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If our great-grandmothers would arrive at a modern Christian school girls' basketball game, they would recoil in the horror as they would watch physically developed girls running around in brief outfits that expose their thighs and bouncing bosoms to the lustful eyes of any man wishing to look. Moreover, they would be shocked as they would see girls trying to "kill the opponent," yell, scream, fight, and in general, act in every way like a man.
Whatever happened to girls who studied to have a servant spirit and to be quiet, meek, demure, and shame faced? How are we training our girls to be meek, quiet, and submissive wives by encouraging them to "win at all costs," knock over your opponent if necessary, be loud, froward, and physical, while being dressed immodestly and while acting in a very masculine manner? Just because the world encourages these qualities in their daughters, must God's people do the same? Is it any wonder many girls from Christian backgrounds consider motherhood and being a housewife as being unfulfilling, a bore, unexciting, and beneath their dignity.

Moreover, many of these sports heroines have developed such boldness and forwardness from their sports activities, that they disdain the traditional and Biblical role of women. To such a girl, the Biblical mandate to be in submission to her husband and to even reverence him (Ephesians 5:24, 33) is outdated and unrealistic. She instead finds the raucous demands of "feminists" and the women's liberation crowd more to be her liking. After all, marriage is a 50/50 proposition is it not? She thinks to herself " I have just as much say around here as he does don't I?"

When such a girl marries, she is so quick and eager to establish "fairness" in her marriage, that she finds her marriage ending up in frustration, disillusionment and divorce.

Ronald E. Williams, gotothebible.com 109 Comments [12/31/2010 9:27:18 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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WTF? I wouldn't want a wife to be 'meek, quite and submissive'.

What the hell would be the fun in that?

12/31/2010 7:00:52 PM


Die. Slowly. With liberated feminists ripping your genitals to shreds while you bleed out.

12/31/2010 7:04:39 PM


Never have been sure what POH meant but surely this is just a troll looking for attention?Where are the thought police when you need them?

12/31/2010 7:34:42 PM

Mycoid Mike

I see Mr. Williams still seeks to return women to their pre-13th century status. A vile screed from a vile man.

12/31/2010 9:15:45 PM


At least one of my great grandmas was a flapper. Make of that what you will.

12/31/2010 10:20:16 PM

Balthazar The Wise

Who will be the one to rob jimbo of his innocence and let him know that this monster is not a fake, but in fact very real?

1/1/2011 1:24:33 AM


DIAF. Just DIAF. That is all.

1/1/2011 4:31:00 AM

Doubting Thomas

I honestly can't believe this wasn't written by David J. Stewart.

1/1/2011 8:33:58 AM


"In addition to the physical beatings, there are many other instances of outright abuse that are far worse than that. The humiliation, the forced vaginal exams, forced enemas, lack of any privacy even for time to use the bathroom. The girls were oftentimes starved as a form of punishment, they were made to do extra work duties, write sentences, or be shadowed. Shadowing was a very emberrassing punishment doled out by the staff ladies. Once on shadow, a girl could not so much as look at any other girl. She was to be a literal "shadow" of her assigned staff lady. She could not speak, look at anyone, or participate in any type of activity. She was to sit on the ground facing the wall at all times. There were several girls who were on shadow for months on end, with absolutely no interaction whatsoever with the other girls. Even though the abuse was part of the daily schedule, there was a secret bond between the girls. And for a girl to have even that tiny little shred of hope taken away by being shadowed, was a cruel punishment in and of itself. Girls were kept from using the bathroom, and then singled out and forced to wear diapers. Girls were humiliated at every opportunity. Whores, sluts, rebellious...these were all words that were thrown around as descriptions of why we were there in the first place. On drugs, living in the streets, pregnant, or dead...this is what we were told would happen to us if we left Hephzibah House."

After reading this, does anyone need to make a comment? How has this evil man been allowed to remain free? Why was he not arrested? I feel so sorry for these ladies. I hope they will all now have better lives.

1/1/2011 11:26:03 AM


All right people, now that I've... calmed down a little, I think I know what to do. Who here lives in Indiana?
Indiana Code 35-33-1-4:
Any person may arrest any other person if:
(1) the other person committed a felony in his presence;
(2) a felony has been committed and he has probable cause to believe that the other person has committed that felony; or
(3) a misdemeanor involving a breach of peace is being committed in his presence and the arrest is necessary to prevent the continuance of the breach of peace.
A person making an arrest under this section shall, as soon as practical, notify a law enforcement officer and deliver custody of the person arrested to a law enforcement officer.
The law enforcement officer may process the arrested person as if the officer had arrested him. The officer who receives or processes a person arrested by another under this section is not liable for false arrest or false imprisonment.

