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"Tolerance is allowing for a mistake. Too much tolerance is a mistake. Tolerance is allowing for a mistake, too much tolerance is accepting an habitual mistake (Atheistic Lifestyle of sin).

PS The theme of the Bible is a God of both Love and Righteousness. Too many people that call themselves Christians will only discuss the Love of God. I consider those that will only discuss the concept of a God of Love to be Liberal Christians.

PS - It drives Atheists crazy when you show America was founded as a Christian Nation, even though America did lie to the Muslims in the Treaty of Tripoli."

clirus, ChristianForums 76 Comments [4/10/2011 5:52:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Skavau

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This is not a Christian nation, Asshole!

4/10/2011 6:18:01 AM

... and not all atheists are American, arsehole.

4/10/2011 6:23:40 AM

Rev. Dread

Whether they lied or not...It's signed, sealed, and delivered!

4/10/2011 6:25:05 AM


PS - You are a fuckwit!

4/10/2011 6:25:51 AM

arctic knight

Article VI paragraph 2, U.S. Constitution:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land;

Take not that treaties are part of the "supreme law of the land. That means, lie or not, the fact that the Treaty of Tripoli says we were not founded on Christianity makes that statement law and has all the power of the Constitution behind that law. If you have any regard at all for the US Constitution, you had better get it through your thick skull that, by law, we were not founded as a Christian nation.

4/10/2011 6:27:58 AM

Not Today

>>It drives Atheists crazy when you show America was founded as a Christian Nation

That's the catch, you can't "show" it was. About as close as you can get is that it was founded on Christian "principles," but things like thou shall not steal and love thy neighbor are not monopolized by Christians. Most of those principles are the same as people who care about other people.

4/10/2011 6:30:30 AM


the theme of the Babble is to pat the sheep on the head and assure them that even though they're incredibly hateful fuck-ups that Gawd still thinks they're ace and that they'll get all the stuff they want in heaven. it's all bullshit and you should be ashamed of treating other people like shit.

and I'd reeeeeeally like to see where you can show that the US was founded as a christ-stain nation.

4/10/2011 6:32:19 AM


"Tolerance is allowing for a mistake. Too much tolerance is a mistake."

Funny, sometimes I feel the same way about putting up with fundie bullshit.

And, yes, our forefathers were bearing false witnesses like good little Christians who obey the Ten Commandments do.

4/10/2011 6:37:42 AM

It drives Christians crazy when you show that America was founded as a secular nation, even though...

Well, actually, that notion is 100% backed up by facts, so never mind.

4/10/2011 6:37:54 AM


So, Washington and Jefferson and the entire Congress of the USA were liars?

Principle of Parsimony says you are, clirus.

4/10/2011 6:38:13 AM


Check out the whole article. I could barely get past the first paragraph when I started getting creeped out by him calling for the execution of atheists.

4/10/2011 6:43:58 AM

The Jamo

Alright, so we got the concept of the Treaty of Tripoli through to one of them. That's a good start. Now let's just let it infect the whole population and in 5 years or so it should start taking effect.

4/10/2011 6:44:39 AM

Lying is a sin, remember, Christian dude?

4/10/2011 6:46:48 AM

From the same guys who think that lying to the Nazis when hiding Jews is a sin "because God doesn't like liars". Whatever.

4/10/2011 6:50:45 AM

Well, when his son insists so much in love and turning the other cheek, it's very difficult to digest what you propose.

4/10/2011 6:54:24 AM


So, how's it like being a prick?

4/10/2011 6:57:31 AM

Raised by Horses

It must be strange, living in a mental echo chamber where no new thoughts or information can get through to you. Poor critter.


Feeling that Christian Brotherly Loveā„¢?

4/10/2011 7:26:34 AM


Double post--disregard this; I suck cocks.

4/10/2011 7:27:59 AM


Fundie debating tactics 101: Whenever you can't justify disagreeing with something, open a dictionary and choose a meaning that you can justify disagreeing with.

4/10/2011 7:28:57 AM


"America did lie to the Muslims in the Treaty of Tripoli."

Or maybe the Founders, sharp politicians all, were just humoring the fundietards in their occasional generic religious gesture.

4/10/2011 7:39:07 AM


"PS - It drives Atheists crazy when you show America was founded as a Christian Nation, even though America did lie to the Muslims in the Treaty of Tripoli.""

Yet not one of you have provided solid fact this was so, unlike others that call you on it

4/10/2011 7:42:13 AM

Reverend Jeremiah


4/10/2011 7:45:28 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Ah, clirus. Had she lived one hundred years ago she'd be a thorn in the side of the women's movement, as her sheer stupidity would have been seized upon by chauvinists as proof of the "righteousness" (a.k.a., excuses and lame justifications) of their cause. Does she not know that it is a violation of international law to lie on an official treaty like that? What purpose would it serve, anyway? Any Christian who would lie about their religion for personal gain (as she imagines the Founders would have if they were Christian) would not be a "True Christian" anyway, especially according to these fundies. You can't have it both ways. I would also consider the notion of righteousness being incompatible with love to be a serious mistake, and probably the cause of all the dicatorships in history that weren't headed by a complete and utter psychopath. Theocracies are the greatest proof of this.

4/10/2011 8:27:56 AM


Too bad the fucking Constituion ALSO says that this isn't a "Christian nation".

4/10/2011 8:29:43 AM


{b]It drives us crazy because you THINK you are showing that America is a Christian nation, but you are actually showing that you are uneducated, unwise and not very bright.[/b]

4/10/2011 8:36:07 AM

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