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Today I discovered The Skeptic's Dictionary Online! http://www.skepdic.com/contents.html

When I started reading a few "topics" on Skeptic's Dictionary, I instantly knew that this website was much more than it appeared to be! The site has a lot of information regarding just about anything one can imagine.

Skeptic Dictionary website was government created to hide truths regarding topics on their site.

I am not endorsing their site in any way. But it is definitely worth checking out. It is a wealth of information. Just remember when they say .. "YES" it really means "NO" and "NO" means "YES".

Michael Boggs, Educate-Yourself 20 Comments [1/28/2011 4:42:47 AM]
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Table Rock

And "SANE" means "INSANE".

1/28/2011 5:25:26 AM

Seeker in the Dark

"It's only true if I agree with it!!!"

1/28/2011 6:57:33 AM


What about "MAYBE" or "I DON'T KNOW"


1/28/2011 7:31:34 AM


Dude, i think you are being way too paranoid about all sorts of shit.

1/28/2011 8:34:31 AM

Or maybe they have discovered that your theories are totally stupid and you want to defend yourself.

1/28/2011 10:54:08 AM


And up is down and left is right.


1/28/2011 11:33:47 AM


Medication time, Mr. Boggs.

1/28/2011 5:24:37 PM


and every time the power goes out in the neighborhood the new people still have electricity. ITS DA GOVERNMENT

1/28/2011 7:38:38 PM


I didn't know that exploding heads could produce vaguely coherent (if completely batshit insane) writing just by splattering the keyboard.

1/29/2011 1:18:25 AM

Dr. Steve Brule

And 2+2=5 as well I presume?

1/29/2011 1:45:40 AM


Is this some sort of double-skepticism, or wut?

1/29/2011 3:47:07 AM

Balthazar The Wise

Personally I do find skepdic to be a bit of a spoil sport.

It's like I find something metaphysical and think to myself "Nice, something that MIGHT actually be metaphysical," and skepdic is there to hold up its finger and go "Ah ah! You can't have THAT, either." Not saying it's false, and I'm not saying that false hope should not be destroyed, but I still kind of get that sort of annoying vibe from reading it.

But yeah Michael Boggs is full of it.

1/29/2011 4:08:56 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

There once was a time when Chuckie Manson was just a clean-cut kid...

1/29/2011 6:07:51 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Remember children, everything that disproves the conspiracy is in fact a cover-up by the conspiracy!

God, thank you so much for not making me a fundie.

1/29/2011 4:10:10 PM


Thanks for the advertisement... I think. Is it too much to hope that someone directed to the dictionary will get a clue?

1/29/2011 8:30:04 PM


Somewhere, George Orwell is having a fit.

1/29/2011 8:35:59 PM

Argle Bargle

Ahh, the old "anyone disagreeing with a conspiracy theory is a part of the conspiracy" spiel.

Never change, cranks, never change.

1/30/2011 6:00:36 PM

Doubting Thomas

This is the mindset behind conspiracy theories. Anything which disagrees with your favorite conspiracy theory is just government disinformation.

Which is why I believe that conspiracy theories are very much like religions, or at least the belief patterns are the same.

1/30/2011 8:57:54 PM


No. Just...no. Is everything created by the government? Am I created by the government? No, I came out of the womb. Are bananas created by the government? No, they are created by plant breeders (well, the most popular type anyways). Think!

2/18/2013 11:14:45 AM

So then, logically, when you say you have a brain, it means you really don't?

2/20/2013 8:06:21 PM

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