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New Atheism would be more accurately named FauxAtheism: They don't deny the existence of the supernatural, they just worship devil spirits and call it "Earth science" or environmentalism. When these spiritualists get around to hooking " the planet/Gaia" up to an EKG & showing me "her" heartbeat, pricking "her" with a telephone pole and bringing forth blood &/ getting their messiah David Eick to walk on water, maybe they can legitimately sell it as "science".

Way-farerTed, Vox Popoli 78 Comments [4/25/2011 3:48:17 AM]
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Who are you to tell anyone else to provide heartbeats, tangibility, blood tests and other evidence?
Have you lot ever provided any of these things for your messiah or your god?

Atheism is the lack of belief in any gods and supernatural phenomenons.
The way you feel about Shiva and Thor, we feel about Yahweh as well.

4/25/2011 12:30:40 PM


Even us Pagans don't believe that load of bull!
Also, Atheism, and science for that matter, DON'T WORK THAT WAY!

4/25/2011 12:41:14 PM


Since atheists don't believe in the christian god, they must believe in devils, Satan, etc. In a fundy's black-and-white world, that's the only way they can conceive of people who don't believe in christianity.

That's also why fundies insist on this lie despite being corrected over and over again; it's the only possible explanation for non-christians.

4/25/2011 1:10:16 PM

Evilution Teacher

Don't even know where to begin . . .

4/25/2011 1:25:05 PM


I'd like some olive oil vinaigrette with my word salad, thank you.

4/25/2011 2:45:22 PM

Old Viking

That was very good, Ted. Thank you. Now go pick up your Legos.

4/25/2011 2:46:38 PM


Wharrgarbl! Wharrgarbl! Wharrgarbl at the shiny mirror!

4/25/2011 3:04:24 PM



4/25/2011 3:05:48 PM

This guy doesn't like atheism. He doesn't like New Age basket cases; he doesn't like environmentalism. So they must all be the same thing then.

4/25/2011 3:12:15 PM


They don't deny the existence of the supernatural, they just worship devil spirits and call it "Earth science" or environmentalism.

No. They [atheists] deny the existence of the supernatural. It's you who imagine the existence of supernatural devil spirits and attribute earth science and environmentalism to them.

4/25/2011 3:25:20 PM


WTF are you talking about?

4/25/2011 3:59:11 PM


I went to the link and the article has been changed?

4/25/2011 4:10:58 PM



Atheism = no god, no-god-belief.
Earth Science = eighth grade science; Rocks, tides, some astronomy
Environmentalism = keeping the Earth able to sustain the growing population of fools it currently supports.

4/25/2011 4:34:40 PM


I actually like this brand of "Atheism". If I find someone like that, we can talk about theology together! :D

4/25/2011 6:52:02 PM

The Jamo

I think you need to look up the root of the word "atheism", my furry fundie friend.

4/25/2011 7:02:51 PM


So many straw men ...

4/25/2011 8:03:22 PM


You know, considering how stupid, racist, and sexist Vox Day is, it's no wonder he attracts fans like this asshole.

4/25/2011 8:27:36 PM

Raised by Horses


More like a straw man of a straw man.

That's pretty weak tea, when even a regular straw man treatment of someone's position is too much to handle, without diluting it further.

4/25/2011 10:39:09 PM


That's funny; a tree is alive, but it doesn't have blood, or a heartbeat. I suspect Ted is simply afraid of people having any sort of respect for anything that isn't human. The idea of people having pets must be equally disturbing to him.

4/26/2011 12:29:23 AM


isn't Gaia off that captain planet show?

seriously though what's so bad about taking care of the planet that sustains us......I don't get why your advocating against that?
Also who the hell is 'David Eick'

4/26/2011 2:51:21 AM

Evil Pirate Captain Mel


4/26/2011 3:21:49 AM

Deep Search

Well mixing religion and science does result in "science." "Science" is what fundies believe in if they claim fossils are fake and global warming is a conspiracy.

And I'm all for atheists not putting up with BS and being pushed around by religious types, honestly.

4/26/2011 3:28:37 AM



"On a side note, my Bearded Dragon Lizzy is very amused by the idea of the Royal Family being lizards, although she says that the one called Charles is too ugly, and therefore certainly a mammal."

Curious is it not, that David Icke's 'Shapeshifting Lizardmen Rule The World' (which is clearly right out of the "Weekly World News" school of journalism) claim only came to pass after the airing of the TV series "V" (just as the whole 'Man didn't land on the Moon' BS arose just after the release in 1978 - only nine years after Armstrong's 'One Small Step For Man' - of the film "Capricorn One").

Why, one would think - if one were of an equally Conspiracy Theoric bent - that they sound like... coincidences, do they not?!

Ah, but then, to quote Yuuko the Dimensional Witch in the manga (by CLAMP) "xxxHOLiC":

'There is no such thing as Coincidence in this world. There is only Hitsuzen' ('Inevitability')

The 'Inevitability' of certain saddos, who - with too much time on their hands (and twisted ways of thinking) - start putting two and two together, and get Graham's Number.


4/26/2011 9:39:32 AM

Fawful has seen God has a vagina on top of his penis.

"When these spiritualists get around to hooking 'the planet/Gaia' up to an EKG & showing me 'her' heartbeat, pricking 'her' with a telephone pole and bringing forth blood".


Final Fantasy VII does not represent our planet. Environmentalism means taking care of the environment because we're turning the world into a shithole in which you truly deserve to live (as opposed to the rest of the sane people).

4/26/2011 4:18:33 PM

Live and let live

Y'know, I was once roommates with a girl named Gaia. We could convince her to get hooked up to an EKG and prick her to bring forth blood.Wonder what this fundiot would say then? LOL
Hi everyone! I'm new here.:D

4/26/2011 6:52:37 PM

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