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Earth Day is for pagan New Agers who are oblivious to the coming destruction of the environment during the tribulation.

It's going to be pretty hard to save the whales when the seas are made like a corpse's blood, and all life dies in them, etc.

April 22 is Jesus Day as far as I'm concerned!

Mr. Duffee, RR 73 Comments [4/24/2011 1:12:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Amber

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Sure thing, Mister Duffee.

Oh, BTW, those pagans called and want their spring fertility holiday back, as well as the Winter Solstcie holiday that your religion hijacked.

4/24/2011 1:30:25 PM

The Duelist

They're not oblivious to the "coming jerk-off fantasy for fundies", they just rejected it for a cooler religion than your blood cult.

4/24/2011 1:33:57 PM


Ya, Ya, he worlds gonna end... yer gonna go live with jeebus, we're gonna burn in hell... the bible, the bible, prophesy, tribulation... blah, blah, blah & shut the fuck up!

4/24/2011 1:39:47 PM


Going by fundie logic, since April 22nd is both Jesus Day and my birthday, I am in fact Jesus reborn. Finally, the Okami part of my screenname comes true! Bow before my awesome might!

Seriously though, stewards of the earth and all that.

4/24/2011 1:51:27 PM


Go ahead, take some more bizarre satisfaction in 'TOTALLY HAPPENING THIS TIME' worldwide bloodshed, it'll just make you guys look even worse.

4/24/2011 1:53:19 PM


And how is Satan suppose to be the bad guy again?

4/24/2011 1:56:21 PM

"April 22 is Jesus Day as far as I'm concerned!"

You are perfectly entitled to celebrate your deity on any day you chose, even though you ignore the fact that the planet is being abused and polluted and take not even symbolica action against it. And no. Revelation is not symbolic anything. It's shite - pollution of the human mind.

4/24/2011 2:21:42 PM


I despise this attitude of "Let's fuck up the environment because Jesus is coming next Tuesday.". Unlike you, I like the human species and I don't want to bring it to a premature extinction over some myths written by scientifically illiterate (even by the standards of that time) shepherds.

4/24/2011 2:24:20 PM


Destroying the earth because you figure it's toast anyway based on some nonsense in Revelation is like me mortgaging my house to buy a Porsche because I figure I'll win the PowerBall next week.

4/24/2011 2:28:45 PM


Isn't every day Jesus Day for you people?

How monotonous.

4/24/2011 2:40:56 PM


Your own god says in the BIBLE to take care of the planet. LOL, I can just imagine if by some chance Christianity is right, Jesus showing up, looking around, and going "I'm not taking anyone anywhere until you clean this mess up."

4/24/2011 2:41:30 PM

Myron T. Philpot

"Earth Day is for pagan New Agers...as are the Easter and Christmas holidays."

Whoops, I don't think you meant to say that out loud.

4/24/2011 2:46:11 PM


Typical fundie retard. I mean, what if we save the environment and it was all for nothing?
Fucking moron.
Have fun waiting for Jesus to come back when he was never here in the first place.

4/24/2011 3:02:12 PM


So god made the earth yet somehow he's pissed at the people who are actually trying to protect it? And apparently he prefers his spoilt children with the "Daddy got me this one so he can get me a new one if I break it! Whoopeee!" mentality?

4/24/2011 3:03:14 PM


You're an imbecile as far as I'm concerned.

4/24/2011 3:05:30 PM


I don't get it. In your bible it says that god made the earth and saw that it was good. And you are discouraging people from taking care of it?

You confuse me...

4/24/2011 3:17:28 PM


I distinctly remember hearing in a Nick Cave song "dread the passage of Jesus for he does not return". And I find that just as valid as your old book.

4/24/2011 3:25:38 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

4/24/2011 3:33:34 PM


It's really hard to be oblivious of just how you think things will go down when folks just like you scream it at me at least once a day.

4/24/2011 3:37:49 PM


*LMAO* omg Percy, that totally wins! XD

4/24/2011 3:40:26 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Oh, fuck it. Is the natural environment evil to these Rapture Readyians? They do live in it, and if civilization collapses because of the vapidity and carelessness of the generation before mine, I will be so pissed...

4/24/2011 4:40:46 PM


@Serph-no-Okami: If you are Jesus, then issue a commandment! How about something along the lines of "Thou shalt not destroy my Father's gift to His people"?

4/24/2011 5:08:08 PM


Why must people insist on making up horror stories like these?

4/24/2011 5:42:50 PM


If Jesus shows up again and no humans are left because we trashed the place he made, he won't be happy, will he. All that fire and brimstone with no one around to watch. Pity.

4/24/2011 6:13:13 PM

Doctor Whom

If the Bible says one thing clearly and consistently, it's that the End Times would happen during the lives of certain people who were alive back then. I guess you were left behind. Bummer.

4/24/2011 6:49:38 PM

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