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The TV was on Fox Movie Channel last night. After some film about the Salem witch trials, the CEO of Fox (the movie company) did a 20 minute rant on how this film was meant to be an analogy of the "witch hunt" lead by that evil monster Sen. Joe McCarthy.

It was disgusting. On and on and on about how it's a known FACT that the Senate hearings were LIES and NO COMMUNISTS WERE EVER IN HOLLYWOOD and CAREERS WERE RUINED etc etc etc.

I got news for him. Hollywood was positively STIFF with commies (and that is a FACT, since I have family connections to high-level insiders WHO WERE THERE) and almost all of the "careers that were ruined" were because the traitorous scumbags were, in fact, leftist/communist operators. They made a HUGE effort and covered up the truth, while besmirching Joe McCarthy. Why do you think they take EVERY opportunity to still trash that man?

I WILL NOT PATRONIZE ANY HOLLYWOOD CRAP. I say NO to movies and almost all of the rest of the entertainment industry. They have an agenda, folks...and a Constitutional Republic with liberty and justice for all ain't part of it!

Wyatt's Torch, Moonbattery 44 Comments [1/5/2011 8:54:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Honky McCracker

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Didn't McCarthy also completely ignore the head of the Communist party in the US?

1/5/2011 9:27:28 AM

Doubting Thomas

Yeah, liberty and justice for all, unless you're a stinking commie!

And the fact of the matter is that McCarthy's witch hunts were just witch hunts. Even if they actually found communists in Hollywood, so what? There's nothing in the U.S. Constitution which prohibits people having communist beliefs. In fact, the First Amendment protects it, so all McCarthy did was ruin a few lives for no other reason than fear mongering.

I see the Red Scare as not much different from the "get the evil Muslims" sentiment we see today.

1/5/2011 9:33:45 AM

"These High-Level Insiders told me to burn things!"

1/5/2011 9:50:16 AM


Commies, even Hollywood Commies, are people, too.

I bet you went to watch Mel Gibson's porn flick. Hollywood crap at its finest.

1/5/2011 9:51:04 AM


There were probably a few communists in Hollywood. Far more then that however, there were tons upon tons of capitalist liberals who took most of the baseless accusations of being communists.

Today, Hollywood is one of the most profound symbols of capitalism and the most notable after wall street. If you still think they have anything to due with communism you are fucking high.

1/5/2011 9:52:21 AM


"I have family connections to high-level insiders WHO WERE THERE". Translation: My wife's aunt's brother-in-law was a janitor at MGM in the 1950's.

1/5/2011 9:52:48 AM


1/5/2011 9:56:30 AM

Tell us again how many actual KGB spies McCarthy found.

1/5/2011 10:05:44 AM


You do realize the movie you watched was made in Hollywood, don't you?

1/5/2011 10:12:16 AM


Hollywood? Communists?

The place which gave you such classic communist movies like:
- Titanic
- Saving Private Ryan
- Kingdom
- Die Hard
- Independence Day
- The Bourne trilogy
etc etc etc

In a Hollywood movie, the US is always the good guys and the US military always wins - sounds utterly communistic to me!

Good heavens Americans, you are retarded!

1/5/2011 10:12:23 AM

Brendan Rizzo

But The Crucible WAS meant to be an analogy of McCarthyist hysteria. Arthur Miller himself said so. We also have proof that McCarthy made that accusation up on the spot just to get reelected. You lose.

1/5/2011 10:40:16 AM


Fuck off, Headache.

1/5/2011 10:50:07 AM


Yes, there were communists in America and in the government, only Joe McCarthy didn't have any names on his "list" and didn't find a single one in any of his hearings. Oh and Wyatt, Roy Cohn was gay.

1/5/2011 11:01:58 AM


Headache, the Bourne trilogy is about a guy fighting off assassins from the US government. How is that the US as a good guy? How is that the US military winning? If you're going to call an entire country retarded, you could at least do us the courtesy of getting your facts straight.

1/5/2011 11:26:15 AM


doubt the fag even knows the meaning of communism

1/5/2011 12:52:38 PM



"fags" is a pejorative for gays. Please don't insult our gay citizens by connecting them in any way with the batguano brains of Moonbattery.

1/5/2011 1:37:16 PM


I don't think you know what the words "Liberty" and "Justice" mean.

1/5/2011 1:48:20 PM


"After some film about the Salem witch trials, the CEO of Fox (the movie company) did a 20 minute rant on how this film was meant to be an analogy of the "witch hunt" lead by that evil monster Sen. Joe McCarthy."

I'd be willing to bet it was actually meant to be an analogy of the Salem witch trials.

"I WILL NOT PATRONIZE ANY HOLLYWOOD CRAP. I say NO to movies and almost all of the rest of the entertainment industry."

Which is why you have a TV and watch Fox Movie Channel, right?

1/5/2011 2:35:08 PM

Shut up Headache, you cock.

1/5/2011 2:40:06 PM


Yeah, there were commies in Hollywood in the 30s-50s. Remember, Stalin was our good buddy for a while. What exactly did the Hollywood commies achieve? Nothing. The spies that actually did damage to US intelligence had nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

1/5/2011 4:07:35 PM

Joe Mama

McCarthyism still exists. In the 1950's, it was Communists we needed protection from. Today it's "terrorists."

1/5/2011 5:04:00 PM

There were plenty of communist infiltrators and spies in the 1950s US. Whether someone was actually a communist, however, had no relation whatsoever to whether one was accused of being one by Joe McCarthy. He was making shit up to ruin lives and didn't have a shred of evidence.

1/5/2011 7:19:26 PM



1/6/2011 1:30:16 AM


you had family connections to high-level insiders who were there?

does that mean that your relatives were communists?


1/6/2011 1:53:00 AM

Dr. Razark

So, what law was there against being a communist in the first place?

1/6/2011 10:56:26 AM

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