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As for who observed Evolution? You do. You just choose to ignore it and/or you're incapable of understanding it. You decide.

No I don't, I have never ever seen a dog produce a cat or anything like that with my eyes, evolution seem to be dead immediately when they came up with the theory, is that not weird....suddenly we cannot see it happening anymore, but for millions and millions of years it was happening all over the place!

EAGLE, Interfaith Forums 55 Comments [5/26/2011 3:55:43 AM]
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I don't think "evolution" means what you think it does. >_>

6/1/2011 10:33:24 AM


Right. If you would kindly come over here, and contract a multiple-drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis, we can conduct a simple little experiment in evolution: We'll give you the exact same single-drug treatment that TB was initially treated with, at the advent of antibiotic treatment. Then we'll wait a little bit and see how long it takes for the modern pathogen to ignore a drug it has long since evolved resistance to, while horribly ravaging your body.


PS: Evolution. Not Pokemon. Idiot.

6/1/2011 3:38:06 PM


Evolution does not work that way! Goodnight!

7/3/2011 7:08:49 PM

As Ali G said: "Wha' if like, monkeys like, look at 'oo-mans & say "Let's evolutionise. I is well jealous of them oomans cos they is 'aving a laugh or whatevah so...let's do it. Let's.....do the evolution."

2/6/2012 8:18:10 AM

Professor von SCIENCE!

I've never seen a floating sky man rip a rib out of a dude's chest so by your logic your religion is bullshit.

6/25/2013 10:09:38 PM

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