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Atheist bullying is a problem in many public schools, where student populations are becoming increasingly atheist or non-religious and are less likely to keep their lack of faith out of school discourse. Atheist students are commonly engaging in persecution of Christian students, encouraged by the out-spoken nature of the growing number of adherents of New Atheism, such as Richard Dawkins.

In serious cases, atheist bullying has lead to Christian students being pulled out of public schools to undergo home-schooling or private tuition, as their academic life has become intolerable.

Many school shootings are thought to be related to atheist bullying. The most infamous, the Columbine shooting, was partly perpetrated by an atheist.

It is feared that the rising number of militant atheist students will lead to more frequent - and deadly - school shootings in the future.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 116 Comments [11/25/2010 6:00:17 AM]
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You are lying. It is not a surprise that you lie. You're morally corrupt.

11/25/2010 6:04:20 AM

Jack Bauer

New Atheism?

WTF is that?

Non belief in a modern god as opposed to non belief in an ancient one?

11/25/2010 6:04:21 AM


Oh My Invisible Unicorn... Mr. Schlafly again.

The main reason for christian home-schooling is not any alleged bullying, but rather fundie parents who don't want their children exposed to anything else than blind faith.

And - when I remember correctly - one of the reasons for the Columbine shooting was that the perpetrators *themselves were bullied*! By christian jocks.

11/25/2010 6:14:48 AM



Ahh Shit! there goes my bullshit detector.

11/25/2010 6:16:59 AM

Not Today

I'm in my 10th year of teaching and in that time I've had two students that were "out" as atheists. This is in Texas where being the wrong version of Christian is often enough to get you blacklisted so I'm sure there were more, but these were the two confident enough to let others know if asked. Those two students were two of the nicest, hardest working, and most ethical I've taught.

Over the time I taught these two students we talked several times about their thoughts on religion. Both had the attitude that they didn't really care what someone else believed as long as those beliefs didn't impose on the beliefs and rights of someone else.

Not saying that this proves that all atheist students are this way, but at least one like this proves that not all atheist students are bullying Christians.

11/25/2010 6:24:56 AM


"It is feared that the rising number of militant atheist students will lead to more frequent - and deadly - school shootings in the future."

Feared, is it? By whom? Just you, I'm guessing?

11/25/2010 6:35:13 AM


Eric Harris (who was the main shooter) was literally a diagnosed psychopath. His brain was unable to feel emotion or remorse, so he faked it by mimicking people. Dylan Klebold (the second shooter) was a suicidal depressive with a deathwish but no self-esteem and went along with Harris because he knew at the end he was going to turn the gun on himself. It had nothing to do with religion whatsoever.

11/25/2010 6:37:13 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Andy, you are a fucking liar.

You need to declare moral bankruptcy, immediately.

Please kill yourself.

11/25/2010 6:41:19 AM


What a load of Bullshit Andy, that is all!

11/25/2010 6:41:34 AM


Surprising that this "trustworthy encyclopedia" doesn't have an article on Christian bullying.

No, not really.

11/25/2010 6:44:20 AM


What is the definition of the New Atheism, as opposed to the Old one?

Most atheists are "live and let live"-types; as long as your belief does not infringe on my human rights, go ahead and believe.

How come we have VERY few school shootings in Sweden?
Perhaps because there are VERY few guns available in the homes of teenagers.

11/25/2010 6:47:46 AM

Doctor Whom

The most popular hymn at Andy's church:

Lying for the Lord,
Lying for the Lord,
We shall come rejoicing,
Lying for the Lord.

11/25/2010 6:59:33 AM


More proof that Andy is morally bankrupt.

11/25/2010 7:01:05 AM


Wrong, on so many levels. It seems that, with a nearly non-exsistant sex life, a fundie like Andy Schlafly can only get his "pleasure" through persecution... if you know what I mean...

11/25/2010 7:03:18 AM


Ah...right. You know, I've never observed atheist bullying. My school was pretty cool about it all, I guess.

Once, my best friend stood up one day in Trig, and out of nowhere announces that there are plenty of signs in the Bible that the end times are growing near. (I wish I were making this up.) No one immediately started yelling obscenities or derogatory terms. No one beat her up after school. No one even complained to the principal. In fact, we all just looked at her, nodded uncomfortably, and when back to our classwork. The teacher didn't even say anything, just smiled vaguely. I think the worst my friend got were a few weird looks. Hell, she was even proud of herself, saying that God gave her strength to stand up and announce her faith like that.

I can't think of a more prime opportunity to engage in some so-called atheist bullying, and yet, nothing. I know not every place is the same. But still.

11/25/2010 7:18:29 AM


Factual basis motherfucker.

11/25/2010 7:23:40 AM


And the point is missed entirely by Mr. Schlafly, of course. The issue has nothing to do with atheism or Christianity. It's about BULLYING.

100% of the cases of mass-school shootings were done by victims of extreme bullying. Some are bullied because of belief or non-belief, some are bullied because they are obese, some are bullied because of who their parents are. It's the bullying that needs to be stopped.

11/25/2010 7:28:40 AM

David B.

Hmm, well I searched a couple of news archives and the only hits for atheist bullying I came up with were incidents where the other pupils bullied an atheist child (link).

Is that what you were referring to?

11/25/2010 7:29:12 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Too bad Phyllis wasn't killed in childhood.

11/25/2010 7:33:41 AM


Are we absolutely Andy isn't some sort of internet bot that trawls the web and mashes whatever it finds together into semi-coherent posts? Seriously, that seems to be the way the guy's brain works--take topic A, mash together with topic B, add paranoid rantings and buffoonery and post to Conservapedia.

Andy, get some help. Your Bible appears to have rotted your brain.

11/25/2010 7:41:55 AM


Partly? If its partly perpetrated by an atheist its also partly perpetrated by someone who believes in a God.

11/25/2010 7:49:43 AM


Look at the footnotes on this sorry excuse for an article - all are books on persecution of Christians in Soviet Russia. Brilliant.

11/25/2010 8:05:02 AM


I'd like to run with the Columbine shooting for a minute. There was an urban legend (that actually turned out not to be true) about one girl who was asked if she was a Christian and she said yes before Harris shot her in the face at point blank range. Even though the story turned out to be a fabrication, she is often -- even now more than a decade later -- praised by fundies as a near martyr for her beliefs.

While I don't believe either shooter ever formally declared himself to be an atheist, they weren't fundamentalists either, and their rage and depression that led up to that tragic day came from the ostracizing they got from the likes of those fundie students.

In other words, Mr. Schafly, the sweating of your soul can't wash the blood off your hands.

11/25/2010 8:27:47 AM


A genuine occurrence from my recent university seminar, where we were discussing a book with religious themes:

Tutor: Out of interest, who here is religious?
(The tutor raises his hand. One student raises her hand)
Religious Student: ... just me, then?
A Non-Religious Student Sitting Beside Her: Looks like it. Sorry.
(Tutor proceeds to discuss his thoughts on religion and literature for about 5-10 minutes, not actually saying anything offensive to the non-religious but skirting quite close at times)

Yes, how terribly we non-religious folk bullied that poor religious student! Daring to not believe in religion so that she was the only one putting her hand up!

11/25/2010 8:36:37 AM


I didn't know we were in bizzaro world today.

11/25/2010 8:37:47 AM

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