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[On James Rosemond running from the authorities]

Is it common practice for the authorities to just let criminals promise to do the right thing or is that just reserved for 'certain' people, lately? Rosemond is no fool as far as not turning himself in. He's probably hoping that Obama's justice dept. will influence the DEA to leave him alone. I'll wager that he's already written Obama a letter, asking for leniency since he's black and 'down with the struggle'.

TruthBearer, The Smoking Gun 7 Comments [6/7/2011 3:25:42 AM]
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What do you mean? How could the authorities prevent him from promising "to do the right thing"? I suppose what you mean is that the authorities are sitting back and expecting him to turn himself in. Well the article you're commenting on specifically states that the authorities are actively looking for him, despite whatever promises Rosemond may have posted on the internet. Wild speculation only makes you look stupid. And I'm guessing you'll lose that wager.

6/7/2011 3:57:46 AM

Raised by Horses

*cough* Scooter Libby *cough*

6/7/2011 5:12:00 AM


And here we have yet another imbecile who thinks that being black somehow equals instant leniency. You could not be wronger if you tried.

6/7/2011 5:24:14 AM

Doubting Thomas

Then why don't all the black prison inmates across the country ask for leniency from Obama, since they're just "down with the struggle?"

6/7/2011 7:57:07 AM

Authorities are looking for him. Your point?

6/7/2011 8:04:32 AM


Is the only reason you're now questioning the long standing tradition of letting people who are rich and able to hook you up with cocaine by the kilo make their own rules because the guy who did it this time is black?

Besides, if I'm reading this right he's basically plea bargaining before even entering court, he wasn't offered anything and is still hiding from the law. Which is actually a significant step down for most of the rich and famous, who flip off the cops and call their lawyers to arrange some rehab publicity stunt instead of doing hard time or even going before a judge.

6/7/2011 10:13:30 AM


He's not going to go easy on a brother just cos he's from the hood too. That's why he's a president, as opposed to a pimp.

6/9/2011 3:48:24 AM

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