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The world is changing at a rapid pace. If a target today goes to the doctor to complain of hearing voices, they are still automatically in most cases diagnosed as mentally unstable, but the reality is, if a psychiatrist or other health care professional is not upto date on the latest technology, or even aware of secret technologies, they run the risk of making a faulty dignosis, where someone might actually be telling the truth. The science fiction of yesterday, is science fact today.

Gangstalking, Gang Stalking World 22 Comments [5/10/2011 8:08:51 AM]
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Nope, you're still a nut.

5/10/2011 9:05:48 AM


There are no technologies that can make you hear voices. Just fuck off and die, please.

5/10/2011 9:06:29 AM


" or even aware of secret technologies".

No one is aware of these technologies, because they don't exist.

5/10/2011 10:37:32 AM


That's some nice rationalizing you've got going there, crackpot.

5/10/2011 10:46:26 AM

Brendan Rizzo

What are you talking about?

5/10/2011 10:51:09 AM

Raised by Horses

Hate to break it to ya, pal, but you're not a human radio, you're just nuts. You should go and have a lie down while your friends and relatives contact the nearest mental hospital.

5/10/2011 11:09:49 AM


Listen, i am quite familiar with a lot of secrety tech and i don't think we can do the whole "sending voices to other people's heads" without installing some hardware. And we don't do that to anyone who isn't a special agent or higher rank.

In short, the doctors aren't wrong. You are just blaming your own problem on other people.

5/10/2011 1:03:50 PM

Isn't it possible to induce schizoid behaviour? Obviously it would be with a drug of some sort and not the mind control frankenstein radio controls this kook is thinking of.

5/10/2011 1:05:27 PM

If they were aware of secret technologies, it would hardly be secret anymore, now would it?
Unless you think that those psychiatrist are in on whatever conspiracy you believe in - but in that case, why should they reveal anything? They would commit you anyway ;)

5/10/2011 1:44:34 PM

Balthazar The Wise

Guys, I think what he's saying is that he has an intelligence hotwire installed in him, and it is why he's solved all crime over the last 2000 years.

5/10/2011 2:23:42 PM

Doubting Thomas

I've often wondered why nutjobs think that the government is broadcasting mind control signals when it's never been shown that radio waves can be detected in any way by the human body. Even experiments designed to detect whether or not someone can receive radio stations on their tooth fillings were inconclusive. And even if there were some super secret mind control technology out there, why does every nutjob on the internet think they know about it?

Nope, if you're hearing voices in your head, you're probably schizophrenic.

5/10/2011 2:25:41 PM


Wow, how could one choose just one quote from this site? Spies, NSA, mind control, aliens, etc., etc. We've got us a trove.

5/10/2011 3:04:42 PM

Kat S.

I tell you what, Gangstalking. How about you just take the meds that the doctors perscribe you, and after a while, if you still hear voices as clear as you have always been after the doctors gave you the max dose possible, then I'll entertain the idea of governmental mind control?

After all, Haladol can't interfere with radio waves, right? C'mon what do ya say, Gangstalking? Will you give the meds a try if it's you hearing the voices by chance?

5/10/2011 7:44:29 PM


Okay first off I am studying to be a psychologist and none of what you just said is true. Clinical psychologists go through years of school to get a Phd so they know their shit. Some mental hospitals have sub-par practices...but on the whole most facilities have improved vastly since the founding of psychology.

Secondly you give off the impression of having absolutely no idea what you are talking about...kindly shut the fuck up.

5/10/2011 9:13:33 PM

Don't worry. You can always come back to the times where people hearing voices were burnt at the stake.........basically because there was no tech at all to explain it.

5/11/2011 11:22:48 AM

Nominate for not doing enough drugs award?

5/11/2011 1:53:39 PM


I think you need more tin foil around your head, Gangstalking. The radio waves are still getting through and they're making you say stupid shit.

5/11/2011 4:59:15 PM


But the bullshit of yesterday is still bullshit today.

5/12/2011 1:24:48 AM


Having had relatives with paranoid schizophrenia, I feel deeply sad for this person. I urge his family to take the necessary steps to help him, because I guarantee he won't help himself.

5/12/2011 10:05:45 AM


This is really sad. It is normal to for this guy to be in denial about his diagnosis. Facing the next several decades of his life where he will be taking horrible medications that kill his sex drive, make him fat, and make him feel horrible sucks.

5/12/2011 1:26:35 PM

Big Jilm

L. Mercer? Is that you? You running for President again?

Perhaps they removed that hotwire they installed in your brain?


@Balthazar The Wise

"Guys, I think what he's saying is that he has an intelligence hotwire installed in him, and it is why he's solved all crime over the last 2000 years."

Hahahahah you thought of it before I did!

5/17/2011 10:03:43 AM


I actually have a voice that comes from a mental disorder, fuck off and die for trivializing something horrible.

5/17/2011 8:39:08 PM

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