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Darwin applied in his "science " what already existed in spiritualist cults and Eastern voodooists?
Spiritism is evolutionary because it supports the idea that man gets better for many, many reincarnations and goes to the most advanced worlds...

Although just in only 100 years, Kardec Spiritism copied much of what already existed in Eastern religions, among them the reincarnation to pay for the mistakes and evolve.

The concept of evolution was not born with Darwin, but the occult, spiritualism and voodooists diabolic cults existing in the East.

Darwin just copied a lie called reincarnation and disguised as pseudo-science called evolution, he was a charlatan just like Kardec which also copied of the eastern voodoo the concept of evolution and called it karma, reincarnation, and other nonsense from the doctrines of demons.

Darwin only used itlike pseudoscientific theory, Evolutionism has never been scientifically proven until now. Separate specimens do not indicate that there was an escalation of evolution.

Reflect before believing blindly in the first nonsense that is disguised as philosophy, science or religion, spiritualism, evolution, voodoo, Gravity, seicho no ie, voodoo, Buddhism (Japanese voodoo), spiritualism (voodoo on the French, of chic and intellectual busybodies ...). It is all the doctrine of the devil, diabolism, pure work of deception of the father of lies!

Karla Maria 777, Y! answers 80 Comments [5/6/2011 3:26:39 AM]
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You would do well to practice what you preach.

5/6/2011 3:43:49 AM

If you think Evolution is anywhere near the same thing as Reincarnation, I don’t think I can help you.

5/6/2011 3:45:28 AM


Yeah. Science is magic, and magic is religion, ergo religion is science, hence Noah's Ark Theme Parks run by fundies who can prove that the world is only 6,000 years old because they say so, which is the most definitive proof as it is Biblical, viz based on a book that was written by shepherds, goatherds and other of that genre, because Gawd told them so etc, etc, etc, etc - Yawn!

I have a theory, All the fundies of the world do not have even one brain cell to share among the lot of them. I must look at the Bible and see if I can find proof of this there.

5/6/2011 3:46:09 AM


sounds like it's time for your medicine.

5/6/2011 4:25:42 AM


Um, Lady. Do you even know what you are talking about? Evolution and gravity is a science proven by data and looking at species. Buddhism is from India, spiritualism various (but also a response to idiots like you who preferred Dogma over actual emotions and spiritual feeling in church), Voodoo is Hollywood's Voudun/Voudou religion.


5/6/2011 4:25:59 AM

From the frozen north, Death cometh

What Darwin did was gather information about different species and make testable predictions based on that information.

Even if he had taken the idea of evolving species from mysticism and legends, (which he obviously didn't) doesn't actually invalidate his research... Darwin's findings are true regardless of where he originally got the idea for his research.

5/6/2011 4:33:49 AM

Mister Spak

Spiritism is creationary because it supports the idea that there are invisible spooks floating around doing things after they die. It is all the doctrine of fundieism, pure work of deception of con men to deceive gullible creationists.

5/6/2011 4:33:56 AM


firstly wtf are you on about? second reincarnation involves ONE persons spirit/ or soul transforming into another body after death in a continuous cycle until you master your spiritual side through penance sacrifice and loyalty/prayer to the gods once they deem you moral fit ie you are selfless, kind compassionate ect then you move onto heaven
I see more plagiarism from Christianity than Darwin on this front!!
I was raised a Hindu so please check your facts Karla, you dolt
(I realize this belief may differ slightly among religious folk but come on a really old religion has to be updated in some way)

5/6/2011 4:37:24 AM


Wow, that must be the largest strawman I have ever seen!

Reincarnation =/= evolution
Evolution has been proven again and again, year by year, and is getting better and larger for every new evidence, every new peer-reviewing, every new related hypothesis.

5/6/2011 4:37:37 AM

Interesting word salad, could have used a little dressing though.

