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[I've always wondered why god always chose the ignorant, meek, humble and illiterate to reveal his precepts to.]

He says why -- to confound Homo sapienism:

1 Corinthians 1:27a But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise;

[Homo Sapienism?! What on earth is that meant to mean?]

The belief that we are Homo sapiens, along with all the scientific justification and associated rhetoric.

AV1611VET, Christian Forums 59 Comments [11/28/2010 5:46:21 AM]
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Fuckin' shit! Why does AV1611VET still exist???

11/29/2010 10:24:46 PM


I've read this a number of times and can't seem to find a coherent thought
What is this person talking about?

11/29/2010 10:56:17 PM

Raised By Horses

Ah, yes. Remember the great debate about whether or not we are Homo Sapiens on the BBC. There sure was a lot of Homo Sapienist rhetoric being slung back and forth.

Except that never happened.

What are they going to start questioning next? Breathing air? Oxygenism? Is that what we're heading for? Cries against "Oxygenism rhetoric"? Seriously.

11/29/2010 10:58:09 PM


"[Homo Sapienism?! What on earth is that meant to mean?]"

I was wondering the same thing myself. I guess this person must think that a species name is somehow a religion or a dogma.

By the way, with the rest of the quote AV1611VET does not make any sense to me with that babbling.

11/30/2010 12:20:07 AM

The Jamo

No, not this guy again. This is just a whole new level of stupid.

11/30/2010 3:04:47 AM



O Lord, we beg your forgiveness for the sin of knowing that which men were not meant to know.
Please, O Lord, shower us, your earthly knaves, with the gift of stupidity that we may effortlessly absorb your commandments.
As we fire the heretic and boil the non-Godist, let us praise your mighty gift of implacable mercilessness.
We stupid dolts, who are totally at a loss without the divine fuel of your voice-in-the-head, do give our sincere and heartfelt thanks for breeding us from bumpkins and numskulls.


PS. Sorry, O Lord, for the sin of jets roaring through your living room.


11/30/2010 5:17:23 AM

Quantum Mechanic

There is no god.
Only the ignorant, meek, humble and illiterate are too fucking stupid to figure that out.

11/30/2010 5:37:04 AM


So, what you're saying is that we're not Homo Sapiens. Therefore, we're not "Man who thinks".

Well, that explains a lot.

12/1/2010 10:53:16 PM


You know "homo sapiens" is just a species designation for humans that is basically just latin for "smart man" right? It's a synonym for human. What's supposedly dastardly about it?

12/2/2010 3:34:29 PM

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