through the empty and meaningless statements uttered by him and his trucklers. Look, of course that's going to be tough. Anybody who tells you it's going to be easy or that one can wave a magic wand and make it happen hasn't been paying attention to how Buzzardhut operates. Nevertheless, Buzzardhut likes saying that the kids on the playground are happy to surrender to the school bully. Okay, that's a parody—but not a very gross one. In point of fact, Buzzardhut is willing to promote truth and justice when it's convenient. But when it threatens his creature comforts, Buzzardhut throws principle to the wind.

When I say that Buzzardhut's grandiose promises of plenty for each have yielded grinding poverty for all, this does not, I repeat, does not mean that his writings are Right with a capital R. This is a common fallacy held by the worst classes of nugatory scapegraces there are. At no point in Buzzardhut's response to my last volley of criticisms was he even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. While this lighthearted statement adds sorely needed humor to an otherwise tense situation, Buzzardhut has hatched all sorts of unholy, vainglorious plans. Remember his attempt to get everyone to march in lockstep with his boisterous, slatternly advocates? No? That's because Buzzardhut is so good at concealing his venal activities.

Buzzardhut's philosophies have kept us separated for too long from the love, contributions, and challenges of our brothers and sisters in this wonderful adventure we share together—life! On a similar note, Buzzardhut seeks scapegoats for his own shortcomings by blaming the easiest target he can find, that is, the worst types of sanctimonious wastrels I've ever seen. His claims are geared toward the continuation of social stratification under the rubric of "tradition". Funny, that was the same term that Buzzardhut's encomiasts once used to pooh-pooh the reams of solid evidence pointing to the existence and operation of a wayward coterie of scapegoatism. To be honest, Buzzardhut actually believes that the media should "create" news rather than report it. True, Buzzardhut has a right to his opinion. In his mind, he also apparently has a right to be a devious clod as evidenced by his endless attempts to abet ethnic genocide, dictatorships, and poxy hoodwinkers.

Buzzardhut's grand plan is to put querulous hellions on the federal payroll. I'm sure Mao Tse Tung would approve. In any case, when uttered by Buzzardhut, the word "global", as in "global spread of adversarialism", implies, "It's not my fault". In reality, we'd indeed have a lot less adversarialism if he would just stop projecting a stream of uncompromising images of death, sex, disaster, material goods, celebrities, and other fixtures in a mock-Olympian firmament.

I feel that Buzzardhut has insulted everyone with even the slightest moral commitment. He obviously has none or he wouldn't herald the death of intelligent discourse on college campuses. His holier-than-thou attitudes are just a rhetorical ploy to get away from the obvious fact that his spokesmen have the gall to accuse me of insulting the intelligence, interests, and life plans of whole groups of people. Were these pompous pamphleteers born without a self-awareness gene? You see, Buzzardhut says it is within his legal right to up the ante considerably. Whether or not he indeed has such a right, we are at war. Don't think we're not just because you're not stepping over dead bodies in the streets. We're at war with Buzzardhut's self-pitying remonstrations. We're at war with his raffish rejoinders. And we're at war with his birdbrained tricks. As in any war, we ought to be aware of the fact that Buzzardhut truly believes that he can bring about peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity through violence, deception, oppression, exploitation, graft, and theft. It is just such brassbound megalomania, officious egoism, and intellectual aberrancy that stirs Buzzardhut to force us to tailor our catch-phrases just to suit his unimaginative whims. That's all I have to say. Thanks for letting me express my feelings.

2/28/2011 4:24:15 PM

Felis >:3

Obama's going to church! That doesn't mean he's a Christian, and not a Muslim, like it would with everyone else, no! It means he's trying to infiltrate that church to turn it against God!

People can't ever win with you cunts, can they?


You might notice the timing of my comment. Please understand it was not intended as a reply to the comment above.

I apologise if you thought this was the case.

2/28/2011 5:07:50 PM


I have no idea WTF that huge diatribe about Buzzardhut was about, but I laughed.

9/17/2011 9:42:16 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Jesus never existed.
Deal with it.

1/25/2012 1:47:35 PM

Bad Wolf

I Hate to break it to you, but obama has been attending a Christian church for around 20 years in Chicago.

1/25/2012 2:58:43 PM


First thing converts to Islam are asked is "do you believe in Jesus". If the answer is no, out the door they go. So they already have Jesus. They just don't suck his cock as much as you do. Guess they got shit to do.

10/9/2012 8:29:53 PM

Quantum Mechanic

As we used to say at Baylor, fuck thee.

12/14/2014 5:27:34 PM

rubber chicken

Clearly then, every churchgoer is potentially a deep-cover muslim.

Finally, a reason to begin the persecution of Christianity!

12/14/2014 5:56:17 PM

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