5/6/2011 4:39:08 AM

Mihangel apYrs

back in the kitchen. Women aren't supposed to be educated or "teach"

5/6/2011 4:42:16 AM



5/6/2011 5:14:31 AM

Reflect before believing blindly in the first nonsense that is disguised as...Gravity

I dare you, Karla, to go skydiving and shout out just before jumping: "Gravity, I rebuke you in Jesus' name!" Then jump and see what happens.

Go ahead, I dare you. But don't take a parachute because that would show you have no True Faith(tm) in God's powers.

5/6/2011 5:24:09 AM


Evolution is reincarnation, Buddhism is voodoo, she has some sort of problem with gravity (but it's a garbled mess so I can't even tell what she's on about), can't see the irony of demanding that others reflect before blindly believing nonsense, and her post is generally a disorganized, incoherent mess. Lady, did you accidentally overdose on crazy pills?

5/6/2011 5:31:59 AM

Horus IX

I ordered the Chef's Salad, not the word salad. And...WHERE IN THE FUCK IS MY GOD DAMN RANCH DRESSING!?

5/6/2011 5:54:06 AM

Doctor Whom

This 4-oz bottle of Yahoo! Answers brand ultra-concentrated stupidity has as much stupid power as this 16-oz bottle of regular-strength stupidity.

5/6/2011 6:10:49 AM


Voodoo, I don't think you know what that word means. Actually, quite sure you don't.

5/6/2011 6:21:26 AM


roflmao. You have absolutely no idea about any religion outside your tiny, tiny, tiny world nor of science. Please stay in your little hate filled world where a intellectual evolution never took place and never will.

5/6/2011 6:41:48 AM


I think half of the evolution/creation debate would be settled if people like this could get it out of their heads that evolution is consciously aiming for something. It's not. Evolution is not a "thing", it's a process, and therefore it cannot have consciousness or goals. Cut that shit out.

5/6/2011 7:18:56 AM


Occult-confused word salad with wacky dressing, commin' up!

Hinduism, Buddhism & Voudou ARE NOT THE SAME!

HINDUISM: Started in India, Dharmic, Based on The Vedas.
BUDDHISM: Offshoot from Hinduism, Dharmic, not necessarly Vedic, may or may not be Atheistic.
VOUDOU: Afro-Carribbean blend of Roman Catholic Christianity & African Animistic Spirituality (mainly Yorba), no relation to Hinduism or Buddhism.
KARLA MARIA 777: Major stupid idiot nincompoop, should take a space shuttle to Pluto.

Oh, Karla, dear, please kindly go to Chicago, take the elevator of the Sears Tower to the top floor & jump off the roof....that'll shut you up about gravity. Thank you.

5/6/2011 7:21:44 AM

Doubting Thomas

??? Since when is reincarnation part of Darwinian evolution? Or demons?

Or is this just another mixing pot where Christians throw everything they disagree with in together and call it all the same?

Yahoo! Answers - Where the most unintelligent people on the internet proudly display their ignorance.

5/6/2011 7:22:18 AM


Thank you for proving that you don't know shit.

5/6/2011 7:29:39 AM


Evolution has nothing to do with reincarnation. As Little Richard said, "come back tomorrow night and try it again".

5/6/2011 7:29:41 AM


Reflect before believing blindly in the first nonsense that is disguised as philosophy, science or religion, spiritualism, evolution, voodoo, Gravity, seicho no ie, voodoo, Buddhism (Japanese voodoo), spiritualism (voodoo on the French, of chic and intellectual busybodies ...)

Spam, spam and eggs, spam eggs sausage and spam, voodoo and spam, spam voodoo and sausage...

Alternatively, with props and apologies to my man Cole Porter:

"Let me live 'neath that spell,
Do do that voodoo that you do so well.
For you do something to me
that nobody else could do!
You do something to me,
something that simply mystifies me."

...i.e., be an absolute mental spaz.

Here everyone, have some Ella Fitzgerald to wash your brain of this.

5/6/2011 7:49:19 AM


"The concept of evolution was not born with Darwin, but the occult, spiritualism and voodooists diabolic cults existing in the East."

Not that you have the facts straight, but remember, the truth is the truth, regardless of the source.

5/6/2011 7:53:21 AM

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