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Bullying is indeed a severe problem and the homosexualists are the bullies. They have been brutal and vicious to the Boy Scouts of America for decades now. It is evil at it’s deepest extent on earth today, in my opinion. What is nearly as evil is how Christians frequently ignore the bullying of homosexualists and too often allow the bullies to run roughshod over the innocent and decent, like the Boy Scouts. Shame on the Christians who turn their heads away from the evil done my homosexualists and let the innoecnt be trampled over. Jeses would NEVER have done that.

Joel Mark, WorldMagBlog 68 Comments [11/28/2010 5:44:13 AM]
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Old Viking

Oh, you christianists are such kidders.

11/28/2010 1:41:14 PM



O please, in our hour of need, help us to effect change on this benighted planet. We are fed up with the constant untruths and falsities. O help us shine the light of truth and decency on all the earthbound louts.

For far too long has the sneaky imposter made free with its forked tongue, urging its servants to deeds most uncouth and in making speeches of sly abhorrence.
Lest the evil boaster claim dominance over gullible humankind, we beg everyone to help and let the dissembling one be forever thwarted in its efficaciousness in controlling human muppets.

O help us change the world for the better and show these base and ignorant folk the squalid nastiness of their ways and fill their tiny minds with the beautiful light of reason and humanity.

Lastly, we beg, consign this biblical monster to the lowliest dungeons and speak only in dread whispers and guilty shame of its reign of terror and despair.

Cast out God with His threats and His insanity. Free us from God, the foul beast of Hell. Let us rejoice in our humanity and tell God's earthly representatives to go take a hike.


11/28/2010 1:53:02 PM


Just in simple terms, no. Don't project your own ignorance on others, please. You guys make me sick.

11/28/2010 3:00:21 PM


They have been brutal and vicious to the Boy Scouts of America for decades now.

No, people just went to court and asked for an interpretation of the Constitution, as is their right under the First Amendment (the right "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"). And the court has generally said the BSA, as a private organization, can discriminate all it wants, provided it doesn't get preferential treatment from the government. So the BSA has a choice: discriminate or enjoy special treatment from the government (e.g., free use of public facilities, when other private organizations don't get such treatment). They have usually chosen the former. It's their own free choice - no bullying involved.

11/28/2010 3:00:40 PM

TB Tabby

Have the "homosexualists" ever hung boy scouts by their ankles over an overpass so they would be hit by a truck? Or tied them to a fence and left them to die of exposure? No? Let me know when they do, and maybe you'll have a point.

11/28/2010 3:13:31 PM

Mike Sihl

"What is...evil is...Christians frequently...bullying homosexualists(?) and too often...run roughshod over the innocent"

Yes I agree.

11/28/2010 3:21:00 PM


"Homosexualist" has been used by bigots in the UK for years - over a decade. I suspect it dates back to opposition to removal of criminal sanctions against gays in the early sixties.

Term implies that one _chooses_ to indulge in "homosexualism" rather than _being_ gay.

Hope that helps.

11/28/2010 3:54:25 PM


@ Wool on Wire

I am a gay man of 67 year - hell, 68 is approaching very fast! In all those year I have never met a homosexualist. The word implies there is a homosexual 'ism', whatever that may be. Certainly I cannot conceive of it. Could it be that ignorance of the term 'homosexuality' lies at the root of this?

Or perhaps it is akin to Jesusism and Jesusists, would you say? :-)

11/28/2010 4:57:41 PM

Jeses? Who is that?

11/28/2010 5:26:16 PM



Can't say I've met a "homosexualist" either (57 years, UK->Canada->UK). I did prick up my ears the first time I heard the word, in the UK, though. WTF is this person trying to say, thought I.

I would associate the term with streams of bile emitted by Daily Telegraph-reading narrow minds. The types who respect Enoch Powell for his intellectualism. Far-right wingers of the traditional English reactionary stripe. Rather than accept differences, they invent "isms".

Ismism (G&C) :-).

To read it from "new-school" US fundies goes to show how much cultural overlap exists. No surprises.


11/28/2010 5:36:12 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"Jeses would NEVER have done that."

Since jesus is a myth for miserably stupid people, you are correct.

11/28/2010 5:41:26 PM


In Soviet Russia, homosexual bullies YOU!

11/28/2010 5:59:30 PM


Nope. Jesus would have slaughtered them. Oh wait...

11/28/2010 9:42:48 PM


The only evil I see here is Christers bullying everyone who doesn't believe the same as they do.

BTW, Jesus, who never said anything about homosexuality, would be marching in Pride parades and protesting the on-going bullying and abuse of homosexuals.

11/28/2010 11:18:32 PM


WTF is it with Fundies inventing words? There is not 'homosexualists'. It's Fundies (Christians, Muslim, Jew etc) bullying homosexuals, no matter how try to fucking slice it.

11/28/2010 11:22:41 PM

I don't know Jesse, but Jesus was clear on "don't judge lest you'd be judged". And I'm still waiting for those bad things done by the homosexuals to the Boy Scouts(except contesting their unfair expelling)

11/29/2010 2:39:17 AM


I wouldn't have dared reveal myself as homosexual when I was in school for fear of retribution from those who took religion seriously enough to beat up gay people (obviously never serious enough to turn the other cheek or "forgive"). That would have been most of the children at school because religious indoctrination is the way almost all children are brought up. This individual hates homosexuals, uses his deity as an excuse and is, if not lying to us, lying to himself.
Jesus would NEVER have done that!

P.S. - I think, like a racist, a homosexualist is a person that carries out discrimination based on the homosexual of the victim.

11/29/2010 3:00:17 AM



How many words are these idiots going to invent?

11/29/2010 3:02:27 AM


Nothing works the way you think everything works.

11/29/2010 3:49:39 AM

Zeus Almighty

Do you have the whole "My Homosexualists" collection of kids action figures?
There's Terry the interior decorator; Rick the leather guy; Shane the closeted homophobic Southern Baptist deacon who's knees have been stained on the floors of truck stop restrooms all over the greater Fort Worth, Texas, region; Kenny, aka "Princess Twinkle," who performs in drag shows.

Oh what fun I had as a child with those lovable characters. I never understood why Shane insisted on beating the crap out of Terry

11/29/2010 5:20:20 AM

Raised By Horses

You ever notice how it's always "Jeebus dun want dis, Jeebus wudn't do dat", not "I don't want this, I wouldn't do that"?

Also, you need to watch this.

11/29/2010 5:32:43 AM

Mister Spak

" They have been brutal and vicious to the Boy Scouts of America for decades now."

They've been brutal and vicious to Nazi Germany, the KKK and Islam too.

11/29/2010 5:59:50 AM


Jeses (sic) would have been bullying Pontious Pilate by getting whipped.

11/29/2010 6:56:33 AM



"Bullying is indeed a severe problem and the homosexualists are the bullies. They have been brutal and vicious"

Oh, indeed. Forcing me to wear arseless jeans with leather chaps, feather boas and makeup. Also all we heterosexual men being marched into large areas and made to watch stage musicals. Oh, and the unimaginable horror of having to eat this terrible haute cuisine! Oh, the 'homosexualists' are taking over indeed!:


Or just simply a case of LGBT legislation denying you fundie bigots of your persecution of gays much, Joel?

11/29/2010 8:51:54 AM


"They have been brutal and vicious to the Boy Scouts of America for decades now."

You mean the GOVERNMENT FUNDED, PUBLIC club that refuses to except atheists and gays.

They are breaking the law, we are responding with outrage.

11/29/2010 12:29:22 PM

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