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Ragnarok comes in three years..

We prepare the way for the Hooded Man and Heimdall, reject the 'hobbyist' Odinist/Asatru groups who want to 'dress up' as Vikings. Unless you can stand with honour with our Gods and the 14 Words go away and find another 'hobby'...

There are brave Odinist/Wodenist groups in the USA, Germany, Scandinavia and the UK that represent our Gods in the 'right' way... I have made friends in Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Baltic States, USA, Scandinavia, never turn your back on the Gods and no more 'tolerance'... We do what we think is right, never back down infront of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Wiccans, Druids - they are SCUM...

Ailric, The Heathen Wolves 81 Comments [6/28/2011 5:20:00 AM]
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Okay. Well...apocalyptic variety is nice.

6/28/2011 5:57:49 PM


As a Heathen, I again ask that you not think these racist nutjobs represent us all. I personally feel that if someone is called to follow the gods and can stand with honor before them, that's all that needs to be.

If you want to go quote mining for RSTDT amongst a less frothing type of this shit, you can visit the Skadi forums.

6/28/2011 6:25:50 PM


Also I think it's funny that the last part of the post was left off this quote - " Though never call me a racist because I support all Heathen/Pagan faiths... Red Indians, Maoris, Mayen, Inca, Aztec, Shintu, Aboriginal Australian, Hindu, Sikh.....

Canada is to my mind either 'French' or 'English', though the 'English' side is now frowned upon as imperialism. It dosen't matter French or English you are our Vinland cousins and we have the same problems in the modern world - stand together and stand strong...."

Not that it makes it any less Fundie.

6/28/2011 6:30:05 PM

Raised by Horses


I'm Scandinavian myself. Guess my spelling is different from yours. :P Never heard of it being spelled "asatroo", though.

Anyway, I get the feeling that this whole thing is a parody. It just resembles the usual Christian Rapture wharrgarbl too much to be serious. (And may Odin help the OP if it isn't.)

6/28/2011 6:31:33 PM


Oooo, a pagan fundie. This is new. O.O

6/28/2011 8:00:20 PM

Percy Q. Shunn


6/28/2011 8:09:29 PM


Ragnarok comes in three years..



6/28/2011 8:50:57 PM


Refreshing, but just a different take on batsh*t insanity.

6/28/2011 10:04:26 PM

This person is does not represent all Heathens/Asatru. STFU. It's because of these nutters that the rest of us get a bad name and that things like Heathens against Hate have to exist...

6/28/2011 11:37:20 PM



I'm a Norse pagan. I'm completely embarrassed by these assholes.

6/29/2011 1:31:24 AM

The Jamo

"We prepare the way for the Hooded Man..."

You mean Robin Hood?

6/29/2011 2:06:12 AM

This is from 2009, so the "three years" is clearly a reference to 2012. Mayan-influenced Odinism, odd.

6/29/2011 2:10:25 AM

Why do I have the sensation that they will join Camping in confronting the future "scum" crowd in their lynch?

6/29/2011 2:48:32 AM


Well, Odin did promise an end to all Ice Giants...

6/29/2011 3:54:14 AM


Pagan fundie, yay!!

What a refreshing change of pace.

6/29/2011 4:02:25 AM


When the Fenris Wolf devours the sun, I will take up arms...and then I will march with anyone who's willing to stand with me against you and those like you, you who worship at the altar of oppression and apartheid.

You worship the failed dreams and genocidal lunacy of a diseased, syphilitic madman who died a coward's death in a hole in the ground. Feel free to follow your leader.

6/29/2011 5:06:51 AM


@Katherine Lorraine


(Psst... Kuga Natsuki is trying to hitch a ride with a passing car in that picture, dunno what it has to do with Fail, unless it's talking about the massive Fail afterwards)"

Good point, but it's something I found on an image board that - with her 'thumbs down' - in this pic macro, is highly appropriate on these sorts of occasions. X3

The 'HiME' in this series ("Mai-HiME") as well as the spinoffs by Sunrise (creators of "Gundam"): "My Otome", and my particular favourite, "My Otome O~Sif.r", with the nanotech-based superpowers of these warrior maidens, are so reminiscent of (and mayhaps based on) the Valkyrie (not forgetting Lind, leader of such in "Ah! My Goddess").

I always liked the 'transformation sequence'-esque 'Materialisations' of said Otome, with the way a 'ghost'-image of themselves would appear, merge with them, then their 'Robe' would come into being (Juliet Nao Zhang's is the hottest! :9 ). Rena Sayers is the most awesome of the lot, though. She could take on (and beat) Superman, Goku and The Flash - all at the same time. >:D If you saw her in the 1st episide of the three-part OVA (to say nothing of episode 3):

Not for nothing is she referred to as 'The Monster of Garderobe'.


6/29/2011 7:45:18 AM


Everyone is scum. So what of it?

6/29/2011 8:05:31 AM

Welp, we ought to call surt. We'll miss hell of a barbeque that way.

Then again, our culture hails from pre-pagan god knows how fucking old culture prior to even recorded history busy getting drunk and getting prepared by selling tied knots to pirates and threatening them with buttstorms.

6/29/2011 8:36:16 AM


Dude. Seriously?

@moose: I hate Ah My Goddess. But what about the Thor comics? They combined a weird amount of doing research with completely not caring.

I've always thought the fact that Marvel's Thor has always been blond was one of those really funny glaring details, since Thor's red-headedness is extremely highly attested, and he's traditionally called things like 'red-bearded thunder.'

6/29/2011 10:17:49 AM


Basically, this is to Paganism what Christian Identity is to Christianity. White Supremacy with a religious twist...only this one has an Odinist mask.

6/29/2011 6:32:26 PM

Martha Jones

As a person of Swedish descent and a Polytheist, I wholeheartedly apologize for this idiocy.

But I must admit, Ragnarok is freaking AWESOME. Talk about a blow out!

6/29/2011 11:12:00 PM


Great. Fundie Odin worshippers. Shit.

6/29/2011 11:16:04 PM


Now that's an interesting change of pace. A pseudo-Nordic fundie.

6/30/2011 1:30:02 AM


I seem to remember reading somewhere that Asatru has the highest turnover of any religion, accurate or not, this rant gives you an idea why they don't stick around. I flirted with it briefly in my teens and racist fundies like this seriously make up a huge portion of the community.....

6/30/2011 7:31:17 AM

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