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GIVE ME A BREAK INDEED. Birth certificate aside, he was either born as a natural-born citizen of the United States or he was not and the "HE WAS NOT" evidence is stronger than the "he was" insistence by his supporters. I want him to prove that he is qualified to serve as the POTUS and thus far he has spent millions in legal fees to hide the documents which must OBVIOUSLY prove that he is not.

With that said, he has certainly PROVEN one thing beyond any reasonable doubt. He, a Kenyan-born mulatto who was from birth indoctrinated in Muslim thuggery, socialism, Chicago-styled political thuggery, pathological lying, hanging with domestic terrorists and defending foreign terrorist and their attacks on the U.S., race baiting, and anti-captialism and American exceptionalism should not be in the office of POTUS. In other words, the CEO of OBAMANATION UPON THE NATION, INC. should be evicted from the American Constitutional Republic's White House and Oval Office and then deported to his true home, Kenya, Africa.

Kenneth_W_Treuter2011, Trump Defends His Birtherism-The Atlantic 23 Comments [3/31/2011 3:40:21 AM]
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Raised by Horses

And your evidence for all of these claims is..?

3/31/2011 4:17:16 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Dear birthers;

Please provide actually proof of your ridiculous claims, or shut the fuck up.


3/31/2011 4:32:21 AM

Wait, what? American exceptionalism is bad, now? Also, what's captialism?

Otherwise, yeah, whatever.

3/31/2011 4:50:43 AM

Radical Islam and socialism are completely opposed philosophies....

3/31/2011 5:59:54 AM

Doubting Thomas

I'm willing to call this a trifecta.

Even if he were born in Africa, his mother was an American so he's a natural-born citizen, dipshit! As for all the rest of your racist, xenophobic nonsense, you wouldn't be spouting all this "unqualified" shit if he were white, would you?

3/31/2011 6:24:03 AM


1. Vehement presentation of totally unsupported accusations.

2. Ludicrous conclusions drawn from assertion of those allegations.

3. Rapid descent into racism, wild conspiracies, random name-calling and general fap-orgy of undifferentiated rage.

Here, folks, we have a case study in impotence and stupidity. File it with the rest.

3/31/2011 7:34:33 AM


And could you please give me that evidence?

3/31/2011 8:01:24 AM

Greater Good

I saw this Trump thing on a "news" program the other night. I can't believe that the republicans still claim this nonsense.

3/31/2011 8:58:38 AM


Good lord, you're right! If you just ignore all of the evidence for him being born in the US, you'll find absolutely no evidence that he was born in the US! Why didn't anyone see this earlier?


3/31/2011 9:33:42 AM

Jeff Weskamp

It does not bode well for Trump's presidential campaign when he starts spouting stuff that's too crazy even for Glenn Beck.....

3/31/2011 10:36:36 AM


The important words for you are obviously WHITE house.

FFS Even Bill O'Rly took the Trump down on that.

(As an aside Trump in the UK is slang for fart)

3/31/2011 12:02:55 PM

I read about the afterlife

I think we have a trifecta!

3/31/2011 12:32:44 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Wow... conspiracy AND racist. We have a twofer. So damn close to a trifecta, but you just missed it.

3/31/2011 12:50:49 PM

Giardano Bruno

No evidence of his not being American. Lots that he is.

Do like my Kenyan friends much more than you though.

3/31/2011 12:59:18 PM

Kat S.

Even if Obama were to personally give a certified copy of his birth certificate to every last 'birther' movement member, would it truly matter to you all?

It's not like you would actually shut up and accept Obama as the president. Heck, you guys would just come up with something else as a reason to see Obama, and to the greater extent the Democratic party, removed from office.

3/31/2011 7:35:49 PM


Mrs. Obama was one of the greatest covert operatives this nation has ever seen. This woman, in her last month of pregnancy, managed to leave Hawaii without withdrawing any money from a bank account and travel to Kenya without leaving a single record of having purchased ship or airline tickets. I must assume she stowed away on freighters, evading customs checks in the Philippines, India, and any other countries she would have traveled through. There was no direct travel between Hawaii and Kenya back then- and there still isn't. Smuggling herself back into the US with an infant is an even greater feat.

3/31/2011 7:55:26 PM


As a libertarian socialist, I must concur with post #1273272. I must also say that Kenneth_W_Treuter2011 is a retard.

3/31/2011 8:05:41 PM

"He, a Kenyan-born mulatto who was from birth indoctrinated in Muslim thuggery, socialism, Chicago-styled political thuggery, pathological lying, hanging with domestic terrorists and defending foreign terrorist and their attacks on the U.S., race baiting, and anti-captialism and American exceptionalism should not be in the office of POTUS."

How the FUCK did you manage to cram all that into a single sentence? Disregarding that it's all, well... LIES, that was pretty impressing.

4/1/2011 5:50:56 AM

A birth certificate IS evidence. It's you who have no counter evidence for your claims.

4/2/2011 10:55:15 AM


I think this may be a record, literally every word of your post apart from "and", "the" and "of" was a lie.

Either the drugs you're prescribed have stopped working or you're supplementing them with something you shouyldn't.

4/2/2011 9:52:18 PM

Conspiracy theorists have already made up their minds about what the "truth" is. If you could take them back in time to literally watch Obama being born in Hawaii, they would still call bullshit.

Conspiracy Theorist is just another word for "fucking brainwashed retard".

4/6/2011 6:28:53 AM


Haven't you peabrains ever stopped to consider that if Obama was not eligible to be President somebody somewhere would have noticed long before he even entered the race?

4/12/2011 2:45:21 AM


Ohh, birthers. Despite the complete lack of evidence for your ridiculous claims, you still soldier on, resolute in your idiocy, completely incognisant of the fact that it doesn't matter whether Obama was born in Kenya. (For the record, he wasn't.)
President Obama's birthplace is completely irrelevant, because he is a citizen of the United States regardless.
As you ought to remember from Civics class (if you've ever taken one), there are two ways for someone to be a natural-born US citizen eligible for the presidency: jus soli and jus sanguinis. The principle of jus sanguinis as it is applied in the US states that any person who has at least one parent who held US citizenship and had ever lived in the US at the time of birth is automatically a citizen of the United States.
Public education is a great thing, isn't it?

1/10/2013 7:17:20 PM

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