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Elijah: If you want to see some real bashing, try being a Christian chaplain in the military now that DADT has been repealed. This is the end of military chaplaincy as we know it. Please don't tell me the gay agenda is somehow inconsequential because there are few gays. The gay movement is all about criminalizing Christian dissent. They are succeeding. Get ready for being accused of a hate crime and losing your job, even your freedom, if you have a slip of the tongue at work or anywhere in public over over gay marriage and any gay-related issue. Sincerely, Michael Neutzling

Michael Neutzling, afa.net 62 Comments [12/27/2010 3:37:01 PM]
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Despite not being anti-gay by any means, I have to question the wisdom of forbidding even hateful words.

Consider...what if the republicans steal power again, and try to adapt the laws to make it a crime to say anything but the most mild of criticisms against the self-(Right)eous Wing?

12/29/2010 3:41:08 AM


@Doubting Thomas: And I seriously wonder about the mindset of these people where allowing equal rights for gays = totalitarian state where Christians are rounded up and imprisoned. Apparently they just don't understand the First Amendment.

Correct. They don't understand the first thing about the Constitution at all. In their world, whoever holds the power can do whatever they want and victimize everyone else. Since Christians are being pushed out of power by the gays, the gays now in power will commence persecuting Christians with all their might. It's a very primitive mindset, but it's how fundies think.

12/29/2010 12:28:10 PM



that's what I hear when you talk.

12/29/2010 12:51:04 PM


Here we see an old authoritarian tactic: always accuse other people of what you're doing, thus deflecting attention from yourself. Are you limiting people's freedom and censoring them? Then scream that you're being censored and having your freedom limited.

12/29/2010 2:08:35 PM

TB Tabby

Oh, those poor chaplains. Not being able to preach hatred of those dirty queers without being called out as bigots. Whatever will they do? It's not like there are other, worthier things they can preach, such as kindness, charity and humility. After all, did Jesus not say "Blessed are those who bash those dirty faggots' skulls in with tire irons?"

12/29/2010 2:22:31 PM


If the repeal will get rid of bigoted Christian chaplains in the military, it sounds good to me.

12/29/2010 5:12:30 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

Gay agenda? You mean gays wanting to be treated like human beings? Wanting to be treated kindly ='s an agenda to you?

12/30/2010 4:59:53 AM

What amazes about this post is that even after two thousand years the Christians are still convinced so much is centered on them in spite of the evidence to the contrary. All they do is narrow the scope.

Of course,it's fine for Christians to persecute others since they have a book written by a bunch of guys in the desert with nothing but the word of the authors as to the veracity of what they wrote (that they couldn't agree with each on other what happened would normally be a warning sign, but in this case it's apparently not a problem). Well, the word of the authors and those who did the translating and censoring.

12/30/2010 7:34:20 AM

Professor M

@ BalthazarTheWise --

You might want to check your choice of name -- the alleged forbidding of words that you're so concerned about is imaginary.

What the right-wing totalitarian theocrats among the military chaplain crowd are worried about is that they might be required to do their job (i.e. seeing to the religious needs of the troops) instead of using their position of authority as a tool for coercing conversions and spreading violence. Chaplains are only restricted in their attitudes towards gay men and lesbians the way they are restricted in their attitudes towards people who they have other religious disagreements with: they can believe whatever they want, but harassment and promotion of violence towards people they are responsible for is unethical and illegal.

12/30/2010 9:35:53 AM

WAH fucking WAH.

1/1/2011 6:55:37 PM


"Those gays are taking away my right to discriminate them! WAAAHHHH!"

1/1/2011 11:58:49 PM


Here it comes! The dreaded GAY AGENDA:

Part 1: Equal rights
Part 2: See Part 1



That was a bit overblown

11/20/2011 12:49:18 AM

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