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Under The Obama regime, Conspiracy theories are not theories and — to quote Rev. Wright — the Obama subjugations (without strong opposition from the American people) are now "comin' home to roost." That one fateful election in 2008 had the most dire consequences ever to befall our nation.

Still think those recently refurbished FEMA camps and the ObamaGov's military Ads for "Internment Resettlement Specialists" are nothing to worry about? Really?

Sher Zieve, Renew America 19 Comments [1/2/2011 7:14:20 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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I don't know exactly when MOS 31E was created, but it was before 2005. Thus, it has nothing to do with this administration. When I was a 97B stationed at Heidelberg in 1985, my wartime duties would have included management of an internment camp for POWs- for those 3 seconds before the Sovs nuked NATO HQ. Whatever you want to call this job, it's always existed in the military.

1/2/2011 7:43:34 AM

Doubting Thomas

Still think those recently refurbished FEMA camps and the ObamaGov's military Ads for "Internment Resettlement Specialists" are nothing to worry about?

Well, seeing as how there's no evidence of FEMA concentration camps, I'd answer yes.

1/2/2011 8:51:23 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

"Laura, I'm all fresh outa my constitution terlit paper!"

1/2/2011 9:08:27 AM


I would love to disprove your bullshit, but i'd rather feed it. That way, i will get money and you will still be a big moron.

1/2/2011 9:34:01 AM

Did you disconnect from the rest of reality, or did we disconnect from you for these imbecile ravings?

1/2/2011 9:48:40 AM

Somebody is going beyond the economic crisis to blame the present president for mistakes of the previous one.

1/2/2011 11:44:45 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Yes. Yes I do.

1/2/2011 11:55:48 AM


Yeah, it's not like we're running a morally questionable, ever growing detainment camp in a remote military base on a certain socialist run Caribbean island.

1/2/2011 2:08:26 PM



1/2/2011 5:26:30 PM

Raised by Horses

1/3/2011 2:25:04 AM

Yes there are FEMA camps. But the only person they're going to send there is Sher.

1/3/2011 9:53:29 AM


I don't understand anything in the quote. Maybe I need some coffee. And more Ritalin.

@ raised by Horses
oh that T-rex is soo cute ^_^
I had always used "begs the question" to mean "raises the question" too. That's why I don't understand it in a philosophical logic sense

1/4/2011 3:13:21 AM

I find it surprising how the fundies who go "CAMPS!CAMPS!CAMPS!NAZI OBAMA!" all day long fail to notice their fellow fundies don't actually disappear.

1/4/2011 12:28:53 PM


You know, the comments from fstdt, rstdt, and ctstdt all have one theme in common: Obama. I guess the enemy of my enemies is my friend?

1/4/2011 3:21:33 PM



1/5/2011 4:09:50 AM


Any day now...

1/5/2011 10:12:33 PM

We got tax cuts for the middle class instead of the filthy rich for a change, new laws that will finally keep your insurance company from dropping you when you get sick and mandate equal pay for women, and the beginning of an end to the Republican-made economic freefall that was causing us to lose 750,000 jobs per month under Bush. Yep, that's dire, all right.

1/7/2011 5:00:55 AM


This woman's showed up on Sadly No a few times. I knew she was an asshole, but I didn't realize she was actually insane. And she also has a hideous haircut.

1/19/2011 12:39:40 AM

J. James

Finally! They admit it! Conspiracies aren't theories- a theory is a broad explanation of how independent facts fit into a cohesive whole, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Theories are rigorously tested and individual puzzle pieces may be moved around, but if the image garnered from the puzzle is still the same, the theory has been proven.
A conspiracy, on the other hand, is more closely related to a religion. There are believers, there are "sheeple", and there are "Them". Conspiracies fall apart under even the most light logical and/or factual scrutiny, therefore they prey on people's fears, emotions and paranoia, "anchoring" themselves to the person's opinions and worldview, which are much harder to question. For example, if someone is deeply cynical of the Government, they will fall back on that belief as their conspiracy comes under attack, thereby rendering arguments against the conspiracy useless. It is a insidious system but remarkably easy to predict once you get the hang of it. A conversation may go like this:
"X happened"
'no it didn't, for reasons Y.'
"But group Z would do something like that! Do you really think that group Z wasn't involved? They're evil. Of course they did X."
'you're letting your mistrust of Z cloud your judgement. Evil or not, Z did not do X.'

6/18/2011 1:56:34 AM

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