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This is a hoot..... :o Christians afraid of the truth???? You are kidding right....

Its evolutionists who are screaming when someone dares to mention that evolution is not a proven fact, and don't want there monopoply on public education challenged.

I think its evolutionists who are afraid of facing the facts, not christians/creationists.

92g, Evolution Fairytale Forum 13 Comments [10/24/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Funny, I hear an awful lot of screaming from fundies anytime someone dares question the existence of God or mention that the evidence is completely against a young earth ...

10/25/2005 1:43:05 PM


Monopoly on public ed? When was the last time this person was in a public school? They are not 6 hour long evolution training camps. Ugh.

10/25/2005 4:07:36 PM

Darth Wang

It's not a proven fact. No scientific theory is. What they don't understand is that it is the best explanation for the facts and has overwhelming evidence.

10/25/2005 4:21:18 PM


I own Park Place and Boardwalk, what do YOU own? Pay up!

10/27/2005 1:14:08 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Lie much?

2/24/2012 5:22:57 AM


Did you skip public education, or what?

No, I'm kidding left.
Whose evolutionists?
Scientific theory is layman's fact.
there =/= their

Ask Mr Behe how well it went for him when he challenged evolution's monopoly in schools.
He was laughed out of court. The judge was Christian, btw.

2/24/2012 6:53:03 AM


As creationists have repeatedly demonstrated that they have painfully few facts to share, your statement is invalid.

2/24/2012 9:01:22 AM

Philbert McAdamia

How dare you, sir, challenging my monopoply. How dare you!

2/24/2012 9:17:45 AM


"Its evolutionists who are screaming when someone dares to mention that evolution is not a proven fact, and don't want there monopoply on public education challenged."

I'm afraid that a certain Christian Conservative says otherwise.

And that is why - just two months later from your post 92iq - it's not we Evolutionists who are screaming. We Atheists know that it's Creationists who are afraid of facing reality, never mind the facts.

'Screaming'? Us? Au contraire, 92iq. Since late 2005, you & your ilk have been, and always will be screaming due to...:

And if you think about it, it's all your fault, Creationists. After all, who was it who voted in the White House - twice - the president who personally appointed to the Federal bench in 2002 the very Christian Conservative judge John E. Jones III, who would decide against your Creationist cause, thus annihilating your own educational agenda? Not we Atheists.

Scream more, 92iq. Your cries of despair are exquisite music to we Evolutionists. We Atheists have won. Taste the FAIL, fundies, it's the flavour of crow, followed by Humble Pie you'll be eating in perpetuity. >:D

2/24/2012 9:52:32 AM


Ya got facts now?

Cause as Anon pointed out: you could provide NONE at the Dover case. Because you have NONE. I suspect since then you have NONE times two, which is NONE, for you times table and fact impaired.

2/28/2012 10:42:11 AM

Quantum Mechanic

What the fuck is an 'evolutionist' anyway?
A strawman for biology failures?


10/20/2012 10:30:24 AM


If Christians fundies aren't afraid of the truth, then why do you sweep all evidence of evolution under the carpet?

12/2/2012 10:42:55 PM

Crimson Lizard


7/18/2013 10:20:35 AM

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