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I know our children are not ours, they are God's. He just lends them to us for a time but they are His to do with what He wants.

HugsFromJesus, RR 62 Comments [5/10/2011 8:10:38 AM]
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So why do you treat them like shit?

5/10/2011 8:12:10 AM

What a fuckis.

5/10/2011 8:22:15 AM


Remember kids, mommy gets "special hugs" from Jesus.

5/10/2011 8:24:29 AM

Pule Thamex

Yeah, that's true. Although God recently said that He's thinking of not lending us any more of His kids because we keep giving them back all battered and bruised and, in some cases, showing signs of malnutrition and sexual misuse. And that's just the physically damaged children. Too many of God's children have been mentally damaged as well. God's fed up having ghosts wandering about heaven who are violent savages or money obsessed greed-bags, or wild bigoted liars or snotty prudish prigs who want everybody to be as self-loathing as them or prissy over-sensitive Mummy's boys who want to drag everyone down with them to be straight-jacketed forever in their dank caverns of fear and despair.

Who can blame Him? If we can't look after His precious creations we don't deserve to be raptured.

5/10/2011 8:31:13 AM

Raised by Horses

Divine license to treat your kids like crap. You heard it here first, folks. You feelin' that Christian love yet?

5/10/2011 8:33:17 AM


And there I was thinking HugsFromJesus was one of the less screwed-up people on RR.

5/10/2011 8:36:27 AM


Unfortunately we have them over here too. My son was at school with two, a boy and a girl, absolute little monsters who'd had no discipline their entire lives, arrogant, disruptive, bullying brats who believed themselves special and superior to all their classmates. Their mother (who was proud of being one of nine children from a deeply religious family) refused to take any responsibility for their behaviour, saying it was god's business not hers.

Eventually they were taken out of school and (I believe) entered into a special school: normal teachers couldn't do a thing with them and they were ruining the classes for the other kids.

5/10/2011 8:40:54 AM


Hugs, if you really believe your children belong to your god, I hope you're not claiming them as dependents on your tax returns.

5/10/2011 8:47:18 AM


Sounds a bit creepy to me.

5/10/2011 9:13:22 AM


Well, HugsFerJebus, you were once someone's crotch-dropping yourself, as was anyone unlucky enough to aid your spawning, so that means you're just "on loan" too - but to whom? The whole thing smells like a pyramid scheme to me.

5/10/2011 9:30:03 AM


Well, since god doesn't actually exist then he's not gonna be doing anything with them. What scares me is if this person starts hearing god's voice in his/her head and that voice tells him/her to harm them.

5/10/2011 9:34:18 AM


...I think she meant to say, they're not her husbands... she's been getting special hugs from her minister!

5/10/2011 9:38:29 AM


So,that would make you god's child, so I'd blame him(if I thought he existed) for the apologetics idiot you turned out to be.

5/10/2011 9:45:40 AM


So if they grow up to be atheists, gays or even - Jeebus forbid - Democrats, that's because God didn't raise them right?

5/10/2011 9:48:31 AM


If my kids are actually God's when the fuck does he plan on paying his fair share of their upkeep and education? I haven't seen one dime from that deadbeat since they were born.
(For the sarcastically impaired, such as fundies, the above was a joke)
By the way, God sure has a lousy way of choosing parents. Why does he give kids to sexual or physical abusers, for instance?

5/10/2011 10:13:38 AM


Clearly, you should not have been permitted to have children.

5/10/2011 10:23:14 AM

Mister Spak

Does he send them to us so priests can diddle them?

5/10/2011 10:34:12 AM

Brendan Rizzo

You know that would apply to yourself too, right? If you just belong to God then God can do whatever he wants to you, according to your reasoning. If you try to use this as an excuse to abuse or kill your children, I will hunt you down and... <*The rest of this rambling was expunged. --Editor*>

5/10/2011 10:45:03 AM


Remember kids, when a family member sexually abuses a child, it was God's divine will that put the child in the situation in the first place, making God the ultimate child rape enabler.

5/10/2011 10:50:55 AM


As a mother I find your view offensive. So if you think God is guiding you to send them back to him would you do it? That means killing them. Would you? You guys are sick and twisted.

5/10/2011 11:17:55 AM

Mihangel apYrs

A couple of comments talk about "not remembering" unsaved children when in heaven, so they wouldn't be sad.

Merciful mother!! They're volunteering to be brainwashed to be happy (sort of sums them up).

Any god who would do that is unworthy of worship or love, even if omnipotent.

5/10/2011 11:21:51 AM


This ammounts to her saying that she doesn't own her children and can't expect to control their lives, that their relationship with God is between them and God, and not for her to fix...and this is the part that's fundie?

5/10/2011 11:33:20 AM

Old Viking

Where was God when the diapers needed changing?

5/10/2011 12:11:38 PM


From the looks of it, his QA is terrible.

5/10/2011 12:51:49 PM


The flipside of this bit of cuteness is that one of the things He does is hurls them into Hell.

5/10/2011 1:02:06 PM

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