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It has been scientific proven that the molecular structure of water changes when it is prayed over. It’s structure becomes more organized and symmetric. Even if you don’t believe in the use of Holy Water the fact that the body is mostly water proves that prayer does have a positive effect on the body as well.

Marandia, Revelation Now 97 Comments [5/25/2011 3:15:27 AM]
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Oculus Invisibilis

As a chemical engineering student... May I borrow your quote for our happy hour gathering tomorrow, Marandia? The other students will laugh just as much as I did! It is a joke, right? You're not serious, are you?

5/25/2011 10:55:10 PM

Jack Bauer

A state of symmetry is absolute - either something is symmetrical, or it isn't. The water molecule is already symmetrical through two planes of symmetry - I suppose it could be technically be argued that the level of symmetry could be increased if there was a third plane, but, in order to create a third plane, more atoms would have to be added, in which case it would no longer be water.

There are 8 electrons in the outer orbit of the oxygen atom - as they mutually repel, this would lead to a tetrahedal distribution with an angle of 109.5° between them. Two of these pairs are involved with bonding with the two hygrogen atoms, leaving two electron pairs unbonded. The change in charge density caused by the bonding with the hydrogens disturbs the tetrahedral symmetry as compared to an unbonded oxygen atom and the angle between the hydrogen atoms is actually 104.5°.

Your claims of 'increased symmetry' is what we scientists refer to as 'complete bollocks'.

@ Brenda Rizzo: Well said, sir - but I know exactly how you feel!

5/26/2011 12:35:48 AM


True, but not because of God. Masaro Emoto's True Power of Water.

5/26/2011 1:52:48 AM


Scientifically proven where, exactly? Liberty University or whatever that two bedroomed house calls itself?

5/26/2011 2:38:24 AM


Snake oil, anyone?

5/26/2011 3:49:27 AM


@Brendan Rizzo
You're doing OK, don't regret any comments you make. I don't regret any of the comments I made on the Hrold Camping thread which were criticised. You should be able to say what you want to say if it is really your opinion.

Er, OK, now about the Caps Lock......

heh heh...

5/26/2011 4:20:35 AM


"It's been proven that bashing your head against a wall extends your life by one year per head bash."

I know I'll live a long life then, in fact I've extended my life by more than a decade within the last week!

5/26/2011 4:23:54 AM


"They were going to have to live with the knowledge that they had observed something unexplainable and uncontrollable. That’s what I enjoyed about the lecture most."

So basically you're into one-upmanship and you just want to see scientists stumped. Finding the truth is second to this.

5/26/2011 4:25:50 AM


You know what form of water is REALLY organized and symmetric?


5/26/2011 5:51:42 AM


Quantum prayer.

5/26/2011 7:23:05 AM



"104.5 degrees. Get that molecular structure to change by prayer and I'll be impressed"

In the manga "Ah! My Goddess", as part of her qualifying as a First Class Goddess*, Urd has to boil a glass of water without using fire (Urd's specialities are electrical and fire-based spiritual powers, along with her chemistry/alchemical-based arcane knowledge). She does so by lowering the surrounding air pressure - by manipulating air spirits, (which she knows very little about; those are Belldandy's specialities. But Urd gets the hang of it eventually). Via prayer-like incantations.

The more you know.

Now, Moronandia; once you get that 1st Class Goddess licence from Yggdrasil, you'll be able to do the same! >:D


A thought: the demon character in "A!MG" (and the sidekick of the Leader of Hell, Hild) is 'Mara', sometimes known as 'Marller'. Who'd have thunk it?!

*- However, once she does gain her First Class powers (including the ability to shatter whole planets), she refuses, and goes back to being a Second-Class Goddess (as she was previously): as the rank of 1st Class means that it's impossible for her to lie, and the demon side of her (she came to be as the result of God screwing the Leader of Hell, Hild) can't accept that.

5/26/2011 8:02:45 AM


Oh I get it. She is correct. When you pray over water, your breath pushes against the surface causing little, symmetrical waves. It is organized in the direction of your breath. Oh yes, praise jeebus.

5/26/2011 1:22:22 PM


But it already IS symmetrical. 2 Hydrogens surrounding 1 oxygen. How can it become MORE symmetrical.
I'm Jewish and I know that meat doesn't change its "molecular structure" when a rabbi blesses it and makes it kosher.

5/26/2011 2:03:21 PM


@NoriMori: Interesting. If this woman really ever worked for the federal government then I fear for humanity. What an idiot.

Sounds like she would fit right in in Congress. Maybe Marandia is a certain congresswoman from Minnesota in disguise?

5/26/2011 7:54:54 PM


It's been scientifically proven that you're an idiot.

5/26/2011 10:22:52 PM


So why haven't we replaced all of the hospitals with churches yet?

It has been scientifically proven that you make things up.

5/28/2011 4:47:17 AM

I wonder how the "scientist" reached that conclusion.

5/28/2011 11:28:15 AM


Emoto, I guess? He was an artist, not a scientist. He hand-picked the best results.

Now go take a class in statistical rigour, then we'll talk some more.

5/29/2011 4:04:36 PM


things you make up don't count as scientific proof


5/30/2011 4:05:15 PM


\\Even if you don’t believe in the use of Holy Water the fact that the body is mostly water proves that prayer does have a positive effect on the body as well.\\

What is this I don't even...

6/1/2011 11:16:12 AM


Too bad that doesn't work when you pray over lead.

6/1/2011 11:29:57 AM

Quantum Mechanic


4/13/2012 7:56:49 AM

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