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Atheists! if the bible is not true why are there Christians?

[Angry Noodle]
" Christians! If the Koran isn't true, then why are there Muslims?"

the KORAN is not true.

Matt, Y! answers 105 Comments [5/31/2011 3:05:34 AM]
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5/31/2011 3:14:15 AM

A Liberal Scumbag


5/31/2011 3:14:44 AM


Atheists! if the bible is not true why are there Christians? Because you touch yourself at night.

5/31/2011 3:29:53 AM

But then why are there Muslims?

5/31/2011 3:36:42 AM


Too dumb to recognise it's own reflection

5/31/2011 3:39:14 AM

From the frozen north, Death cometh

Conservatives! If Das Kapital isn't true why are there still Marxists?

5/31/2011 3:43:33 AM

Mr Blur

Neither is true; there are christians and muslims because there is no limit to the amount of deluded nonsense that people will believe.

5/31/2011 3:43:34 AM


And somehow, in Matt's mind, this makes perfect logical sense.

5/31/2011 3:48:48 AM


Matt: If aardvarks aren't true, then why are there hammers?

5/31/2011 3:55:25 AM


Isn't there a test for the intelligence of animals wherein they're observed to see if the recognise their own reflection? Only a couple of species pass I believe.

Apparently this strand of humanity isn't one of them.

5/31/2011 4:17:15 AM

Raised by Horses

Oh... of COURSE. It all makes sense now.

Let's try that again. The Koran is wrong and the Bible is right because...?

5/31/2011 4:50:53 AM

Mister Spak

Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

5/31/2011 4:58:40 AM


That's a level of stupid I'm hard pressed to mock without pangs of guilt.

5/31/2011 5:07:16 AM



5/31/2011 5:10:52 AM


It's just so stupid. My brain is on fire from this amount of stupid. How can someone make such an argument and not understand how stupid it is.

5/31/2011 5:16:23 AM


ts ts, you guys shouldn't mock a guy with mental disorder.

This is just mean >:(

5/31/2011 5:27:15 AM


My brain done gone asploded, and is leaking out my ears.

pretty lights...

5/31/2011 5:30:10 AM

Doctor Fishcake

If A is true, then B is true.

A is true.

A is not true.

5/31/2011 5:52:07 AM

Doubting Thomas

So then... there are no Muslims in the world? The point flew so far over Matt's head, he'll need a deep space probe to find it.

5/31/2011 5:59:49 AM


what the hell is this???? and isn't it Qua'ran?

5/31/2011 6:03:00 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

Matt is funditard and so he posts his stupidity. No surprise there.

The surprising thing is, the responses on Y!answers are almost all rational and humorist responses akin to FSTDT comments, not just more fundified reinforcement like you often find at Yahoo-sponsored sites.

5/31/2011 6:03:00 AM


Another troll resorting to stupidity with nothing to back it up.

5/31/2011 6:15:16 AM


And there goes the point. Right over Matt's head.

5/31/2011 6:21:20 AM

gay deist

hahaha love that most of the answers lambasted this guy. Christians, agnostics, and atheists alike!

5/31/2011 6:25:49 AM

Argle Bargle

Fundie tries to use Y!A as a personal pulpit, fails hillariously.

5/31/2011 6:33:33 AM

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