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Massive flood devastates parts of Missouri, but the lamestream media refuse to describe it as a "massive flood" because that might lead folks to read the Bible. See secularized language.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 68 Comments [4/29/2011 3:08:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Michael

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Oh Andy, you ALWAYS make me facepalm. No exceptions.

4/29/2011 7:51:18 AM


Andy doesn't seem to know the difference between a massive flood that covers parts of a state, and massive global flood which covers to the top of Mt Everest.
Slight difference there, Sparkie.

4/29/2011 9:02:48 AM

gay diest

I live in missouri

*looks around* nope. no massive floods or animals marching 2 by 2

4/29/2011 9:08:52 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

You make no sense. Then again, since you're a part of Conservapedia, I should expect that.

4/29/2011 9:30:06 AM


We lamestream media types also refuse to put "shithead" in general-circulation publications because that might lead folks to Andy Assfly.

4/29/2011 9:50:21 AM



You are a moron.

Seriously. You are the stupidist person who is on the internet.

That's a massive achievement.

4/29/2011 10:38:36 AM



4/29/2011 10:49:41 AM


The lame-stream media ain't gettin' away with nothin, so longs as Andy's on the case! He's like a flat-chested Erin Brockovich, and he means biznuss. He sees through the underhanded anti-biblical, anti-adjective propogandas of those weasly (Jewish) weather-tyrant mind-manipulators, and he's CALLED THEM OUT, boy howdy.

Seriously: Andy's peaceful, magnetic demeanor and love for his fellow man is a true testament to the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit. He is indeed a beautiful soul, a new creation in Christ, and an example for us all.

I'd totally fuck his tight righteous ass.

4/29/2011 11:13:24 AM

God is certainly showing his love for the Bible Belt, isn't he? With all the flooding and tornadoes and fucking death...awesome. Moron!

4/29/2011 11:22:36 AM


Massive fail-stain spreads over the Internet. Legitimate media sources refuse to comment because that might lead folks to read Andy Assfly. See also: "screed, delusional, dimwit, hack."


4/29/2011 11:42:31 AM


Isn't there a massive flooding each year in the Nile region? Who would start reading the Bible just for a yearly occurrence?
Hey, spring flooding happens here in Sweden every year in April or May, too!!! Nothing to write home about, just nicely rippling rivers, though.

What about the massive whirlwinds and stuff, in south-east US of A right now? It seems God is pissed off at the people living there. Or maybe at the people in Malawi, taking his poor aim in consideration. Do you know where Malawi is, Andy-pandy?

4/29/2011 11:58:44 AM


Reading the bible is the first step towards becoming an atheist. Thanks Andrew

4/29/2011 12:41:16 PM


Is this the rain that they were praying for in Texas last week? If so, then god has both bad aim and no sense of proportion.

4/29/2011 12:43:39 PM

Old Viking

I heard a broadcaster call it "A shit-ton of flooding," but it was a local station.

4/29/2011 12:47:36 PM

Massive flood is Biblical language as opposed to secularised? Well the phrase doesn't appear in the KJV. Not in the NIV either. Not in the New American Standard Bible. It's not in the English Standard Version. Can't find it in the Good News Bible. In fact, I haven't been able to find the phrase in any English version. So why is it that particular phrase that you deem necessary to prick the religious conscience of the faithful? Is it because you have gone down the rabbit hole Andy, and the madness has consumed you entirely?

4/29/2011 1:09:04 PM

Night Jaguar

It's Andy Schlafly. Also, the link is messed up. Here's the correct version.

4/29/2011 1:30:03 PM


Hahaha! What?? FFS, Andy, give it up already, will you?

4/29/2011 1:37:48 PM

David B.

Uh yeah, sure Andy. And if everyone happened to have all referred to it as a massive flood, you'd be bitching about how they were only saying that to undermine the bible because didn't God promise never to flood the world again?

I bet you don't even fool your intended audience, Shitfly, they know it's excrement surely as well as you do, they just share your predilection to wallow in it

4/29/2011 3:26:10 PM


If God's mad at Missouri, he didn't hit the right cities. He completely missed Kansas City, and only hit the airport in St. Louis. (I know- I live in St. Louis city.) Both cities have Gay Pride festivals, and St. Louis hosts Pagan Picnic every year in June. So take THAT!

4/29/2011 4:41:47 PM


as a missourian..i say this...


4/29/2011 7:54:25 PM


Now that is truly desperate.

4/29/2011 8:07:30 PM


He's losing it, I hope this will continue.

4/29/2011 8:27:35 PM


is everything an evil liberal conspiracy to you, Andy?

4/29/2011 8:49:34 PM


...are you fucking kidding me?

Wait, its Andy. Of course. *facehoof*

4/29/2011 10:19:55 PM


I refuse to take this guy serious anymore. I'm convinced he's just an epic troll.

4/29/2011 10:56:30 PM

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