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(Fundy explains what's behind the H1N1 flu. Emphasis in the original)

Already in the news today, is the medical community is finding that the H1N1 virus is beginning to mutate, and it is taking a new form. Of course it is!

We are causing this very phenomenon to happen. We are crossing deadly viruses within ourselves, multiple injections per year now, and they will all adapt to themselves, for that is what viruses do, they adapt!

Our medical system in this world, is driven by GREED, and all these people, not all but the vast majority of these research and developement doctors, see only the company’s bottom lines, are driven for money and big huge bonuses, and it is the companies they work for, that are going to be the result of what is too come from all of this unreasonable and uncontrollable desire to sell, sell and sell for the almighty dollar!
God did not design us to be filled with injections with the very virus that comes and go! By continuously putting all these new viruses into your body, your immune system is being weakened every time. And when the new virus comes along mutated to form its own defences, all of those that get all of these shots, will be left with no defence at all. These doctors are playing God, and what they see, is the almighty dollar!

Humanity777, Humanity777's Blog 55 Comments [11/22/2010 4:52:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Robert

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I don't disagree that there's too much greed in the medical system, but it's not a new phenomenon.

But if we didn't have the medicines we currently enjoy, nobody would live into their forties.

11/22/2010 5:03:12 AM

Raised By Horses

"By continuously putting all these new viruses into your body, your immune system is being weakened every time."

No, that is how one strengthens one's immune system, by doling out potentially dangerous elements to it in doses it can handle, and grow accustomed to.

To self: You're trying to reason with a person born without reasoning skills. Explain to me again how this is going to work?

11/22/2010 5:40:20 AM

David B.

Yes, because no-one ever caught flu who didn't have a flu-shot.

Type A influenzas can in fact swap genes between strains (link), and regularly does so in the wild. Other influenza types (B and C) do so only rarely and usually develop new strains by antigenic drift instead (link). Vaccination, even with multiple vaccines, does not increase the threat of new strains since, by definition, it will only happen in people vaccinated against the parent strains.

11/22/2010 5:43:22 AM


You do not understand how immunisation works. I guess without further research on your part your ignorance would definitely entrench within you this conspiratorial fear.

So, I DO understand why you ramble

11/22/2010 5:50:36 AM

Coo, a fundie and an anti-vaxer. Stay there, sonny, I have a bridge deal I'd like to interest you in.

11/22/2010 5:51:47 AM

Mister Spak

Vaccines do not work that way.

11/22/2010 5:57:05 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Well, you fail biology forever, I see. But wait, did you just accept evolution?!

11/22/2010 6:36:52 AM


So the eradication of Smallpox was against God's will?


If the removal of that from the world is playing God, I'm all for it.

11/22/2010 6:52:56 AM


Those dastardly scientists!

How dare they pursue their interest in s viruses by getting training then employment at a company for money!

11/22/2010 7:10:43 AM


Hey fuckwit, virii evolve. And introducing weakened strains of it doesn't weaken the immune system. It kicks it up a notch.

11/22/2010 7:22:13 AM


Wanna bet that this lunatic also opposes health care reform?

11/22/2010 7:24:48 AM


#1228665 beat me to it.

11/22/2010 8:17:49 AM


God did not design us to be filled with injections with the very virus that comes and go! By continuously putting all these new viruses into your body, your immune system is being weakened every time. And when the new virus comes along mutated to form its own defences, all of those that get all of these shots, will be left with no defence at all.

Okay, stop. You have no understanding of the principles behind immunology at all. I'm no expert either but at least I've done some research on the matter. Shots help us to fight off infection and the problem isn't the vaccines, it's the fact that the viruses mutate and thus get around our immunities. Now, a case can be made that antibiotics weaken our immune system (especially when they are overused) as we don't get any immunities from them, but in no way do vaccines weaken our immune system.

11/22/2010 8:28:20 AM


How dare Doctors play God? They should be prosecuted for impersonating a Fundie!

