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I have yet to see an atheist or agnostic passing out tracts, etc. I guess they don't feel very comforted by their beliefs, or motivated to share!

Acts5:41, Rapture Ready 115 Comments [1/11/2011 4:53:28 AM]
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We're in your classrooms, educating your children.

1/11/2011 5:04:13 AM


When they do, you bitch even louder.

1/11/2011 5:14:07 AM


We don't need to, you're doing a very fine job of converting people to atheism with your own tracts that we don't have to waste any more money, time and effort then we do now.

But on the other hands there are those busses with atheist slogans that get your panties in a knot, of course...

1/11/2011 5:15:57 AM


We are comfortable in our beliefs, so comfortable it doesn't matter to us that others believe differently.

If someone asks, or if there is a discussion, I'll share. Otherwise all the information is there, in libraries and on the internet, for interested parties to find.

1/11/2011 5:17:46 AM

Doctor Whom

But when we buy advertising space on buses, you go ballistic. Which is it?

1/11/2011 5:18:42 AM

David B.

Has to be done, sorry...

1/11/2011 5:28:01 AM


Or maybe we're not so insecure in our beliefs that we feel the need to try to eliminate any competition.

Live and let live is what I believe. I don't need pass out silly little pieces of paper for that.

Oh and many atheists/agnostics are also environmentalists, so killing trees and creating more litter also goes against our beliefs.

1/11/2011 5:31:15 AM


Why should I?

Everyone's free to believe in whatever he/she wishes. I don't mind and I don't feel the urge to proselytize (sp? not native speaking)
The only opinion I have about one's faith is that I think it's a waste of time to build ones life around an imaginary friend. Fun to do as a kid, but that's about it.

1/11/2011 5:38:46 AM


Or we just don't feel so high and mighty that we think other people need to be told what to think.

Seriously, this is so idiotic it has to be a Poe.

1/11/2011 5:44:04 AM


Yeah, and they also haven't built churches yet for the purpose of not visiting.

1/11/2011 5:49:58 AM

Can't win, it seems.

1/11/2011 5:51:52 AM


And yet when they do you make a big deal about how you're offended and being persecuted.

1/11/2011 6:03:27 AM


I've got lots of good atheist pamphlets. "God and the State" by Bakunin. "How the Gods Were Made" "The Philosophy of Atheism" by Emma Goldman. "The Meaning of Atheism" by E. Haldeman-Julius. When the Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door last year i was offered some of their literature. I said i would read it if they read some of the above pamphlets, but the guy refused and seemed sort of angry and offended.

1/11/2011 6:10:48 AM

Mister Spak

Or maybe they're not assholes like you are.

Farpadokly: I know a mormon who did that. The JWs refused to take the mormon tracts even to get their own into that house. Afterwards when they did that street again they skipped that house.

1/11/2011 6:19:22 AM

Power Skunk

Or maybe we're secure enough in our beliefes, or lack thereof, that we don't feel the need to hand out insulting comic books, laughable 'news' pamphlets, and disturbing conspiracy theories to the masses so that we feel safer in numbers.
Besides, who the hell is an agnostic gonna hand out a track for?
"Come to my beliefs, and feel the blessings of No-One In Particular."?
Think before you ask these questions.

1/11/2011 6:28:35 AM

Doubting Thomas

No, we just don't find it necessary to try to convert everyone in the world so that we're surrounded by like-minded people.

And if atheists were passing out tracts, everyone on RR would be having a major fit.

1/11/2011 6:29:42 AM

1/11/2011 6:40:23 AM


Why would I care what you believe? Why would I want to convince you that my way of thinking is more right than yours? You disagree with me, that's nice. I couldn't honestly care less.

1/11/2011 7:10:55 AM


But when we do, or share our messages on billboards or buses, you bitch.

Besides, I don't share my beliefs because it's none of my business what you believe, as long as you don't push it on others. Something fundies don't understand.

1/11/2011 7:14:14 AM


"I have yet to see an atheist or agnostic passing out tracts, etc. I guess they don't feel very comforted by their beliefs, or motivated to share!"

Which beliefs are those again?

1/11/2011 7:25:12 AM

Dr. Shrinker

Reality is far more convincing than any tract could ever be.

1/11/2011 7:32:33 AM

rubber chicken

It's because we have lives.

1/11/2011 8:04:17 AM


stupid opinion fail.

1/11/2011 8:07:35 AM


They're the ones who always claim that atheism/sciencism/evolutionism is a religion that seeks to convert everyone and persecute Christians, yada yada, and then they also blame atheists for not evangelizing enough? Which is it?

These people literally can not comprehend having a nonreligious worldview.

1/11/2011 8:09:45 AM

Zeus Almighty

Hey Acts5:41, give me your address and I'll send you some literature that will totally make you give up Christstainity. You have to promise to read it, though, from cover to cover and not consult with a minister to explain away the horrific stories you will find inside.
It's called "The Bible."

1/11/2011 8:11:51 AM

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