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Since the Constitution no longer has any validity, I suggest that it be abandoned as a working document. We should become a Confederation of States each of which would control its own destiny. That would automatically produce excellence as the individual states would compete with each other to attract the best features of a free society and the free enterprise system. They are already doing that. The only role for the Federal government would be the only thing it has ever done effectively which is to provide for the common defense. Taxes only for that purpose would be the only federal taxes allowed. All other taxes would be local. Many already are!

Actually the states already have their individual Constitutions. This proposal is not as crazy as it at first sounds. After all, the Constitution already delegates to the states virtually all powers anyway. The relatively few it reserves for the Federal government have all been ignored and violated countless times as our freedoms have progressively disappeared. This would be an opportunity to revive them.

The American dream of our Founding Fathers has failed miserably. We have already exceeded the two century mark typical for many past governments. I see this proposal as a golden opportunity to return to the conservative vision of our Founding Fathers, some of whom were in favor of this proposal even before the present Constitution was ratified. We must do something to stop the death spiral of our present course which, if unchecked, will certainly result in our demise as the land of the free. Desperate times require desperate measures.

I say let us make a fresh start before it is too late. I’m deadly serious.

What say others?

John A. Davison, The Proceedings of the Natural History Society of South Burlington (Vermont) 71 Comments [1/18/2011 5:57:52 AM]
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Why, I almost feel as if I heard this argument before...Oh, right! This is totally like...*drumroll*...The Clone Wars! See, it'd be the Republic vs. the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and at the end, an evil dude will take over and become Emperor! I'm so damn smart. ;)

1/18/2011 6:08:26 AM


One of the reasons why the Confederate States of America failed spectacularly (besides the fact that a hopelessly anachronistic society of feudal agricultural ultra-conservatives hadn't the slightest chance against the industrialized and modern north):

The Confederate States were hopelessly divided among themselves. The governors refused aid and cooperation to the central government under Jefferson Davis, arguing: "We didn't chase off an arrogant central government, just to replace it with another arrogant central government!" Some historians even conclude that "The Confederacy died of states' rights".

Well, the winds of history blow now over the graves of the glorious Confederate States ...

1/18/2011 6:15:24 AM

Does this guy realize that this is exactly how the Founding Fathers set up the United States of America?! The States have their own authority and autonomy. The Federal is for common defense and to help the States work together.

Now, I must admit our government needs to go on a serious diet. But under the beuracratic flab there is a lean, mean nation that can be healthy once again.

1/18/2011 6:16:03 AM


I'm trying to wrap my head around the phrase "conservative vision of Tge founding fathers". Didn't they fight a war just to get out from under England?

1/18/2011 6:22:47 AM


It's just JAD off his meds again. Nothing new here.

1/18/2011 6:34:38 AM

As Bill Maher said, "The Founding Fathers would have hated your guts".

George Washington himself set up trade policies designed to build manufacturing and keep it in this country, while the last thirty years of your "free enterprise" bullshit has destroyed it, sending manufacturing and the millions of jobs that go with it overseas. And if you think he (or any of the other founders) would have looked favorably upon the Republicans' tax-credits that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas, you're delusional.

They also not only believed in government providing things like libraries, schools, fire departments and infrastructure, but in assistance for the poor. There were "overseers of the poor" even in the eigteenth century, providing food, clothing, etc. to the destitute.

1/18/2011 6:55:45 AM


"a golden opportunity to return to the conservative vision of our Founding Fathers"

You do realize that, by any definition, the 'vision' of the Founding Fathers - that is, and Constitutional Democracy - was a radically *liberal* vision? "Conservative" would have meant "Monarchy."

"I’m deadly serious."

Yeah, we know. People like you have been pretty clear about your willingness to rack up a body count.

1/18/2011 6:57:43 AM

Yeah, let's go back to the articles of confederation, because they worked so well.

1/18/2011 7:00:00 AM

Doctor Whom

Not all that fundie. It's just an over-the-top version of something that our system of government is supposed to be doing anyway, namely, observing the distinction between powers enumerated to the federal government and those reserved by the states. People of all political persuasions, except possibly those at the very bottom of the Nolan chart, have made sound arguments that the federal government has exceeded the enumerated powers. In response to #1246411, if you don't see the distinction between services that the federal government provided back then and services that state and local governments provided back then, you've missed the point entirely.

1/18/2011 7:03:17 AM

Doubting Thomas

Um, who exactly says the Constitution no longer has any validity? If you want to give up your rights then go right ahead, but let those of us who still cherish our rights keep them. I'm sure North Korea would take you.

You know, we have it pretty good in this country when people equate tyranny with paying their taxes, instead of actual tyranny.

1/18/2011 7:06:24 AM

Mister Spak

"Since the Constitution no longer has any validity,"

But it does have validity. The republic party is no longer in control of the govermnent.

1/18/2011 7:10:26 AM


Fail on SO many levels.

1/18/2011 7:13:54 AM

I actually agree with John A. Davison. But I think, why stop there? Let's split things further up with individual city states. The Goverment type should be the one, that best represents the people. That`s right, it should be a direct Democracy, because it`s the only kind of Goverment that always reacts to the will of the people. In addition the Military should be dissolved and all the equipment sold to the highest bidder. Each city state should have to raise it's own army. This would garantee, that everyone gets their way and will be happy

1/18/2011 7:15:33 AM


And the southern/fundamentalist states would sink with no trace left. As it is they live off the charity of the productive northern states.

