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That’s really stupid, atheists believe that belief in God is man’s biggest problem, you know, all wars are fought in the name of God and what not; so an atheist would likely let the injured be and move onto another. I guarantee that if a voodoo practicing Haitian were injured and a Christian were helping him, he’d be very glad, and he would know that a Christin would not accede to the wish of invoking demons... while the atheist, in his ignorance, would accede and allow for demonic intervention. If the atheist wishes to know whether or not demons exist, stay and live among those who practice voodoo or other paganistc practices, and challenge them to a, shall we say, contest.

dps.inspect, Free Republic 75 Comments [5/11/2011 7:07:41 AM]
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Okay - what the hell have Freepers been drinking lately? A bad batch of bathtub gin?


Yeah, us atheists, always lettin' them damn demons wander around loose. (cue massive eye-roll)

5/11/2011 7:18:29 AM


It boggles the mind how many people in advanced nations believe in demons. I suppose the monster under their bed is real too...

5/11/2011 7:20:04 AM


"That’s really stupid, atheists believe that belief in God is man’s biggest problem"

Oh, you bet, that's why I don't give a shit about religion, just psychos like you that choose to make anyone that doesn't believe in your particular flavor of religion an enemy

5/11/2011 7:22:10 AM


What the hell is this guy talking about? As an athiest, I help people out of a sense of empathy, not because I think the invisible man in the sky will get a boner.

5/11/2011 7:23:45 AM


I can't make sense of this jibba-jabba.

Belief in God isn't the problem. Belief in God as free license to disregard the rights and opinions of others as invalid and generally be an insufferable asshole is the problem.

5/11/2011 7:24:24 AM

Myron T. Philpot

Passerby for the win!

5/11/2011 7:25:32 AM


In the words of the immortal Archie Bunker, when challenged about his views on gun violence, "Would it make you feel better if they was pushed outta windows?"

Humans would find a "reason" to fight without religion. It might be harder to find dupes to do the fighting for you though. So much for your knowing how "atheists" think. Belief in God is not perhaps the biggest problem, it's just a problem in that it's a socially engineered form of mental illness that exists for ulterior purposes. In some societies, past and present, it's mandatory, and that's coercion, and that's morally bankrupt. As for demons, most atheists don't believe in them, either. Ditto for leprechauns, goblins, dryads, satyrs, cherubs,.... The only invocation would be, "Out! Out you demons of stupidity!"

5/11/2011 7:31:20 AM


Passerby wins ALL the Internets!

I am *so* stealing that!

5/11/2011 7:31:24 AM

The Jamo


Right, because simply helping someone regardless of what they happen to believe in is obviously not an acceptable alternative.

And sure, if you want to have a demon contest then go ahead. Don't let us evil, heathen atheists stop you and your genius plan.

5/11/2011 7:34:54 AM


Are these people truly this insane???

5/11/2011 7:36:16 AM


"Atheists believe that belief in God is man’s biggest problem"

Nope. Not a single atheist I know believes that. Most of them only care at all when people start trying to 'shove it down their throats', as it were.

"That’s really stupid"

As a description of the post following the statement, it works really well. Nice work!

5/11/2011 7:38:16 AM


This is pretty much as coherent as freepers gets.

5/11/2011 7:54:11 AM


Wow! What a shall we say, moron!

5/11/2011 8:04:23 AM


Actually, it was my inability to conjure any demons that led me to become an atheist in the first place...

5/11/2011 8:07:57 AM

Brendan Rizzo

What? First of all, not all atheists believe that EVERY war is due to religion, or that religion is even a motivating factor in most wars. (I shouldn't have to mention both World Wars; religion had little to do with either.) What they are claiming is that, for instance, the Thirty Years' War or the Crusades would have never happened if there were no religions... and they are at least partially right there. (Then again, I have heard that the pointless destruction of the Thirty Years' War is what caused Europe to start to question religion and began the Enlightenment; if this is true then that changes things significantly.)

Was there a reason to point out the nationality of the voodoo practitioner? That comes off as a bit racist: there are a lot of voodoo practitioners in New Orleans, after all. It's not just in Haiti. But everything after the words "and a Christian were helping him" is practically word salad. Where is my ranch dressing? ... And besides, if any atheist actually did what you advise and challenged the voodoo practitioners to prove that the spirits which they invoke actually exist, the atheist would win. Atheists look down on voodoo and other forms of spiritualism (as in, invoking spirits. Spirituality is completely different and is something that atheists and skeptics have no problem with) just like Christians do. The difference is that they actually know what it is instead of immediately claiming it's demon worship. They oppose it because it is primitive and there is no evidence for any of its claims.

5/11/2011 8:18:30 AM


So,,,Atheist have more respect for others beliefs? Kinda knew that, we put up with Christian nonsense until it try to control us or the system.

You guys have more in common with Voodoo, you both believe in demons and possessions. You should understand them better as they carry similar bagage.

However,,,if you take Christian missionary works history into account we find you lot aren't helpful, one common missionary tactic is to take donated assistance (often from secular organizations) and refuse it to them unless they convert.

Aid workers and doctor organizations have removed or banned missionaries in many areas for this repeating tactic

5/11/2011 8:22:08 AM


Is 'paganistic' a real word?

And sorry, I do not believe that fundamentaist Christians would help any non fellow-fundamentalist.

As to wars not being religious, what's this with all the sabre rattling against Muslims that is emanating from the US in particular?

5/11/2011 8:29:01 AM


Please, I've partied with voodouns. They know how to dance and enjoy themselves.

5/11/2011 8:35:13 AM


But seriously, most Voodouns, Santerians and Pagans are generally just people who enjoy and affirm life. Orishas and Lawaa aren't demons.

5/11/2011 8:36:11 AM


Atheists already know whether or not demons exist.

5/11/2011 8:36:42 AM


so an atheist would likely let the injured be and move onto another

Tell that to the atheists currently serving in the military--although, if you do, I recommend that you do it from a distance.

I guarantee that if a voodoo practicing Haitian were injured and a Christian were helping him, he’d be very glad...

I agree. IF the Christian helped a Haitian, the Haitian would be blad for the help. What's your point?

Incidentally, have you helped any Haitians lately?

...he would know that a Christin would not accede to the wish of invoking demons...while the atheist, in his ignorance, would accede and allow for demonic intervention.

OK, I'm sorry, but you've completely lost me. What the hell are you talking about?

5/11/2011 8:38:23 AM

Raised by Horses

5/11/2011 8:42:18 AM


Plese provide evidence for your assertion that demons exist and often inhabit human bodies to cause harm in some way...

Wait, you don't have any?

Then everything you're saying is bullshit.

You lose your 'contest' of mythical beings before it has even begun.

5/11/2011 9:00:18 AM


Yo, 'dps.reject'! Atheists don't believe in Deities, Spirits, The Paranormal, Ghosts, Demons, Angels, Fae Folk, Magick or any of that you meatball head! STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDDUMMYDUMMYSTUPIDIDIOTDUMMYDUMMYSTUPIDIDIOTDUMMY


5/11/2011 9:05:40 AM


Yes, let's have a contest! I bet lithium will defeat your demons.

5/11/2011 9:07:38 AM

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