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I still fail to see the point. What do you want to know? I already told you what my stand is. And yes, it's ALL retaliation based, because they have ALREADY ATTACKED. Muslims have been behind the BULK of terrorist attacks. I don't give a shit what you want to call them. Fanatics, Moderates, Militants, they're MUSLIMS. Period.

Innocent people have been under attack by that CULT for CENTURIES now. My position is KILL THEM!

What part are you having a hard time grasping?

You asking how? Well shit, lets see... we can invite them over, bake them some fuking cookies, read them some nursery rhymes out of a Mother Goose book...

WHAT do you not understand about KILL THEM?

Is there a POINT you are trying to make with this retarded thread? You just looking for another chance to show everyone how "enlightened" you are? Your attempt to "talk down" to the "uncivilized" among us?

Well kiddo... I AM UNCIVILIZED. When it comes to muslims, I SUPPORT A SCORCHED EARTH POLICY. I believe in fighting the enemy EXACTLY how he has decided to fight us. I say we hide behind rocks, and when one walks by, we jump out, yell surprise, and bash his fuking skull in like he was a baby seal! I support the deployment of nukes to the Middle East. NOT on flat bed truck, but under their own power. ONE WAY FLIGHTS! I propose anything over there within 10 feet of a Koran or Mosque be made to GLOW IN THE DARK!

Now, if THAT hasn't answered your question, then talk to someone else. I'm done with your idiotic attempt to try to stir up shit, just so you can show-case your supposed "peaceful superiority and enlightenment".

Gonzo67, Free Conservatives 89 Comments [3/27/2011 5:40:08 AM]
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Submitted By: JohnTheAtheist

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I'm sure your policy wouldn't simply result in the entire world turning its military forces against the United States either. Never mind the entirety of Islam, including the ones currently living in and supporting the USA, declaring a holy Fatwah on your sorry asses.
Fucking chicken-shit hawk.

3/27/2011 5:44:43 AM


Timothy McVeigh was a monster, thus you're a monster. (For the record I'm not simply assuming he's Christian, I believe I've seen this same person quoted implying such things about himself)

3/27/2011 5:56:38 AM

Armchair Patton AND Internet tough guy...
Wow...i wonder why they dont consult you about U.S foreign policies?

3/27/2011 5:57:28 AM


Innocent people have been under attack by that CULT for CENTURIES now. My position is KILL THEM!

And when this is applied to your own cult--

3/27/2011 5:59:30 AM

How the fuck do you use nukes to kill all the muslims without killing everybody else as well?

I believe in fighting the enemy EXACTLY how he has decided to fight us

Been nuked much, lately?

3/27/2011 6:26:20 AM

Now lets switch to a cave in Afghanistan ... or a suicide bomber facility in the Gaza strip ...

"What do you want to know? I already told your what my stand is. And yes, it's ALL retaliation based, because they have ALREADY ATTACKED. Americans and Israelis have been behind the BULK of these murderous attacks. I don't give a s*** what you want to call them ... they're AMERICANS. Period.

Innocent people have been under attack by those DEVILS for CENTURIES now. My position is KILL THEM!

You asking how? Well shit, lets see ... we can invite them over, brew them some tea, read them some nice stories from '1000 nights'...

WHAT do you not understand about KILL THEM?


"Gonzo67" is just the same moron as the very small minority, for who's actions he wants to engage the biggest genocide ever in human history.

Can we just arrange a fight somewhere in the desert? On the one side all Gonzo67 nutjobs, armed with M16s, on the other side the muslim fanatics, armed with AK-74s. It will get a little bit bloody, but afterwards the world should be a little bit more peaceful.

3/27/2011 6:42:32 AM

Has anybody actually gone and read that thread? The poster gnome tried to get the gonzos to lay out exactly they would go about exterminating the entire world population of Muslims.

It basically boiled down to 'nuke everywhere that isn't the USA'. Yeah, that's gonna work.

Say, shall the rest of the world declare war on the US now, or do we have to wait until they have a gonzo president?

3/27/2011 6:44:29 AM

D Laurier

So having alienated a small number of muslims, to the point where they actualy fight back... you now want to slaughter even more of them.

Your logic is insane.

3/27/2011 6:45:53 AM

Oh, it gets worse. Domestically, Gonzo would round up every single Muslim in the US and have them executed, without trial.

Um ... why would a so-called libertarian want to hand that much power to the State?

3/27/2011 6:48:57 AM


I'm glad to see you're being rational about how you feel. Please don't hold back...

(what a fuck'n moron...)

3/27/2011 7:03:58 AM

Often Partisan

"Innocent people have been under attack by that CULT for CENTURIES now."

Which is pretty much what you're advocating - killing innocent people. The vast majority of Muslims have not attacked America - 1 terrorist attack 10 years ago tragic and shocking as it was does not equate to the whole Muslim world attacking you. Okay troops were attacked as well in Iraq and Afghanistan but you did invade those countries, that's what happens when you invade a country (Muslim or not.) There are also people living in the Middle East that are not Muslim which would die under your "nuke the shit out of it" policy.

