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(responding to a poster whose fundie mom destroyed many of his possessions because they were "of teh debbil")
Would you prosecute YOUR mother when she tries to protect you from poison? You would go after your own mother just because she got between you and your sin.....

Onlyonepath, ExChristian.net 45 Comments [11/27/2010 5:58:45 AM]
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My mother knows better than to get between me and my collectible TMNT action figures and WWE memorabilia.

11/27/2010 6:20:07 AM


A parent should only get rid of child's possessions(sp?) if they put someone in immediate danger or it's innappropriate for someone that age. A kid should never have to worry about his parent destroying something because it supposedly goes against her religous beliefs.

11/27/2010 7:18:01 AM


What tgrwlf said. Destruction of property destroys trust between parent and child. This won't "lead him to Christ," it'll only make him angry and resentful.

11/27/2010 7:23:21 AM

The Jamo

Yes, I would.


11/27/2010 7:24:57 AM


At 18 one is recognised as an adult, no longer in parental tutelage. So it sounds like what the mother has done is a criminal act. If she id not stopped in her track, what is to prevent her repeating what she has done.

Sadly, as I see it, the only thing to do is to cut loose and sue her. She is not a mother. She is a raving lunatic and to be shunned.

11/27/2010 7:25:15 AM

Enjoy prison time, wench.

11/27/2010 7:48:42 AM


Then stop using computers, bitch.

11/27/2010 8:12:09 AM


See, in realityville where we all live, and you seem to avoid like the plague, poison is known to be dangerous, hence why it is called poison. Possessions on the other hand that you deem bad are not poison.

11/27/2010 8:25:21 AM

Doubting Thomas

The real poison is religious beliefs that make people think that some things are "of the debbil."

If anything, behavior like this will drive future generations of kids away from Christianity.

11/27/2010 8:50:54 AM

The fundie mother is a lost cause. Give up on her now and cut loose. The poster is 18 so there's no more reason to remain at home under these kinds of circumstances.

Forget suing over some piddly material possessions. Her punishment will be alienation from her children that will only yeild loneliness and heart break. But that's her shit sandwich on which to feast.

11/27/2010 9:29:07 AM


Well that depends. Is she breaking the law or violating my rights in the process? If so, yeah, but not because she got "between me and my sin".

11/27/2010 9:48:12 AM


Well... if you'd be coming in my way as me being a homosexual, or an atheist or any other form of thinking for myself, i think yes.

11/27/2010 9:58:04 AM


I am pretty sure fucking up other people's stuff is hazardous for anyone's health.

11/27/2010 10:23:24 AM

Felis >:3

Bloooooody hell. And by the sounds of that first line of the first post, the guy's/girl's friend and brother live in their OWN HOME.

Is that right. or am I barking up the wrong tree? Someone help me out here.

This is important because that would make this even worse -- because then we're also talking home invasion.

I know OP shouldn't really tell his friend to prosecute his own Mum, but I don't really blame him. No, in fact, you know what? Do it. Not a criminal prosecution, because sending your own mum to prison would be wrong, but a private prosecution. Get him to Sue her. To sue her for fucking damages.

And tell him to prosecute those lunatic bitches who call themselves her friends -- if the rest of the family aren't overtly religious, then it sounds like she was dragged into it by them.

Do it mate. D & D magazines, games, and that glass dragon can be replaced, but your friend's bond with his mother can't. When he does prosecute, she'll realise this.

She'll realise she's thrown away whatever love they had for one another, and will have to try very hard to get it back, because that's invaluable, and it shouldn't come below her beliefs in a mystic deity.

11/27/2010 10:34:16 AM


If the poster were an alcoholic or a drug addict, and his mother were destroying his stash in an effort to enforce staying clean, I'd understand her motivations (although that is not the best way to stage an intervention).

Otherwise, no.

11/27/2010 10:40:58 AM


If my mother started throwing my food away to protect me from imaginary poison, I'd probably have her committed. Sounds like this mother is skating pretty close to that edge ...

11/27/2010 10:54:12 AM

No, it's because destruction of property is a crime and constitutes harrasment. Sorry.

11/27/2010 11:46:50 AM


I'm grateful for all the faults my parents had - religion was not one of them!

11/27/2010 12:00:33 PM


Would you prosecute YOUR mother when she tries to protect you from poison? You would go after your own mother just because she got between you and your sin.....

I would definitely do something if she was batshit crazy enough to think that my possessions were evil and poisonous when they're actually quite innocuous. Perhaps I wouldn't prosecute her, but I would make her seek mental help. It may sound cold to treat your own mother like a mental case (even if she is one), but the worst thing you can for a disturbed person (ESPECIALLY a loved one) is enable them by pretending that what they're doing is kosher.

11/27/2010 12:55:28 PM


No...but I will sue a bitch for breaking my shit.

11/27/2010 2:01:42 PM


Oh yeah, the guy's 18, his mother went into his house & destroyed his possessions because of HER beliefs, but he's the one who should feel bad for being such a dirty sinner, & turning on his mother, who obviously did nothing wrong, here.

11/27/2010 2:17:26 PM

Old Viking

I'm telling you, Mom, don't you ever again come between me and my sin.

11/27/2010 2:36:40 PM


My parents supported my D/D hobby, amongst others. They would only worry if something could have hurt or killed me. Hell my dad used to play games like D/D and he was also into strategy games. If it goes against their religious beliefs, perhaps they should explain why it does. If it is somehow waning their beliefs, their beliefs are probably not very strong

11/27/2010 2:38:03 PM


Wait, has she actually gotten violent beyond trashing his possessions? Because if I'm reading this right, he's got plenty of reason to get the cops involved and have her committed. And if a suit were to come about, and he won, it might be a good idea to start making plans to flee the scene BEFORE trouble starts all over again (read: move out of the house).

11/27/2010 2:39:43 PM


Poison exists, devil doesn't. Next.

11/27/2010 3:23:36 PM

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