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['If you would not give gays the right to a marriage then would you settle for a civil union']

I don't make compromises with the enemy.

I make no compromises with evil.

new_creation, 123 Christian Forums 12 Comments [10/29/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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10/29/2005 3:18:07 PM

Darth Wang

There's more of that Christian Love (tm) for you.

10/29/2005 6:30:10 PM


wow is right. He makes it sound like \"Gay Marriage\" should be a movie starring the Rock.

10/29/2005 8:47:51 PM


Fine. Don't marry a dude. Easy enough.

10/29/2005 11:19:14 PM


I can't decide what this post deserves, but it needs some sort of award.

10/30/2005 3:28:47 AM

Yes, they hate the sinner, not so much the sin.

1/1/2010 5:41:56 PM


You wouldn't know what evil was if it condemned you to an eternal fire pit for not fully worshipping it.

3/18/2011 3:14:23 PM


We've had civil unions, now we have gender-neutral marriage laws.
My marriage has been just as strong and wholesome "irregardless".

I don't make compromises with evil either. Dictators, murderers, liars, thieves, cheating husbands and wives, etc - keep away!

3/18/2011 3:23:49 PM


We are aware there is no compromise with you. Unfortunately, this means that your petulance, your failure to live and let live, means that sooner or later, we -will- have to drag you kicking and screaming out of our way. No compromise, no negotiation? You said it yourself. The deadlock that we are breaking, is squarely of your own initiation. I would much rather leave you to your beliefs in the peace of your own home, but you insist on trying to apply your beliefs to my home. Unacceptable, untenable, and time is against you. I and millions of others you oppress -will- break free.

3/18/2011 3:36:44 PM



-Karate Kid

7/4/2011 10:34:21 AM

Liberal Christian

You don't have any idea of what evil truly is.

7/4/2011 11:10:52 AM


But... YOU'RE on the evil side. Why don't they see that the side that is against letting 2 loving people marry HAS to be evil?

12/17/2011 12:46:17 AM

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