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Well for one my friend, gays do not possess any immutable characteristics and do not have a long-standing widespread documented history of discrimination or oppression in this country. Gays are not victims.

Jitney, Topix 58 Comments [10/25/2010 7:03:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 93
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Immutable? You make us sound like we're all like Mystique from X-men.

10/25/2010 7:16:44 AM


How can you even th *head asplode*

10/25/2010 7:17:55 AM


He's right, christians have faced nothing but hardships and we should focus on just them and their problems. To hell with the gays, native americans, blacks, muslims, women in general and every other group that has faced actual discrimination in history.

10/25/2010 7:19:24 AM

TB Tabby

Yeah, being tied to a fence with barbed wire and left to die of exposure is just their way of relaxing.

10/25/2010 7:21:45 AM

Dr. Shrinker

Actually, being gay IS an immutable characteristic. If you have evidence to refute this, please cite it. Note that anecdotal references, especially those of the "well, I heard of this one guy..." sort are not scientifically significant. Also note that "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" is not especially helpful either.

10/25/2010 7:22:13 AM


So, have you lived your entire life on a sensory deprivation tank or are you just a big bell-end with no idea of how discrimination works?

10/25/2010 7:39:55 AM


Matthew Shepard, Paul Broussard, Nizah Morris, Nireah Johnson, and Gwen Araujo all would like a word with you.

10/25/2010 7:46:39 AM


Well except the homophobic beatings and the whole not being equal to us in terms of rights (straight here). Also Matthew Shepherd was a victim. You fail

10/25/2010 7:51:19 AM

Mister Spak

"do not have a long-standing widespread documented history of discrimination or oppression in this country. "

How do you reconcile this with "societies have realised since the dawn of time that homosexuality is destructive to that society. I.E. we have always beat up homos so we should still do it."?

10/25/2010 8:07:31 AM


You haven't been paying attention to the recent gay suicides, have you, Jitney? Oh, that's right, you don't care.

10/25/2010 8:09:45 AM


"Well for one my friend, gays do not possess any immutable characteristics and do not have a long-standing widespread documented history of discrimination or oppression in this country."

You can't be serious.

"Gays are not victims."

You can't be very smart, either.

10/25/2010 8:25:30 AM

Doctor Whom

Meanwhile, back in reality ....

10/25/2010 8:35:05 AM


Its okay to crawl out from underneath that cozy rock you apparently live under once and awhile, you know?

10/25/2010 8:42:50 AM

I read about the afterlife

Fuck off.

10/25/2010 8:47:43 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Lie much?

10/25/2010 8:51:02 AM


Well, Jitney said it, that settles it.

10/25/2010 8:51:12 AM


I have at least one immutable characteristic: my utter hatred and loathing of fundamentalist Christians.

10/25/2010 8:55:47 AM


How far back do we need to go to refute the "long-standing widespread documented history of discrimination" that you seek? Keep in mind that homosexuality was on a plane with witchcraft in the 1600's. The sodomy laws that existed practically from day 1 have only started to come off the books in recent years, and the fact that homosexuality was, until only about 20 or 30 years ago, considered a mental disorder ought to be a good start.

And that's even ignoring the biblical justifications for homophobia.

10/25/2010 9:44:29 AM


Really? And which country is this pray tell 'cause it sure as hell ain't any of the countries on this planet.

10/25/2010 9:54:05 AM


In other news, water is not wet, rock is not hard, and hell is not hot.

10/25/2010 10:19:55 AM

Well, of course hell isn't hot. After all, for hell to be hot, it first must exist

10/25/2010 10:40:39 AM


Um, yeah.

About that...

10/25/2010 10:41:56 AM

Doubting Thomas

Says he who has his head buried in the sand. Go back 60 years and you'll find white people who claimed that black people weren't being discriminated against or oppressed in this country. It's easy to claim that people aren't being discriminated against when you're not part of that group.

10/25/2010 10:48:13 AM


For once, I'm dumbstruck.

10/25/2010 10:54:36 AM


So, all of the time that homosexuality was illegal in the US wasn't discrimination? Boy, those guys who had to hide their relationships their entire lives must really be kicking themselves.

10/25/2010 11:37:04 AM
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