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I agree with you. I believe that the human race has probably lost brain capacity over the centuries, due to the curse of sin. There are still a lot of very intellignet people in this world, but I believe the average intellect has probably declined significantly.

Jadeeyes, Rapture Ready 71 Comments [10/25/2010 3:55:46 AM]
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yes well you would be the expert in lost brain capacity wouldn't you?
in fact I'm shocked that you managed to spell it o_0
and btw you dear madam/sir owe me a new irony meter if you could please send one as soon as possible that would be fantastic

10/26/2010 7:51:16 AM


Considering that the alledged curse of sin was visited upon the alledged first two people, it would be difficult to do a comparison study. The human race would not have lost brain capacity and would currently have the same amount present at the time of the alledged curse of sin.

10/26/2010 8:01:44 AM


Just as well scientists discovered that Large Hadron Collider under Switzerland and France before humanity was too stupid to use it. Obviously left there by our more intelligent ancestors.

10/26/2010 5:53:02 PM


Noooo, I would say that if you Fundies keep interbreeding and talking only to yourselves, the median IQ of your group definitely falls.

10/26/2010 6:24:42 PM


A case could be made that people were smarter overall before the rise of civilization. Devastating epidemic diseases like small pox or bubonic plague that kill their victims regardless of their intelligence arose after humans had more concentrated, urban populations. In a hunter-gather society, death is more likely to be caused because of inter-tribal warfare, murder, an accident, or an inability to produce enough food. Intelligence can be a factor in avoiding being murdered or killed in a stupid accident. Intelligence can be used to either avoid war or survive it. Intelligence can be used to figure out how to gather the maximum amount of food. You don't also have the same selection pressures in a modern country in the developed world.* Also, growing up, children in the modern developed world have a lot more in the way of passive entertainment (e.g. television) than hunter-gatherers would. It could be argued that a child in a hunter-gatherer society would interact with their environment more, which would stimulate their brains during a crucial period of development. (And yeah, I basically stole this argument stolen from Guns, Germs, and Steel.)

I don't think that this is necessarily true. I don't think we have any actual studies showing this to be the case. Even then, there are a lot of different aspects to defining intelligence. Intelligence is a hard thing to measure.

I'd just like to point out that the idea that the average human intellect has declined isn't that far-fetched. But it has nothing to do with "the curse of sin." It's more that in an environment where stupid people are more likely to die . . . come on, how long do you think that most of the people at Rapture Ready would last?

*Note: I think that the lack of selection pressure is a point in favor of the modern developed world. I don't think that people should die simply because they aren't very intelligent.

10/26/2010 7:02:11 PM


Hey, wait a second . . . "the curse of sin" refers to Original Sin, correct? And Original Sin refers to Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the Tree of theKnowledge of Good and Evil? So we're stupid because our ancestors ate something that allowed them to gain knowledge? How does that even make sense?

10/26/2010 7:08:50 PM

yeah it lost its brain capacity due to the curse of christianity.

10/26/2010 7:10:18 PM


How would 'sin' physically affect the over-time function/size of our brain?(And wouldn't such a change due to natural selection-of-sorts be evidence for evolution that you fundies hate so much?)
You can shout 'I believe ________' at the top of your lungs,but it still doesn't make it true.
You sir, are full of shit.

10/26/2010 7:39:00 PM


If you don't stop doing it you'll go stupid!
Can I just keep doing it until I join Rapture Ready?

10/27/2010 4:24:48 AM


@I read about the afterlife

"Oh yes, the Dark Ages were absolutey fraught with genius!"


So tell me, Ruptured Retards, why aren't we exploring the galaxy in awesome ships like this right now?:

10/27/2010 8:26:02 AM


On the other hand, the average human lifespan has increased, over the centuries from a maximum of 40 years, to in some cases, over 100 years...
To follow Jadeeyes's analogy, does this mean that "The Curse of Sin" is increasing human longevity as a result...?

10/27/2010 8:28:46 AM

The Lazy One

Yeh, I go to skool to get edumacated so I can be intellignet.

10/27/2010 8:31:06 AM


Well looking at you and yours one could definitely got that impression......

10/27/2010 6:51:00 PM


I agree with you, Jadeeyes. I believe that the human race has probably lost brain capacity over the centuries, due to the curse of fundamentalism. There are still a lot of very intellignet people in this world, but I believe the average intellect has probably declined significantly.

There. Fixed.

10/27/2010 7:15:14 PM


Yes, and Rapture Ready is perfect proof of that.

10/28/2010 10:43:44 PM


Nah, too easy!

10/29/2010 4:48:52 PM


...I believe the average intellect has probably declined significantly

straight from the horse's mouth. So the human race was given a brain but when we use it it's a no-no? Right. Gotcha.

10/30/2010 11:46:42 AM


Cole's Axiom: The sum of intelligence on the planet is a constant; the population is growing.

9/19/2012 8:36:05 AM


"There are still a lot of very intellignet people in this world"

Such as, for example... Spike Milligna (the well-known typing error).

The jokes just write themselves, really.

9/19/2012 8:40:43 AM

rubber chicken

There is an argument that the amount of intelligence on the planet is a constant.

9/19/2012 9:22:34 AM


Likely human intelligence peaked just at the dawn of agriculture and herding. While our ancestors were hunting and gathering, they needed every single brain cell to stay alive. After they developed reliable food supplies, the stupid and the weak could survive. As technology advances, life gets easier, less intelligence required and physical strength are required, and the idiots who would otherwise be weeded out by natural selection survive. Physical and mental deterioration is the price we pay for technology and ease of living.

4/29/2013 8:46:45 PM

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