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Has anyone seen the commercials for this new movie? It [a remake of the Exorcist] looks very disturbing and I feel like it might harm people who see it. It paints a terrible picture and everyone inside the theater will be immersed in that for 2 hours.

The commercial just came on as I type this.....

Come soon Lord.

Zergocel, Bibleforums.org 9 Comments [8/30/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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The scariest bit about the commercial is that they say it's based on a true story. That anyone believes that is truly scary.

8/31/2005 5:13:00 AM


IIRC, the girl involved with this matter died as a result of the actions of the preist and her parents. I doubt that will make it into the movie. Or that any of the fundies will care.

8/31/2005 10:34:52 AM


From what I understand about the movie, the main plot is the defense of the priest involved against murder charges. The exorcism scenes are, I'm sure, what will draw in the audience.

8/31/2005 3:49:02 PM


It should reveal how stupid the idea of demons taking over bodies and churches believing it is.

BTW, the lord isn't coming, he's just breathing really hard.

12/20/2006 10:59:24 AM


Exorcism movies, and demons in general, are only "scary" to people who believe in demons. Which is, unfortunately, a lot of people (which is why they keep getting made).

By the way, what is WITH fundies and ending all of their posts, even the least sad or "threatening," with "Come soon Lord." Do they know how much it makes them look like a death cult? It's almost like they parody themselves.

The Lord can take his time. Come soon LOGIC AND EDUCATION AND RATIONALITY.


9/5/2009 2:54:59 AM


I once watched Ichi the killer. It was quite a bit more gruesome than this lame film.

9/5/2009 6:10:20 AM


"Come soon Lord."

Q: What's white, and hangs off clouds?

A: The Coming of the Lord!


9/5/2009 9:12:02 AM


I don't intend to see this movie because remakes have a tendancy to just be shit. If I did go see this movie, I would employ a little something called "Suspension of disbelief." Knowing that the subject of movie is not real may not hurt my enjoyment of the movie. For example, a bunch of people went and saw Avatar. Only the crazies thought it was based on fact.
"Exorcism movies, and demons in general, are only "scary" to people who believe in demons. "
by that logic, the Freddie Kruger films are only scary to those who dream of a blade-handed pedophile in a striped sweater. A well-made horror movie can scare you even if you're quite aware that it's fake.

9/6/2010 2:00:26 AM


I can't wait to see their reaction when the film, "Skyline" hits theaters.

They'll see it as a prelude to the rapture, no doubt.

9/6/2010 2:05:10 AM

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