We need to lure this guy off his property somehow and make a citizen's arrest. Make sure we have cameras and witness testimony, as well as a police officer willing to make the actual arrest. Film all of it. Call MSNBC. Post it to Youtube if you have too. We can end this, or at the very least, bring it into the light.

1/1/2011 12:06:37 PM


1/1/2011 12:29:40 PM



I live in the UK, but I support your intentions and I hope you carry this plan to the desired conclusion as long as there is no violence (except necessary force as constituted in law) and as long as everything is done legally. In other words, go for it! Be a hero! And it would be good to have the media informed in advance so the event can be recorded. Make sure you can compile a significant list of charges that the courts will be likely to uphold.

1/1/2011 12:31:22 PM


The fact that you're describing equality and fairness as if they were undesirable indicates a problem.

1/1/2011 8:22:40 PM


"To such a girl, the Biblical mandate to be in submission to her husband and to even reverence him (Ephesians 5:24, 33) is outdated and unrealistic."

To any reasonable person.

"After all, marriage is a 50/50 proposition is it not?"

It should be.

1/1/2011 8:38:36 PM


I don't care what your old book and your great-granny think, a woman is not a sandwich/baby factory.

1/1/2011 11:47:04 PM

Raised by Horses

"Whatever happened to girls who studied to have a servant spirit and to be quiet, meek, demure, and shame faced?"

They got tired of your nonsense. Good day, sir.

1/2/2011 3:07:16 AM


Well, tell that to the very very very very Christian basketball player Katie Feenstra

1/2/2011 7:49:51 AM

Felis >:3

"...physically developed girls running around in brief outfits that expose their thighs and bouncing bosoms..."

For someone preaching against lust, you really, really aren't helping your own fucking cause here, you know that!?

1/2/2011 8:14:03 AM


unfortunately, I live nowhere near Indiana, nor do i have the resources to get there. That's why I have to encourage other people to carry out this plan. Thank you for the support though.

1/2/2011 11:49:22 AM


That's a complex understanding of the female psyche displayed by a man. (including time travelling great-grannies attitudes)
That or it's a biased, sexist and self serving attitude which displays the kind of outlook screaming "all progress is bad".

1/2/2011 11:59:31 AM

Diana Purwell

Ok then, let us go back to Victorian ideals of sport for women, & re-introduce gentler sports such as Archery, Fencing, Horseriding, Hockey, Polo & Croquet, that conform to his idealised version of a Middle/Upper Class woman's recreation, circa 1860...
And how long before said woman playing said sports, metaphorically "snaps", & decides to emulate Diana the Huntress (he does mention Ephesians, so the irony's already there...), and perforate him full of arrows, preferably from horseback...?
As for the "Sharpened Ice Pick" that Jezebel's Evil Sister mentions, personally I would go for a sharpened folding Ice-axe, rather than a pick, to perform said lobotomy...

1/2/2011 9:11:50 PM


After reading what his "house" did, this guy is dangerously scary. Compared to what he has done and is still doing, his misogyny here is minor. He should be locked away for a long long time.

1/2/2011 10:40:26 PM


If our great-great-great-great-grandmothers arrived at the school of our great-grandmothers, they'd probably be shocked too. Fashion and behavior change all the time, and old ideas returns.

I didn't go to a Christian school, so maybe there's a difference, but we did not run around top-less while playing basket-ball.

"Such a girl" will hopefully marry a modern day boy, who was trained alongside such girls. It won't be a problem, as he will expect fairness and equality.
Only if she marries someone old enough to be her great-grandfather, or someone as outdated and unrealistic as Ronald E Williams, will this be a problem.

1/3/2011 2:01:38 AM

This is what happens when sexual -in this case BDSM - fantasies are not acknowledged: they come to dominate your entire life, and become the sole focus of your relationships with other people.

This also demonstrates that you shouldn't treat the Bible as a rulebook, because if you do, you'll eventually end up acting like a lawyer and using the rules to try to force other people do as you want.

1/3/2011 6:04:02 AM


Oh here we go, a dipwad that spanks the monkey every time he sees the tip of a nose, or an ankle. Guys like you, the woman/girl could be covered from head to toe and you would still complain, and probably assault her. I think you're just pissed off these 'mere' girls are stronger than you are.

I played High school basketball, and let me tell you, my boobs weren't bouncing, because that would HURT!

1/3/2011 6:07:23 AM

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