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[On why young girls should dress modestly]

For example,
I knew of a man, his wife recently died. He had never touched anyone but his wife, sexually. Never ever thought of a child. But there was a neighbor who allowed her little girls to hang around the man. They wore tank tops and shorts. The old man asked if the girls could clean for him. He offered to pay them. They came over once or twice a week. Within a month into this, he started 'touching' them.
..Fortunately, the girls told their mother very soon and it didn't go any further, but the old man had never done it before, nor did he ever do it again.

The man became tempted by them, their vulnerability, their skin.

Rhomphaia (Sword) , queenqueequeg 91 Comments [6/1/2011 4:05:59 AM]
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Creedence Leonore Gielgud

The it-was-their-fault-but-I-promise-never-to-molest-children-again defense may have worked in the 50s, but that shit don't fly any longer.

6/1/2011 4:13:56 AM

Jubba the Mad

I bet you got a stiffy writing that, especially the last line. This is one of those "I have this friend who..." stories isin't it?

6/1/2011 4:23:33 AM

I agree that I don't want to see little kids in low-rise jeans, string bikinis, and high-heeled shoes because they should dress like children and not tiny adults, but you're victim blaming. You're victim blaming little kids. They were probably wearing shorts because it was hot outside. If this guy got aroused by little girl legs, he needs help. Hell, it wouldn't even be excusable if he'd groped an adult house cleaner who was wearing shorts.

The people to blame are the man perfectly capable of controlling himself and the mother for letting her children spend time alone with a stranger. It is not the shorts' fault, nor the girls'.

6/1/2011 4:31:44 AM


I suggest the same approach as in some Arab countries: confiscate the tools of crime.

6/1/2011 4:31:58 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Those filthy harlots!

We should stone the strumpets to death. That'll learn 'em.

6/1/2011 4:38:36 AM


Sorry, I just listened to Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame yesterday, and this dude reminds me of Frollo's fucked up "Esmeralda makes me horny, therefore she's a witch and must die"-logic.

6/1/2011 4:39:07 AM

arctic knight

It's the old pervert's fault, not the girls'fault (if your story is even true, how do you know what he was thinking his whole life?) Blaming the girls just shows what an @$$ hole you are.

6/1/2011 4:42:02 AM


You are that man, aren't you?

6/1/2011 5:03:40 AM

Mister Spak

At least he's not talking about the lithe young bodies in the military shower.

6/1/2011 5:05:11 AM


Everybody do the victim-blame!

6/1/2011 5:41:30 AM


I call bullshit on the dirty old man never showing an interest in children before.

6/1/2011 5:43:23 AM


Somehow I don't think it was the way they were dressed...

6/1/2011 5:46:58 AM


Let's assume, for the sake of argument that this story is 100% true (dubious, I know, but humor me).

Can't this anecdote be regarded as an example of why having only one sexual partner in life is a bad thing? Sowing your oats does help you relate better to otters and helps define in no uncertain terms what turns you on and what doesn't. Therefore, if this guy had had more experience, maybe -- just maybe -- he might not have felt "tempted" by the girls' dress.

6/1/2011 5:49:59 AM

D Laurier

Making excuses for paedophiles...
VERY disgusting.

6/1/2011 5:54:21 AM

Doubting Thomas

Oh sure, blame the victims. Funny how most people can see young girls wearing tank tops and not be tempted to molest them, but if one dirty old pedo wants to touch them, then it's the girls' fault for showing too much skin.

6/1/2011 6:02:55 AM


Its a better story if you begin...

Dear Penthouse,

6/1/2011 6:10:31 AM


How dare you blame child victims!?!?! You ignorant fucking bastard! I don't care if they were naked, he was at fault, not the kids.
Children are not mentally mature enough to cope with sexual touching or anything of the like. You sicken me, and so does the idiotic notion of "blame the victim" mentality. You sir, are a douche.

6/1/2011 6:15:27 AM


While I agree that little girls are being pushed towards dressing to attract too early this is hardly a good argument to be making. Victim blaming gets nowhere.

6/1/2011 6:27:01 AM


It doesn't matter what the hell the victims wears, EVER. If a woman walks around naked it does not mean it is okay for someone to rape her, it does not give that rapist a valid excuse as to why he/she did what he/she did.

Showing skin is not a sexual thing, not all of us have to have sex the instant we get horny, we can restrain our urges if we have them. We don't all need a big sky fairy and women covered head to toe so that we don't go around raping people.

6/1/2011 6:27:30 AM


Burkas for everyone!

6/1/2011 6:37:41 AM


Yes, little girls should not dress sexually, but that does not excuse molestation. It shouldn't even cause you to feel sexually aroused at all!

Oh, and based on this guy's description of "shorts and tank tops", they probably weren't even dressed sexually at all! They probably wore clothes suitable for a hot summer day.

So children are molested because they don't want to overheat? Seriously?!? THAT'S your excuse?!?

EDIT: "Their VULNERABILITY?" That makes you sound just plain sadistic!

6/1/2011 6:40:31 AM

Zeus Almighty

Right on! How dare those girls appear in public without a burqa?

6/1/2011 6:41:36 AM


I'm sure it happened lots of times before, and after as well. It had nothing to do with what they were wearing, just that they were there. Blaming the victim is also how so many priests got away with what they did for as long as they did: "Because a sweet old man (pr priest) would never hurt anybody."

6/1/2011 6:53:36 AM

Raised by Horses

Where's that "'a lack of consent' sign" picture when you need it?

Anyway, STFU, DIAF and GTFO. What you've just said is really fucking low, and you fucking know it.

6/1/2011 7:22:40 AM



Yet, 99.99% of we men aren't. Least of all, we Atheists.. Why is this, Rhomphaia?

1- We're not paedophiles. Me, a woman in her late 20s - preferably 30s-40s (MILF) I find very attractive. Below that, I'm not Gary Glitter.

2- A concept that should be in the psychological makeup of all men who dare call themselves normal, decent, civilised humans: Self-control.

Apologetics for paedophilia much, Rhomphaia?

'Ye shall know them by their fruits'. And we know you fundies only too well:




6/1/2011 7:22:52 AM

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