11/22/2010 8:31:40 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Too bad you didn't die from smallpox or polio.

11/22/2010 8:34:12 AM


A fundie supporting evolution and an anti-vaxer in the same breath. What I am hoping for is natural selection to start working with these anti-vaxers. Too bad they have to take their children down with them.

11/22/2010 8:34:59 AM

Doubting Thomas

By continuously putting all these new viruses into your body, your immune system is being weakened every time.

Biology fail. Your immune system builds up immunities by being exposed to new viruses. How is your immune system supposed to develop antibodies for a virus it hasn't experienced yet? By praying? Wait, don't answer that.

11/22/2010 8:59:48 AM



Edward Jenner has already been vindicated by the entire medical community.

Vaccinations have saved millions of lives and annihilated diseases like polio and smallpox.

About the only issue vaccines are causing is that our trigger-happy deployment of some of the less important ones is bottlenecking the virus's population and turning normal viruses into superviruses, much like what antibiotics have been doing to bacterial infections (we've turned tuberculosis into super-tuberculosis by accident in this way, for example).

There is no conspiracy theory, nobody is cheating you out of your money, you are overreacting. Rather hilariously, at that.

11/22/2010 9:35:47 AM


Our medical system in this world, is driven by GREED..

The US medical system is driven by greed. So this is uniquely a US phenomenon. And driven by greed because most American are Christians who believe in helping your fellow countrymen the best they can.

Of course, "socialist-communist-nazi" countrys like in Europe, they hate their people so much they provide free-at-reception health care for their citizens. What a bunch of heathen communists possessed by demons!

11/22/2010 9:59:23 AM

Pule Thamex

I agree with you Humanity777, there is a great deal of emphasis on money in the world today, but don't forget, one of the biggest mammon worshiping sectors is religion and fundamental cultism. My God, between them, they can suck-up cash like there is no tomorrow. Their propensity for acquiring money is legendary. They can turn dough into fast cars and political influence faster than an F1 driver can speed down the home straight. The main men of religion and fundamental cultism are festooned with prostitutes and bullshit and all are powered by an insatiable appetite for what fuels them and their criminal insanity, money! Jesus is just a handy occult word used to conjure money from the masses.

11/22/2010 10:23:37 AM


Yeah because it's not like medicine ever got rid of any diseases... oh wait.

11/22/2010 10:29:03 AM


"for that is what viruses do, they adapt!"

Oooo, acknowledging that (the Theory of) Evolution is fact?! Dangerous! You'll start... dare I say it... thinking for yourself!

Careful Humanity777, your heresy is showing.

11/22/2010 10:48:02 AM


Okay, then, don't get ANY vaccines at all while the rest of us continue with our recommended immunizations. When you die of measles or typhoid or whooping cough, we'll come to your funeral to laugh.

11/22/2010 11:10:32 AM


Man, and here I was hoping to say "in before Headache"!

I would have guessed "American Fundie" but for the spelling of "defence": do you think any rootin' tootin' American fundie would use the British spelling of the word? I know Schlafly has problems with things like "colour/color" and "centre/center".

Anyway, the American healthcare system is greed and profit-driven. That's fair enough to say. I suppose I could live with it if there were a publicly-funded alternative, but that would likely undercut the practices of the current private system, and those with vested interests in that system have been lobbying rather hard to keep that from happening. It doesn't help that this lobby's got rabble like the OP all worked up and voting against their own best interests by trotting out the "communism" bogeyman.

11/22/2010 11:20:37 AM


Well, if your imagined god would play god once in a while, maybe we wouldn't have to. Oh, and the people that died of the Spanish Flu pandemic would like a word with you, but they can't, 'cause they're dead.

On a side note, I know where you can find a guy that will shake a rattle made of pebbles and a turtle shell over you if you're sick. Would that be more your speed? He works for cash too.

11/22/2010 11:33:03 AM

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