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the many varieties of skulls which have been portrayed as "evolutions" toward Human are able to be found on the shoulders of living humans now "walking the streets" of Earth. They are more common in third world countries where bone altering disease is more common.

The supposed Neandrathal children were long ago dismissed for reasons similar to my "walking the streets" statement, they were not Neandrathal, just sick. If I correctly recall the most common cause was Elephantitus. I am sure I spelled that wrong but Word did not know it either.

lwj2op2, Evolution Fairytale Forum 10 Comments [10/25/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Elephantiasis, perhaps?

10/25/2005 11:51:13 PM

Darth Wang

Elephantitis does not cause such changes in skeletal morphology.

10/26/2005 2:02:21 AM

Kimball Khan

According to Dictionary.com
>Main Entry: elephantitis
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: an infectious tropical disease that is a form of filaiasis caused by parasitic worms which are transmitted by mosquitoes and which causes swelling in the genitals or thighs<

Elephantitis isn't a bone disease. Perhaps lwj2op2 should ask his god to bestow better memory upon him, or perhaps the ability to do a half a second of research.

10/26/2005 3:40:05 AM


And only sick people make fossils. Good call.

2/4/2007 8:58:14 AM

Quantum Mechanic

You can't even spell neanderthal, dimwit.

1/24/2011 11:05:46 PM


It's not just the skulls, it's the whole bodies that were different from Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Btw, it's Neanderthal, and there were both adults and children. They are not our ancestors, but our cousins, and they died out some 25-30 thousand years ago.

1/25/2011 12:11:26 AM


Enough DNA has been pulled from Neanderthals specimins to determine they have a different pair-count of chromozones. Not Homo-Sapien.

I once saw a science documentary that was made before this discovery (can't for the life of me remember who the host was)as the commentator spoke of how we may have killed them or breed into them (common hypothisi a decade ago)the camera panned past a subway car nearly filled up. Passing all these human faces till it came to a heavy-browed lantern-jawed man. Humans can look like that and it's not disease related. We also have very elfin looking people, and why not, we're diverse

It just bugs the hell outta you jerks to accept the reality that there was a large, social humanoid besides humans.

1/25/2011 10:42:41 AM


"I am sure I spelled that wrong but Word did not know it either."

Yousee, yousee! Your Word(TM) is just horseshit, which knows nothing about anything. Just myths and fairytailes you guys try to implement to modern day. And doing a poor job at that, too.

Now, go to the ER, and get that bullet removed from your foot.

Edit: come to think of it, maybe he meant M$ Word (poor paperclip)? Well, anyhow, i stand by my earlier statement. I've obviously been here too long, since any fundie word beginning with a capital letter resembling any word that could be associated with a book, refers in my head to their stupid Holey Babble.

1/25/2011 11:37:54 AM

Dr. Shrinker

So Elephantitis caused the Neanderthals (all of them) to have beetle-brows?

Okay, to be fair, the first complete Neanderthal skeleton was found to have a sharply curved back and bowed legs. This resulted in a model suggesting that all Neanderthals walked hunched over on bandy legs. Later skeletons, however, showed that Neanderthals actually walked upright with straight backs. The unfortunate man who owned that first skeleton had been deformed by rickets.

Of course, rickets don't cause beetle-brows either.

1/25/2011 1:52:25 PM

Quantum Mechanic



Watch it, I'm 2.2% Neanderthal and I can spell.
(Got my DNA analysis back, 2.2% Denisovian, too.)

5/1/2013 2:38:53 AM

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