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Today your womens division leader went to Tesco super market and was horrified to have to hear an Asian woman on the till speaking in Urdu to a customer! I found this very offensive so I made a complaint to customer service and the manager came over and said he agreed with everything that I was saying and he would take it very seriously. I wrote a letter and am waiting to hear from him - I will let you know how it goes. What made me the most sad was the poor old white bloke stood there at her till struggling to pack his bags so I helped him pack his tea bags and biscuits while watching this absolute disgrace yap on in a alien language.

British People's Party Women's Division, British People's Party Women's Division 37 Comments [11/17/2010 4:57:00 AM]
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Yeah, I heard two women yapping away in English in the Morrisons in Caernarfon. Disgusting behaviour.

That Tesco guy knows how to humour a loony. Also, how does a party of three people get to have divisions?

11/17/2010 6:05:52 AM

Doubting Thomas

While I appreciate being spoken to in English in a professional setting, I just don't understand the offense that some people take of others speaking in other languages.

11/17/2010 7:47:01 AM


Does this mean I am not allowed to speak my native Welsh in an British supermarket? Would this be as offensive to this woman?

11/17/2010 8:06:12 AM


Yes, how dare employees address customers in their own language when they're also fluent in the lingua franca. How dare employees provide a service that benefits other and doesn't bother you at all?

Damn them all to hell!

11/17/2010 8:38:26 AM


Today your womens division leader briefly reflected on her bleak, lonely and meaningless life while spending her dole check at Tesco. Desperate to distract herself from her own irrelevance, she indulged in a brief fantasy about being taken seriously. Since she's also a hopeless dimwit, the best she could muster was a pathetically unrealistic farce involving the store employees and customers around her.

11/17/2010 9:10:52 AM


You can identify Urdu from Hindi by sound? Good for you.

11/17/2010 10:20:59 AM

Joe Mama

This is the same kind of crap I hear from the fundies about "Happy Holidays" (which I expect to start any day now). For some reason, they think if an employee of a business isn't pandering just to them, it's offensive discrimination. Get over yourselves.

11/17/2010 11:14:18 AM


Well, aren't you one unpleasant little bitch.

11/17/2010 12:05:17 PM


Wow, so Britan has their equivalents of the "English only" croud that we have over here? And I assume they're just as fucktarded there, right?

11/17/2010 3:06:28 PM


I work in Tesco and I cannot imagine this actually happening. The manager would certainly not take the stance described in the original post. I once spoke to a German customer in German and there was no complaint from anyone. I can assure you this post is just a racist fap fantasy.

I sometimes shop in Asian stores and I find the languages spoken quite fascinating.

11/17/2010 3:35:20 PM


Can anyone tell that woman that hearing multiple languages improve the brain?

11/17/2010 5:12:07 PM

It's worse because the old man involved was white.

11/18/2010 1:42:05 AM

Ahhh, nice to see they are not shy about admitting to a fascist, racist agenda. What a pretty website they have. And so concerned about animal rights too. Fine upstanding people clearly. I hope soon they upstand finely in a fire.

11/18/2010 3:52:03 AM


Yesterday during lunch break a group of women sitting at the end of the table were speaking Spanish. I just ate my lunch & minded my own business. Afterwards we all went back to work, had a nice productive day & went home. Then I watched a Youtube clip of an old 80's film in Russian. Only understood enough to get the jist of it, but found the children in it charming, and it gave me an interesting glimpse into life in the old Soviet Union. I learned a little from it and felt a little richer for it.

Last Sunday a muslim woman was behind me in line at Aldi's. She had just a stack of sweets in her hands, one was a box of frozen fruit pops that looked really good. I was trying to look more closely at the label so I could get them next time, and it led to us striking up a conversation. She said it was her turn to bring dessert to a family dinner, which explained all the sweets. I said I was coming to her place for dinner & we had a good laugh. I then checked out & left.

See how much easier and more pleasant life is when you embrace differences in others, instead of pissing & moaning about it?

11/18/2010 5:21:51 AM


Bad customer service has nothing to do with the colour of your skin. It happens with cashiers EVERYWHERE.

And yapping in an alien language? Sweetie, Urdu poetry contains some of the most beautiful utterances ever.

Uncultured grand-chavette

11/18/2010 6:11:35 AM

Man Called True

...how the heck did you even know it was Urdu? You don't seem the type to understand anything that isn't descended from our branch of Indo-European.

At least it's more evidence that those of us on this side of the Atlantic can't be blamed for ALL the racist fuckwads.

11/18/2010 2:40:24 PM

Brendan Rizzo

I suppose I should apologize. Americans have religious fundies, and Britons have racist fundies. Both countries have their problems, and neither is better at this than the other. Now, onto the substance of this.

Someone speaking a different language?! ZOMG it's teh end of teh werldz!one!! ...I think the manager was just saying anything to shut you up, lady. Strange, I didn't know that Pakistanis (presumably that's what they were as Indians speak Hindi, or another Indian language-- but since when could a racist tell two nonwhite ethnic groups apart?) spoke a language not of this Earth... If you understood linguistics, lady, you'd know that the two languages are more similar than they are different, really.

And the only disgrace to language here is you, for failing to know that the form "a" is only used in front of words beginning with consonants. For words beginning with vowels, the form "an" is used.

11/18/2010 5:22:48 PM

Shut up Brendan

11/18/2010 5:29:43 PM

Huckster Sam


You're Welsh, you should know by now that the Welsh language is offensive to everyone.

No language that is 99% guttural consonant is good.

11/18/2010 5:46:14 PM


@Huckster Sam
I live in Scotland and dwi'n dysgu Cymraeg!

"No language that is 99% guttural consonant is good."

Perhaps not while eating peanuts. The rest of the time it's perfectly natural.

11/18/2010 6:01:46 PM

Mr Blur


Ah, Tesco, UK's answer to Walmart.

11/19/2010 2:08:36 AM

Brendan Rizzo

@ 1227967:

I am well aware that you are a troll, because if you had actually read what I posted you would have known that I specifically said that neither country is better at this than the other. So, if you want to prove me wrong, then do not resort to trolling people.

@ Huckster Sam:

I hope you were joking. That is just not nice.

11/19/2010 7:03:25 AM


So people should have their right to speak another language in a store taken away because you are 'offended' by it?

You have the right to be offended by chocolate bunnies for all I care. But you do not have the right to NOT be offended(and take others rights away in the process).

11/19/2010 3:02:05 PM


1. Lidl is britain's equivalent of wallmart. Tesco is just good shopping sense. (Classy and cheap enough simultaneously)

2. Don't annoy the welsh, they will follow you around singing at you!

11/21/2010 4:17:56 AM


Sorry to go off topic, but Lidl is just a cheap German-owned discount store famous for excellent chocolate and not really a lot else. Their shops are tiny compared to Tesco. Asda is in fact owned by Walmart.

To get back on topic... store staff are encouraged to communicate effectively with everyone, and if this means speaking Urdu or Welsh... then that is the thing to do!

11/21/2010 5:13:24 AM

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