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Tea Party activists in Tennessee try to keep negative information about Founding Fathers out of textbooks

Tea Party activists in Tennessee say they want any portrayals of the Founding Fathers that might put them in a negative light to be taken out of textbooks.

The material calls for lawmakers to amend state laws governing school curriculums, and for textbook selection criteria to say that “No portrayal of minority experience in the history which actually occurred shall obscure the experience or contributions of the Founding Fathers, or the majority of citizens, including those who reached positions of leadership.”

Fayette County attorney Hal Rounds, the group’s lead spokesman during the news conference, said the group wants to address “an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way or another.”

Tennessee Tea Partiers, MuskogeeNow! 71 Comments [1/28/2011 4:45:44 AM]
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Re-writing history. One sure sign that your side is full of shit.

1/28/2011 9:52:45 AM


Ignorance is not a virtue, fucknut.

1/28/2011 9:53:25 AM

Dr. Shrinker

Ironically these same Tea Party drones will be holding a rally in the near future chanting, "Down with Big Brother" or some other 1984 inspired slogan.

1/28/2011 10:11:23 AM


Something tells me the original draft of the material was going to exempt Thomas Jefferson and certain other founding fathers of this travesty.

1/28/2011 10:21:46 AM

It's censorship, whatever angle you wanna look at.

1/28/2011 10:45:02 AM


"Tea Party activists"

"Tea Party"

Now, I thought the reason why Coffee became so big in the US (decades before Starfucks etc), was a reaction against their old colonial masters: The 'Boston Tea Party', and all that jazz.

But it seems, there's a number of people who, via their taking up tea drinking as the basis of a political movement - even going as far as using the teabag as a symbol (but without foresight enough to realise the concept of the sexual fetish/act known as 'Teabagging') - that they'd prefer going back to being ruled by the UK again?

Well, as a Brit, I'm not going to refuse their desire...:

If you want to hand over that 'Stars & Stripes' of yours - in exchange for a Union Flag - and whenever (if ever!) their candidate is elected president, he/she wants to hand over the keys to the White House, and 'The Football' (the case-like device with the authentication & launch codes to their entire nuclear arsenal) to PM David Cameron (or Ed Miliband, should Labour win the next General Election here), I'm not gonna stop you...!


...oh, two sugars in mine, please; not too much milk (I like my tea fairly strong). And a few plain chocolate Hob Nobs wouldn't go amiss neither!


1/28/2011 10:57:44 AM


Yupp... USA 2011 rewriting history to fit their own fascism!

What's next? Hiring some of the old Soviet Unions KGB's photo retouch experts to remove slaves etc from paintings done between the Founding Fathers lifetime and the end of the Civil War?

The founding fathers have been elevated to demi-gods and the constitution and bill of rights to religious texts!

And in the background, another monster is raring it;s ugly head, American Exceptionalism. US mythology at it's "finest"....

1/28/2011 11:38:39 AM


*other 40k stuff with the Founding Fathers substituted for the Emperor*


1/28/2011 11:50:16 AM


Why is there a cult of the founders of the USA?

I suspect that Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, et al. would be royally pissed if they learned that people were idolizing them - especially Jefferson.

1/28/2011 12:02:04 PM


Next they'll demand school prayer to the founders as well.

1/28/2011 12:19:02 PM


No matter what the reason, you should never re-write history. Everyone has a dark side.

One thing that was removed from the history books: Martin Luther King wanted the U.S. to have a Democratic Socialist system. Nothing wrong about that, but the history books never mentioned that at all.

1/28/2011 12:27:06 PM


Talk about making the Founders into gods. These people are insane. The bitter irony is that the Founding Fathers would have laughed at these people, and that the ORIGINAL constitution (the Articles of Confederation) was so weak that they almost destroyed this country after it began. Only after they meet again in 1787 to work on the Constitution which was ratified in 1789 that they get it right, and even then it wasn't perfect which is why we have AMENDMENTS.

Short version, the Founders were human and we should remember them as such with the good and the bad that comes with it.

1/28/2011 12:58:53 PM


And once again the inmates demand the "right" to run the asylum.

Seriously, these folks are too stupid to understand why what they propose is wrong. What we have here are the dimwit offspring of the same rabble that were incited to chant "54-40 or fight!" We need to find an authoritative way to politely tell them to shut up and go home. If not, the rest of the world will continue to focus on this, the butt crack of our society.

1/28/2011 2:04:53 PM

David S

And which party harps on the freedom of speech and their right to bigotry?

1/28/2011 2:32:47 PM

The Jamo

Hey, whatever. As long as we can edit your bible... : )

1/28/2011 3:08:16 PM


next thing you know, Tenesee textbooks will say things like the Founding fathers were devout christians and kind to native americans....

1/28/2011 3:20:06 PM


They want to make commen history as anachronistic as the bible. I call it historical rape

1/28/2011 4:11:27 PM


The Founding Fathers were still human dipshits.They had faults, stop worshipping them dumbfucks!

1/28/2011 4:20:57 PM


I'm waiting for the new teabag history books:
in 1776, TRUE CHRISTIAN americans told the EVIL LIBERAL british to fuck off, and they did.
then the TRUE CHRISTIANS told the EVIL COMMIE indians to leave their GOD GIVEN land, and god was like YEAH and the indians gave the TRUE CHRISTIANS their land because they saw the TRUE light of TRUEness, TRULY. and in 1868 the teapaggers was made to fight nazi Illuminati. and shoot people for the sake of life and god OF TRUTH, then charles darwin came and killed babies. the end

1/28/2011 4:23:46 PM


This is fucking stupid. Because you retards can't tell the fucking difference between a legitimate document and fucking fiction, you think you can treat everything the same. You can't respect a real document because your most important piece of text is fucking made the fuck up. If you can't tell reality from fiction, why the FUCK should we leave you morons in charge.

I think we need to change the constitution to allow ONLY non-religious people into government. That would also result in a smaller government.

1/28/2011 4:53:47 PM

the group wants to address “an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way or another.”

That's strange. I thought the only "founders" the fundies cared about were the puritans who first went to America and almost starved to death because their crops failed.
Why do they care about the actual founders of their nation? Is it just their obsession with the constitution and their belief that all the perfectly reasonable things that commie muslim nazi Barack Hussein Obama is doing are unconstitutional?

- Imroy
(forgot to put my name in when first posting)

1/28/2011 5:06:43 PM


@Godbuster "I think we need to change the constitution to allow ONLY non-religious people into government. That would also result in a smaller government."

Hmmm. No, not quite fundy enough for a submission. Godbuster, you do realize that the founders, with their radical vision of a democratic government were, in fact, religious? That many other wonderful people in American history (off the top of my head, the REVEREND Doctor Martin Luther King Junior) were religious, even Christian? If a few nutjobs discredited a belief system, no belief would be valid.

1/28/2011 6:07:41 PM


In short, they want to keep the truth out of textbooks.

1/28/2011 9:25:20 PM


If you don't like history as it is, hey, no problem, just change it.

Like Napoleon said, history is written by the winners or, in this case, the biggest losers that ever existed.

1/28/2011 9:54:10 PM


@Anon-e-moose - The name is a reference to the Boston Tea Party, not a desire to return to the UK.

1/28/2011 10:11:54 PM

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