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So is our current prison system (depriving one of freedom, prisoners beating other prisoners to death, etc.) considered 'bad' by you?

inquisitive01, Internet Infidels 15 Comments [7/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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prisoners beating other prisoners to death

YES, I CONSIDER THAT BAD. Unless the prisoners in question are all pedophiles. Then I suppose I could turn a blind eye.

2/6/2007 5:40:35 AM


Yes, an unfair justice system and heinous prisons are a PROBLEM.

2/6/2007 3:48:45 PM



2/27/2008 7:46:34 PM


Kinda, yeah. Any system that ignores rehabilitation as an option is bad, as it merely perpetuates the problem.

2/27/2008 7:58:26 PM

King Duncan

Wait. Yes.
er... which answer do you want me to give?

2/28/2008 1:59:09 AM



3/3/2008 4:34:33 AM


Yes, Prisoners killing other prisoners is a bad thing. I don't even approve of the death penalty period. I definitely don't approve of random brutal beatings.

3/3/2008 5:36:06 AM

Chesire Cat

Yeah I do.

3/7/2008 7:00:35 AM


Well, that depends on how you put it.

But considering how much more prone previous inmates are to commit crime than those that are punished with civil service, regardless of how severe the crime, it doesn't quite seem to work.

Then again, you may just be vindictive and see the guilty suffer. That's soooo christian.

3/7/2008 10:07:14 AM


Bad is a very serious understatement. It's downright inhuman.

2/9/2010 1:13:49 PM



3/21/2011 7:13:49 PM


Slightly better than no system, but vastly improveable.

8/10/2011 5:57:15 AM


So, when people get sent to prison for stealing a car, you think that entitles them to get beaten to death?

That's nice. Very Christian of you.

8/10/2011 6:01:38 AM


"So is our current prison system (depriving one of freedom, prisoners beating other prisoners to death, etc.) considered 'bad' by you?"

Speaking as someone who pays his taxes, and possesses self-control (and only prefers women who are in their mid-late 20s at least), I wouldn't know. Better ask the likes of Kent Hovind and Tony Alamo that question, pal.

Don't do the crime (Kent Hovind: 'Not Rendering Unto Caesar'; Tony Alamo: Serial statutory rape, thus the only way he's leaving prison is in a box), if you can't take the anal.

8/10/2011 8:36:45 AM

Professor von SCIENCE!

I thought you nuts loved prison with all the converts on death row there.

@Alena; I must agree. It's not funny or nice to say but I feel no pity for those evil bastards.

7/10/2013 6:49:33 PM

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