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If children are sent into godless temples of state worship ( misnamed “schools”), they will learn to think and reason godlessly and worship the state.

If conservatives love their children, if they are are concerned about the children of this nation, if they hope to overcome communism and fascist islam, then we MUST MUST MUST shut down the godless temples of state worship ( “public schools”). We MUST MUST MUST work to see that every child has access to a conservative Judeo-Christian based education.

( By the way...If Christian and conservative teachers really loved their students they would be working to get these kids OUT of the government schools. They wouldn't be working IN the godless government temples ( misnamed “public schools”) cooperating in the moral destruction of children.)

wintertime, Free Republic 72 Comments [2/26/2011 6:17:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Honky McCracker

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Raised by Horses

You really know how to beg, don't you? You're still not getting the question, though.

2/26/2011 8:51:13 PM



2/26/2011 9:23:02 PM


Yeah, if your kids go to school they might get an education and learn that your full of shit.

2/26/2011 9:28:43 PM


We MUST MUST MUST work to see that every child has access to a conservative Judeo-Christian based education.

And how would you do that? By setting up some kind of public system...?

2/27/2011 12:30:44 AM


Wait just a frackin' minute...idiot child is upset about students learning to worship the state, and I'll give you even money that he'll curse your very existence if you even think about not saying the pledge of allegience.

Oh, and "reason godlessly." LOL. As if you can "reason godfully?"

2/27/2011 12:41:56 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

So your solution to your imaginary threat of fascism is... more fascism?

2/27/2011 2:03:23 AM


Fascist Islam is bad, but fascist "Judeo-Christianity" is good?

If there are no gods, then it's not a temple.

2/27/2011 2:10:43 AM



2/27/2011 2:51:50 AM


Having gone to a Catholic Military school because I got to carry around a sword as part of the uniform, I'm proud to say that my graduating class had a higher percentage of admitted atheists than the rest of the US (13 out of a class of 57).

So where's your God now?

2/27/2011 3:44:24 AM

We'll do that if you stop complaining that children in America don't do well at maths or science.

2/27/2011 4:30:03 AM


From your uninformed rant I'm going to hazard a guess that you are the product of homeskooling by an idiot parent. It's pretty obvious when you equate fascism with communism (they are vastly different and mortal enemies).
I also find it deliciously ironic when you morons talk of giving children an education founded in "Judeo-Christian" principles when really you want nothing to do with "dirty Jews." )be honest, now - I've seen your other posts)
What you propose would be the death of America as a world leader in science, engineering, and technological advances. The rest of the world is already beginning to overtake you and you would guarantee your descent to third-world country status with your moronic proposal.
As a side note, I can think of no people more ill-suited to educate children for a productive and prosperous future than religiously deluded right-wingers.

2/27/2011 7:22:10 AM


We MUST MUST MUST work to see that every child has access to a conservative Judeo-Christian based education.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion

Well ain't that a kick in the pants?

2/27/2011 9:24:32 AM

Dire Sloth

I can't quite figure out what the author thinks of the public schooling system. Perhaps if I had some juvenile, obnoxious parenthetical notations...

2/27/2011 12:03:12 PM


Wintertime, if there isn't a Christian school in your area and you can't homeschool for whatever reason, you can always move to a district that has one. If you live inside the US, you probably won't have to move very far at all. Drama queen much?

2/27/2011 12:14:22 PM


How to ensure the survival of fundyism into the next generation. Keep your children stupid.

2/28/2011 2:49:34 AM


So where do non-Christian/secular/non-religious people send their kids?

2/28/2011 3:09:59 AM

Mister Spak

" if they hope to overcome communism and fascist islam,"

What about communist and facist christianity? How do we overcome that?

2/28/2011 6:20:21 AM


And if we want to compete on the international market we MUST MUST MUST educate our children! The economy can't survive on bible-thumping burger flippers alone.

2/28/2011 3:13:22 PM


How about we MUST MUST MUST give kids a non-biased, factual education. We MUST MUST MUST refuse to indoctrinate them with religious beliefs or teach hatred in the name of religion, and we MUST MUST MUST teach them to think critically.

3/1/2011 9:30:28 PM

One more "MUST" would've convinced me

3/8/2011 8:03:28 PM


Sooo....any institution that doesn't cram the fact that Ronald Reagan and Chuck Norris traveled back in time and saved George Washington from a liberal feminist gay Terminator physically into the thin, semipermeable skulls of sweet, freckle-faced schoolchildren with a ball-peen hammer and an tanner's awl must be some sort of commie conformity factory?

Just checking.

3/19/2011 6:13:03 PM


We MUST MUST MUST work to indoctrinate everyone elses kids to BS!

2/26/2012 3:25:59 PM

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