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["Biblical" scrolls discovered in remote Jordanian cave]

Yes...it is interesting. But if whatever they may find on them does not agree with the Scriptures we've already been given, they're false.

[Later in the same thread...]

Maybe I'll make this my new sig line: If it's new, it's not true. If it's true, it's not new.

JustGrateful, RR 80 Comments [4/8/2011 5:06:54 AM]
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This is how fundamentalist think

4/8/2011 5:10:43 AM

God could appear in front of them, prove his power and then tell them something new and important, and they'd still thwap him over the head. That's how backwards they are.

4/8/2011 5:13:05 AM


I bet someone has a vested interest in keeping their contents hidden. Where's Wikileaks when you need them?

Anyway they're probably just more homophobic oppressive laws from the goat-herding lawmakers of the ancient middle-East.

4/8/2011 5:21:43 AM


If I close my eyes and stick my head in the sand I can fart out any old nonsense and nobody will be able to correct or contradict me, even when they are right and I am wrong, because I am never wrong.


Of course this close mindset never recognises the internal disrepancies and wrong empirical facts in the bible...

4/8/2011 5:24:04 AM


Yeah, that sounds like something someone completely divorced from reality would put in his signature.

4/8/2011 5:28:57 AM


This is why

4/8/2011 5:47:01 AM


So the far-older-than-your-constantly-rewritten-bible scrolls are not only 'new' but if they don't mesh with your current beliefs are a fabrication?

This should be interesting.

4/8/2011 5:47:35 AM

Think or GTFO

So how do they know what is true or not? Oh right, if it's in the Bible, it's true, especially when interpreted by them.

4/8/2011 5:51:31 AM

Mister Spak

What if the scriptures you've been given are false? After all, the Catholic church invented the bible, and we all know they aren't christians.

4/8/2011 5:54:47 AM


Fundamentalizm in a nutshell.

4/8/2011 5:54:59 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

"If it's new, it's not true. If it's true, it's not new."

And that's the kind of thinking that leads to close-mindedness.

4/8/2011 5:57:24 AM

Oh, I See!

"You know, medicine is not an exact science, but we are learning all the time. Why, just fifty years ago, they thought a disease like your daughter's was caused by demonic possession or witchcraft. But nowadays we know that Isabelle is suffering from an imbalance of bodily humors, perhaps caused by a toad or a small dwarf living in her stomach."

4/8/2011 6:02:57 AM

Deep Search

If they're "Biblical" shouldn't these guys eat it up, though? Since they *love* the bible so much.

Oh, right, if it doesn't agree with what they already believe it's "false." They already ignore the parts of their scriptures they don't like as it is.

4/8/2011 6:10:14 AM



4/8/2011 6:10:29 AM


Fundies: proud to have learned nothing since 335 A.D.

4/8/2011 6:27:07 AM


Yep. Ever since that wonderful day thousands of years ago when God dropped the good ol' KJV from the sky, clearly written in modern-day English.

4/8/2011 6:48:01 AM

Brendan Rizzo

And this is the type of thought that prevents progress. Good job, JustGrateful, you are firmly on the losing side! I just hope you choose to lose with dignity instead of kicking and screaming like every other fundie in history.

4/8/2011 6:51:57 AM


'Truth' (to O'Brien, the Inner Party & Big Brother): 2+2=5

Fact: 2+2=4

'Truth' = Subjective

Facts = Reality

Ergo, Subjective 'Truth' = Lies. QED.

I'll stick with Reality. Based on Objective facts, thanks.

Fact: Your KJV Bible , and your 'God' = Lies, Ruptured Retards.

4/8/2011 6:54:25 AM

Pule Thamex

Couldn't agree more. It's far better to live in total ignorance, as it's less disruptive to the old central slobber control unit. Acknowledging something new is tantamount to being educated and may entail ones thinking nodule popping out of its fantasy shell. Also, if you hadn't already noticed, educate is an anagram of Satan and is also commie spelled backwards. Coincidence? I don't think so. The fantasy shell is what separates man from the animals, enabling him to maximize his abilities for survival by murdering, enslaving, torturing and persecuting other competing beasts such as atheists, Muslims, faggots, Liberals, women etc.

4/8/2011 7:01:25 AM


Then get off the Internet.

4/8/2011 7:03:18 AM


But if it turns out that your generated, veneered leaders* like what the scrolls say better, then, "God revealed this information to set the record straight!" Right? RIGHT?

"they will either contradict the Koran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous." - Attributed to Caliph Omar re. the disposition of the Library of Alexandria, 640 AD.

* Hat tip to Firesign Theatre.

Edit. @ Pule Thamex: I would state it, "The fantasy shell is what separates man from the animals, enabling him to maximize his abilities for survival by conning others to risk their lives and freedom murdering, enslaving, torturing and persecuting other competing beasts ..."

4/8/2011 7:08:04 AM


"But if whatever they may find on them does not agree with the Scriptures we've already been given, they're false. "

Ah, so if it agrees with you, support it, if it doesn't, discard it...how very fundamentalist of you

4/8/2011 7:40:26 AM

Of course, he ignores the fact that the various books of the bible, while possibly, maybe, might be inspired by God, they were in fact written, edited, assembled, and translated by men, and therefore are not infallible. If these new scrolls contradict any portion of the bible, then one or the other (or both) is wrong.

4/8/2011 8:27:20 AM


True? You seem to think you know what that word means.

4/8/2011 8:52:10 AM



4/8/2011 9:00:01 AM

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