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There are 24 shopping days left till Christmas.

And 171 days left until Jesus' second coming.

That's the message on 40 billboards around Nashville, proclaiming May 21, 2011, as the date of the Rapture. Billboards are up in eight other U.S. cities, too.

Fans of Family Radio Inc., a nationwide Christian network, paid for the billboards. Family Radio's founder, Harold Camping, predicted the May date for the Rapture.

Their message is simple — "He Is Coming Again" — and their aim is to get unbelievers to turn around quickly. But critics say the billboards are a waste of time, one more failed attempt to predict the end of the world.

The Rapture is going to be a great day for God's people but awful for everyone else, said Allison Warden, 29, who orchestrated Nashville's billboard campaign. She's a volunteer with WeCanKnow.com, a website set up by followers of Family Radio. She and other fans designed the billboards, along with T-shirts, bumper stickers and postcards to get Camping's predictions out.

Warden traveled from her home in Raleigh, N.C., to Nashville last week to check out the billboards, purchased through the end of the year. She wouldn't say how much they cost or name who paid for them.

She is absolutely sure that Camping's prediction is right.

"It's a certainty," she said.

Harold Camping & Allison Warden, Tennessean.com 109 Comments [12/5/2010 10:46:42 AM]
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I love it when they make these predictions, because it always backfires so horribly.

12/5/2010 10:54:28 AM

D Laurier

And on May 22nd they will deny they ever made this prediction.

12/5/2010 10:56:55 AM


I am so going to be laughing my ass off come May 22 next year.
These people are so gullible. I wonder what excuses Camping will make this time for being wrong yet again about Jesus' return.
Any bets on Camping's followers being willing to donate all their possessions to us heathens before they leap into heaven?

12/5/2010 11:15:48 AM


I wonder how many will de-convert when May 2011 passes with nothing happening.

12/5/2010 11:24:18 AM


Jesus is coming, look busy.

12/5/2010 11:37:02 AM


Take my bet that it won't happen on that day, I dare you!

12/5/2010 11:38:26 AM


He is going to look very stupid on May 22nd.

12/5/2010 11:39:42 AM


And the "great disappointment" just keeps on giving

(I especially love it when they say 'it's a certainty')

12/5/2010 11:41:24 AM


I encourage Harold and Allison to sign over all their assets to me immediately. This would be a great act of faith to confront the atheists with and would surely make them and their nutjob friends feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Come on guys, put your money where your mouth is.

Jesus is coming! Will you spit or swallow?

12/5/2010 11:51:58 AM


Just as well I get paid on the 20th then.

12/5/2010 11:52:19 AM

Think Floyd

Jesus is cumming. Bring a towel.

12/5/2010 11:53:08 AM


Camping is well-known for his "predictions": 1978, 9/6/94, 9/15/94, 9/29/94, 10/2/94, 12/25/94, 3/16/95, 9/24/95, 4/3/96, 5/3/96, and now 5/21/11. I imagine on 5/22, he'll say the same thing he said all the other times: "oops, wait a minute. I made a slight calculation error. It's really 6/3/11, 6/12/11, 6/14/11, 7/4/11, ... and fade away again for a few years (if he lives - I think he's about 90 now).

12/5/2010 12:00:11 PM


Cue "The Rapture is coming: 1982" poster.

12/5/2010 12:12:18 PM

Doctor Whom

Matt. 24:36: But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Read your own Bible.

12/5/2010 12:14:51 PM


People have been claiming that the end is nigh for as long as there have been people. No wonder religious zealots insist on fabricating history; if they ever noticed how many times their ilk has been wrong, they'd have to find something else to do with their time besides watch the news for reasons to throw a hissy fit. And what kind of life would that be?

12/5/2010 12:16:24 PM


"Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"
"Again? But that trick never works!"
"This time for sure."

12/5/2010 12:20:12 PM

Potentate Argyros

Wonder how many will drink the holy Kool Aid on the 22, after they realize they've been duped?

12/5/2010 12:20:58 PM

Pule Thamex

OK! This is gonna be one of the mightiest tests yet. A real tough challenge. However, I'm feeling confident. I'm definitely gonna back myself on this one. So, I've got 171 days to turn myself around. Bring it on! I accept the challenge!

I've immediately started a new training regime. Next week I'm starting off with some light bigotry and gentle misogyny. In January I'm gonna really start to up my persecution of homosexuals and atheists. By February, I should have worked my way up to non-stop bigotry and my stamina should be improved enough to endure long sessions of delusion and talking bullshit.

Note to those who think I'll fail. Think again, because I've already started practicing how to tell lies, and I reckon I'm becoming quite good at it. Already, I feel more violent and belligerent and am beginning to adopt extreme, some would say right-wing, views. For instance, I can't wait for some rich fat-cat who sends all his kids to the best universities to become even wealthier at the tax payers' expense by selling his arms and weapons to the government. Yipee! Cool!!

I'm working hard on being deluded. In a month's time I should be believing in invisible deities and believing what any old pompous donut says. So, to sum up, I reckon I'll be just right for Jesus and God in 171 days time. In other words, Jesus will be proud of the way I lie, persecute, act like a deluded nincompoop, treat camels better than I treat women. Jesus is gonna love my belligerence and my racism and my homosexual persecuting. I think Jesus is especially gonna like my stance against educating children in the ways of reality.

Looking forward to flying into Jesus's waist on May 21st 2011. See how well my self delusion is coming, I told you I've been practicing.

12/5/2010 12:25:32 PM


And what will these idiots excuse be when it doesn't happen?

12/5/2010 12:33:51 PM


Got a deal for you, Harold and Allison: If you're right, my last act before descending into the pit of Hell will be an abject apology to you and Jebus. If I'm right, you will spend all the daylight hours of May 22 standing on the corner of Broadway and Second Street in Nashville, holding a placard that reads "I am a total gibbering idiot who should not be running around loose."

Go on, take it. Or don't you have real faith?

12/5/2010 12:37:15 PM

Jesus Klingon

"There are 24 shopping days left till Christmas.

And 171 days left until Jesus' second coming."

And 172 days until I laugh at your dumb asses for getting it wrong once again.

12/5/2010 1:04:59 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Didn't Jesus say something along the lines of "No one can know the day or the hour?" These guys are heretics. Can the other fundies rip them to shreds? I'd like to see that.

12/5/2010 1:10:59 PM


Because people haven't predicted it before gotten it 100% wrong. Oh wait:

12/5/2010 1:16:58 PM


You swill-spewing goons, the bible also states that no one but god is supposed to know when the Second Coming is. Maybe you'd like to find a rock to hide under for when May 21 passes by and nothing happens.

12/5/2010 1:32:25 PM


There's a part of me that wishes it would happen so we can be rid of folks like this...

12/5/2010 1:34:25 PM

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