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Being a homosexual is wrong and always will be wrong in the sight of God. Lets quit sugar coating this sin and call it what it is "SIN". Can a homosexual go to Church and the answer is yes. Unless they are living in a homosexual relationship, then the answer would be no.

Matt, Yahoo! Comments 51 Comments [12/8/2010 10:31:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas

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Always "in the sight of". Not exactly how malum in se works...

12/8/2010 10:35:48 PM

Street Sharks

Ehh....this is basically the attitude that most Christians have towards gays, in America.

Not very fundy.

12/8/2010 10:39:25 PM


According to Christianity, we are all sinners. What makes homosexuality so different? Why can all other sinners go to church, but the gays can't?

Riddle me that, Matt.

12/8/2010 10:42:47 PM


Yeah! And while we're at it, let's start railing against clothing made from more than one material, and disobedient children! Stone them all!

12/8/2010 10:45:35 PM


Okay, then let's stop sugar coating everything in the Bible. That means we should be going after Red Lobster, hospital workers, everyone in retail stores that works on the sabbath as well as other people who have a job that requires them to work that day, Mcdonald's for serving cows with cheese, anyone who hasn't sold all of their possessions, anyone whose righteousness does not exceed that of the pharisees, anyone who covets (which means practically every customer), any child that disobeys their parents, any woman who doesn't scream when she is raped (even if she is bound and gagged or has a knife/gun to her throat), any person who does not hate his father/mother/family as well as those who do not honor their father and their mother, any person who adds things to the Bible, etc. Those are ALL sins in the Bible and quite a few of them are considered abominations thus sharing equal status with homosexuality in the Bible. And anyone that claims otherwise is just sugar-coating those other 'sins'.

12/8/2010 11:02:08 PM


So, if they ARE gay, then they can go to church, but if they ACT gay, they can't? Sounds to me like your god is a little jealous.

12/8/2010 11:18:48 PM

Can't go to church? Can't how? Like, will they burst into flame as soon as they walk in?

Actually... anybody want to try walking into Matt's church?

12/8/2010 11:31:36 PM

@ #1233452

I would like to put that theory to the test but unfortunately, I do not live in America.

Or wherever this idiot lives.

12/8/2010 11:36:57 PM


"Lets quit sugar coating this sin and call it what it is "SIN"."

Lets quit beating around the bush and call it what it is, a fundamentalist christian prejudice.

I don't care WHAT you think your alleged puppeteer (probably just you) thinks of homosexuals. According to my belief system you're a horrible person and would go to hell if there was one.
But I don't believe in hell so you're lucky in that respect.

12/9/2010 12:00:31 AM


So. Very. Wrong.

12/9/2010 12:06:37 AM


If you ban them from your church how are they ever going to repair their relationship to God, dipstick?

You let the liars, thieves, and murderers in, don't you?

12/9/2010 12:08:11 AM


Lets quit sugar coating this sin and call it what it is "Something that simple minded homophobic goat herders wrote in a novel thousands of years ago"

12/9/2010 12:11:28 AM


Being a fundie is wrong and always will be wrong in the sight of reason. Lets quit sugar coating their bigotry and call it what it is "BIGOTRY". Can a Christian be reasonable and the answer is yes. Unless they are a fundie, then the answer would be no.

12/9/2010 1:08:09 AM


Let's prove your religion and God are real first, ok?

Once that's done we can enforce all the religious bullshit you want

12/9/2010 1:33:14 AM

And if you get divorced, which is obviously wrong according to the Bible, can you go to Church? Of course you can, since such a large number of Christians are divorced, the Bible must have just been providing recommendations about that part, not like homosexuality.

12/9/2010 2:41:58 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Narnian spotted at six o'clock...

12/9/2010 3:17:41 AM

Wait, being a homosexual is not mentioned at all in the NT. If you want to be consequent, at least convert to Judaism and don't work in Sabbath, for that matter.

12/9/2010 4:07:11 AM


Being a wnaker is wrong and always will be wrong in the sight of God. Lets quit sugar coating this sin and call it what it is "SIN". Can a wanker go to Church and the answer is yes. Unless they are persistantly wanking, then the answer would be no.

Oops- Matt's not allowed in either!

12/9/2010 4:28:48 AM


You can call it what you like, it doesn't mean a damned thing.

12/9/2010 4:29:49 AM

I'm pretty sure if Jesus had ever said anything like that I'd remember reading it---and you people would never stop citing chapter and verse.

12/9/2010 4:45:36 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

It appears that your jesus thinks you're a fucking douche.

12/9/2010 4:57:13 AM


@ HoverSponge Could the fact they were goat herders have anything to do with prejudice? I mean, there's no indictment man on goat/sheep sex and that has long been the favoured solution to herder frustration. Biblically goats and sheep are "clean" animals not "beasts", if you know what I mean.

12/9/2010 5:20:31 AM


My invisible friend says it's wrong so it must be wrong.

*eye roll*

12/9/2010 5:29:45 AM


So Matt would enforce chastity (i.e. no sex) on gays - and probably on everyone else.

Well matt, I for one would call you a liar if you said that you had never wanked. So who are you to throw stones at other.

Jesus's 'Motes and beams' comment applies even to bigots like you.

@ Sane Chick,

Matt is indulging in the favourite passtime of fundies: Cherry-Picking from the Bible all that sits well with their personal prejucices/

12/9/2010 5:51:45 AM


So what you're saying is that sinners aren't allowed in Church?

Isn't one of the tenets of Christianity that human beings are innately sinful?

There must be a lot of empty pews in your church.

12/9/2010 6:38:33 AM

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