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You’re just not getting this concept. The earth was formed less than 6,000 years ago and everything on it is younger than that. If it dates older, there’s something wrong with your method, your sample, or your technique.

unred typo, 123 Christian Forums 22 Comments [10/26/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Another example of studying something with an immovable premise that is not scientifically supported.

10/26/2005 9:03:19 PM


someone just put this guy to bed. He's obviously stayed up way past his bedtime.

10/26/2005 9:40:53 PM


Never considered the possibility that it might be your belief, and not the mountains (literal and figurative) of evidence, that is wrong, eh?

10/26/2005 9:48:34 PM

Jesse Custer

First thing wrong with the sample being that it actually IS more than 6000 years old.

TDR - I don't think it's so much that someone needs to PUT this guy to bed, I think it's more that someone needs to TAKE him to bed. He's obviously not getting laid enough.

10/27/2005 1:03:43 AM

Darth Wang

No, YOU'RE not getting the concept. Science works by taking observations and forming a theory from them, not taking a predetermined conclusion and slectively picking and choosing evidence that supports it, ignoring all contradictive evidence.

10/27/2005 2:14:40 AM


Guess this means scientists have been miscounting insect legs as well? They obviously have been using the wrong method (counting).

10/27/2005 1:20:34 PM


Jesse - are you going to volunteer?

10/27/2005 9:59:23 PM


And people want this shite taught in the classroom. *bangs head on desk*

10/28/2005 10:24:57 AM

Darth Wang

Sorry, that should be 'contradictory'. My mistake

10/28/2005 5:29:46 PM



just lolz

1/24/2011 4:02:40 PM


Don't drop your head with this problem of yours, it'll make a huge crack on the floor, or even a massive hole in the Earth's crust.

1/24/2011 4:08:29 PM

Quantum Mechanic


7/22/2012 8:37:32 PM

the good Fairy gwen, made the earth last wednesday. She promotes Last Thursdayism to conceal the true nature of the Universe.

prove me wrong.

7/22/2012 9:00:00 PM

rubber chicken

Which is more likely ?

That ALL methods, samples or techniques are wrong.
That you are.

7/23/2012 8:39:13 AM


To paraphrase Sam Harris, 6000 years ago is about 3000 years after the Sumerians invented glue.

7/23/2012 9:09:17 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Another massive physics FAIL.

11/27/2013 1:28:07 PM

Dr. Shrinker

Oh I get the concept of a young earth just fine. Its the understanding of how anyone can be so stupid as to think it valid in the face of all the contradictory evidence that puzzles me.

11/27/2013 1:56:39 PM


YOUR method, your sample, or your technique:

The made up numbers (unBiblical, adding to Scripture)of a Catholic Bishop over a hundred years ago. Totally dismissed as invalid by the Catholic church years ago, before they even apologized to long dead Galileo.

As opposed to the cumulative consensus of thousands over more than 1000 years of study and EVIDENCE.

11/28/2013 7:07:13 AM


I'd say there is something wrong with your brain, but I see no evidence that such an organ even exists.

11/30/2013 1:31:59 AM

Were you there?

11/30/2013 2:07:06 AM


If it dates older, there’s something wrong with your method, your sample, or your technique.

Yes, there's something very wrong with the sample--it's far, far older than you think it is.
Just remember--everyone is out of step but you.

11/30/2013 3:54:05 AM

"If it dates older, there’s something wrong with your method, your sample, or your technique."

And they say atheists are closed-minded?

"Don't bother me with facts, my mind is made up!"

11/30/2013 5:33:31 AM

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