Perhaps this time the north should secede.

1/18/2011 7:24:03 AM

Brendan Rizzo

This... isn't... from... TCH? *Head explodes*

In all seriousness, this guy is ignorant of history. You know what happened the last time this country was just viewed as a confederation of sovereign states? The Civil War, that's what.

Not only is he completely ignorant of politics, he is also one of those historical revisionists who thinks the Founding Fathers were conservative, and herein lies the fundie. I am actually surprised that this had a negative Fundie Index when I came upon it. What are the odds that this guy had absolutely no problem when Bush was in office, and actually violated the Constitution? If anything, Obama is repairing the damage to the Constitution wrought by his predecessor.

1/18/2011 7:31:52 AM

And turn the USA into 50 competing, squabbling, independent countries, several of whom will be dirt poor?

* rubs hands together * Ex-cellent!

- signed, China, India, the EU, Russia, Brasil ...

1/18/2011 7:47:29 AM


Ignorant but not fundie: It lacks that special something - the TCH-level of craziness that would call for armed revolution merely because....communism, or something.

1/18/2011 7:54:44 AM

Raised by Horses

How about this: We create a special fundie state which all the fundies and ultra-conservatives of the U.S. can move to, and live out their fundiecon lives in god-fearing peace, while the rest of us can rejoice at the fact that they're no longer trying to drag the rest of the country back into the dark ages.

1/18/2011 7:55:37 AM


So you would have no USA but a balkanised entity that works... well like the balkans....

1/18/2011 8:17:01 AM


Yeah. Whatever. 95% of the world don't really give a shit how you organize your internal government.

1/18/2011 8:33:20 AM


Two words: Shay's Rebellion. The orginal Articles of Confederation were too weak, and that rebellion was one of the events that proved that. If you ever took up a history book in your life then you would know that. We already tried weak government and it didn't work. This system has worked, it's not perfect but it works.

1/18/2011 8:59:21 AM


I disagree, Peter. And did I say "John Davidson?" Crap, I meant to say, "Artie Johnson for the block." Did somebody spike the punch in the Green Room again? What year is this? Nice tie, Wally!

John, if that's what you believe, I think you should stop paying Federal Income Tax immediately. The problem will soon sort itself out.

1/18/2011 9:02:44 AM

Zeus Almighty

@ Brendan Rizzo

"This... isn't... from... TCH?"

No, if it was TCH he would have added a bit about using his long, hard broad sword of +3 versus liberals and thrusting it over and over into Demoncrat flesh. Then he would have had to wipe off the floor.

1/18/2011 9:20:31 AM


"Since the Constitution no longer has any validity, I suggest that it be abandoned as a working document."

Okay then. You & your fundie ilk no longer have the right to say what you like. Net Neutrality - at least in the US - no longer exists. Even what you post on the internet is now subject to interception by the FBI/CIA/NSA, and your continued freedom/existence determined by what you say. Thought Police. You now have to be hyper-PC. As does the likes of Faux News/Rush Limburger, Fred Phelps & the WBC et al.

Religion is now controlled by we Atheists. Religion now has no right to tell people what to do; we now have the right to tell religion what to do. I can now go up to Pat Robertson on his "700 Club" programme, order him to get on his knees before me, and worship me, because as far as he's concerned I am God, and he must accept this.

(And from the point of view of we Atheists, the above is a bad thing... how? You tell me, Johnny-boy.)

The 2nd Amendment no longer exists. You civilians now have to hand over all your guns...

Or else.

PROTIP: The nearest thing we in the UK have to a 'Constitution' is Magna Carta. We have no official constitution (certainly a modern one), but our government abides by the EU Declaration of Human Rights. Unlike your 1st Amendment, we have certain anti-discriminatory/broadcasting legislation - to say nothing of ultra-brutal libel laws - that would have the likes of Limbaugh, Phelps/Roper et al up before the courts so fast, their feet wouldn't bloody touch; it's the reason why there's no such thing as a UK arm of Faux News. One Word: OFCOM (Forced neutrality, a la BBC News. Good). Post-Dunblane, guns are banned here in the UK. We're still here. You do the maths, Johnny-boy.

"I say let us make a fresh start before it is too late. I’m deadly serious.

What say others?"

I have two suggestions (check one):

[ ] Fuck off to Saudi Arabia. It's theocracy should be more to your liking.


Choose wisely. Either way, STFU and eat your bowl of Romans 13: 1-5.



"And turn the USA into 50 competing, squabbling, independent countries, several of whom will be dirt poor?

* rubs hands together * Ex-cellent!

- signed, China, India, the EU, Russia, Brasil ..."

...the UK. Johnny-boy had better not watch the anime series "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion", if he knows what's good for him:


1/18/2011 9:22:38 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

If federal assistance to people, programs, and projects in the southern Bible Belt states and Alaska were discontinued, living standards in these states would sink below Third-World norms within a matter of months. And the fundies would be on their knees to the Anti-Christ Obama, begging for a bailout.

1/18/2011 9:26:40 AM

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