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[Responding to a video of an overweight white woman miming sex acts with a black dancer at the Notting Hill carnival]

I gave up caring about these race mixing sheep long ago. The way I now see it, they are doing us a favour with all this Multi-cult nonsense as the weaker minded of our kind will breed themselves out of existence.

The whites who remain are going to be of much better stock that those throwing their history and blood away we see such as in this video today.

paul, 21st Century British Nationalism 38 Comments [11/3/2010 4:54:31 AM]
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Please, are you telling me that Cherry Cole is not the best stock possible?. Or that the only white women in UK who have sex with black men are all overweight?

11/5/2010 11:30:04 AM

Are you telling me that the only women in UK who are overweight breed with black men only?, in which alternative universe?

11/5/2010 11:31:04 AM


Please, are you telling me that Cherry Cole is not the best stock possible?

She's not. I can think of plenty of pretty women who produce better music.

11/5/2010 3:09:01 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Pole dancing =/= breeding. Anyway, I think you're most offended by the fact that she was having fun with the black dude and not you!

11/5/2010 9:01:35 PM

Why are white supremacists almost always 'inferior' on a noticable level?

11/7/2010 4:00:06 AM


Race mixing?
She just wanted a shag.
To mix races you need conception, which took place nowhere but in your imagination. To be fair, maybe hers as well :)

11/7/2010 6:16:50 AM


@ Brendan Rizzo

Why does it happen? Because human brains are mistake-generating machines. Otherwise, this site wouldn't need to exist. One of the most common mistakes is to overgeneralise from the actions of a few members of a group, to the whole group.
Thus many people wrongly conclude that all ministers of religion are pedophiles, all Americans are war-mongers, all New Zealanders are sheep-shaggers, all Australians are drunkards, all Muslims are terrorists, all Democrats are Socialists etc.
This being a site with a particularly large number of sane and rational posters, the prevalence of that error is surprisingly low. I've formed the opinion over the years that about a third of all posters here are not American. However, there are some who display that error. Headache, an otherwise witty and intelligent poster, is so irrationally anti-American it's excruciatingly embarrassing to have to admit that he, like me, is an Australian. There are perhaps three others like him, though to a lesser extent.
However, your post commits the same error by ascribing to the large number of non US citizens a view held by only a tiny minority.

11/7/2010 8:55:44 AM


@Brendan Rizzo

Just don't. You're making it worse.

11/9/2010 7:28:18 AM

Niggers need to be beaten.

11/9/2010 3:02:12 PM



*white man does something stupid*
"Wow, you're stupid"

*black man does something stupid*
"Wow, black men are stupid"

11/12/2010 4:53:35 AM

That's right, Paul. You don't care <i>so much</i> that you're making a whole post about it to let us know!

11/12/2010 7:22:36 PM

Raised By Horses

Get the fuck off my planet.

11/26/2010 6:28:33 AM


[The whites who remain are going to be of much better stock ...}


12/10/2010 8:52:53 PM

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