3/27/2011 7:08:19 AM

Pule Thamex

It all boils down to the fact that Gonzo67 knows he's a moronic shithead but he also thinks everyone else is a moronic shithead. So it's a case of, I, Gonzo67, the moronic shithead and all my moronic shithead friends would like to kill all the other moronic shitheads cos that's the moronic thing to do when your a moronic shithead. Anything else is too complicated to think about or doesn't easily plug in to the moronic shithead lizard brain.

3/27/2011 7:22:01 AM


3/27/2011 7:24:22 AM


Yeah, because that won't have any international backlash AT ALL. </sarcasm>

3/27/2011 7:25:24 AM

My two cents that this guy didn't know what muslims were before 9/11 and he's improvising his reasons.

3/27/2011 8:07:51 AM


Gonzo still doesn't understand why his country was unable to beat half of Vietnam.

3/27/2011 8:10:56 AM


Well kiddo... I AM UNCIVILIZED

True you really belong in a zoo for failed species

3/27/2011 8:11:16 AM


How much ya wanna bet that this is the same sort of guy who reacts with a Sheldon Cooper-ish scream of "Don't hurt me!" if you ball up a fist under his nose?

3/27/2011 8:12:09 AM


So next time an American crosses the border and kills several of my countrymen I should just go ahead and execute the first few tourists I see waving an American flag?

Doesn't matter that they're not the guy that did it, or that they're not tied to him in a direct manner, or that they don't share his list of crimes and murders... All that matters is that they're American like the guy who did it.

And hey, while we're at it the next time a Catholic Priest rapes an altar boy we should vent our frustration on the first five Catholics that walk by, even though it's the priesthood that's been covering it up and not the actual churchgoers. They're all Catholic, aren't they? That should be good enough for us.

You're a goddamned idiot and that very line of thinking is pretty much the basis of all acts of terrorism. X did this to me so I will slaughter random people/symbols of their power as my righteous vengeance!

Shouting at mirrors is like a national past-time isn't it?

3/27/2011 8:14:54 AM


My favorite comment in the entire thread came from a later posting by Gonzo.

"First, a bill declaring that "Islam" is NOT a "religion" and is not, in ANY WAY protected by the Constitution. This will affect EVERY MUSLIM in the united states. The bill will also designate that any "confessed muslim" is a threat to the security of the United States. And any "confessed muslim" will be considered accessories to any and all terrorist attacks in the United States and Out Side of the united states. It will make BEING a muslim, a CAPITAL CRIME."

I swear, some of these people REALLY just don't get how the Constitution works or what Freedom of Religion means.

Of course, these are the same idiots that tend to equate the expression of any political view with which they do not agree as being equivalent to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.

3/27/2011 8:22:38 AM


What part are you having a hard time grasping?

This: Some lunatics wave a Quran and yells "God wants me to kill Christians". Some other lunatics wave a Bible and yells "God wants me to kill abortion doctors". Why do you only want to kill off Muslims and not fundamentalist Christians?

3/27/2011 8:33:25 AM


I propose anything over there within 10 feet of a Koran or Mosque be made to GLOW IN THE DARK!

And I'm sure Europe will just sit back and enjoy the health hazard you've just created for them and will smile and bring you tea as you break every international law in the book and pull off a bigger atrocity than even the Holocaust. Or, in reality, they'll combine their forces and pound you into the "fuking" ground. That is, if they're feeling merciful. They could also decide to 'overlook' some international laws as well and have your ass horribly tortured or hand you over to any remaining Muslim countries and tell them to have at it.

3/27/2011 8:49:27 AM



That's the thing. To these people, genocide is only evil when it is committed by non-Americans when those non-Americans happen to be enemies of the US. They've allowed themselves to rationalize seeing over one-sixth of their fellow human beings as holding subhuman status. It's acceptable to their minds to indiscriminately kill the "subhumans" when necessary

It is downright frightening how the thought process of these people mirrors exactly the thoughts that led the Nazi Party to come to power in Germany. The fact that some Jews were very influential and, like all groups of human beings, not uniformly saints and the fact that they were different led to the rationalization that they were Other and therefore needed to be weeded out from society.

Frankly, I wish more media attention was being given to some of this rhetoric being spouted out by the far right. If it's allowed to reach a certain point without being addressed it will be too late.

3/27/2011 9:05:12 AM


What a strange person.

3/27/2011 9:16:08 AM


...so fucking stupid.

It's amusing to note how he and his fellow genocide-lovers fail to think their clever plan of "NUKE FUCKING EVERYTHING" all the way through, as if non-Muslims such as themselves are immune to exposure to massive heat or to massive doses of radiation.

3/27/2011 9:21:12 AM

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