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I don't know. I think that these may be a real deal here. Some cows are also found in trees, dumped over fences, too. There's often an impact that is left by the cow, as if it fell from a distance and then hit the ground. The cuts are usually from a surgical instrument. The bones on the animals are usually fractured as if it was dropped. Other cattle avoid the area of the mutilation, but I thought cows were curious? I may be wrong. There's no sign of scavenging, there are strange marks or holes in the ground near the carcass. I don't know. I don't think it's an animal, because the blood is drained (unless an animal can do that).

When I lived in Colorado, we had shitloads of reports and all, they were all over local news. Another thing that occurred to me is this: most (if not all) reports are in the West. This is probably because of the Dulce Facility in New Mexico, which is a whole different thread. Animal or non-animal, its all fucked up. I can't think of anything.

Better then doing human mutilations...

Zach, Alien-UFOs 24 Comments [7/2/2011 5:24:59 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

Are you idiots still going on and on about cattle mutilations? There was a study done back in the 70's, I believe, which showed that the cattle died from natural causes and the holes in the carcasses made from scavengers.

7/2/2011 6:00:33 AM


I'd really like to see these cattle dumped in trees.

7/2/2011 6:14:01 AM

Cows in the trees?, maybe they were doing some gymnastics............(sarcasm)

7/2/2011 8:33:33 AM


"Alien" is just a modern word for what the Bible describes as a demon or a fallen angel. Don't trust these "sightings" - they are deceptive and evil. Demons have been cross-breeding, conducting genetic experiments, etc., since the Book of Genesis. This is nothing new.

7/2/2011 9:55:06 AM

@ His4Life:
That's what Cthulhu WANTS you to believe. He wrote the book of Genesis (with a little help from the Chupacabra) and he put in the part about demons to throw you off his trail.

7/2/2011 10:47:27 AM



Why would a demon need to do genetic experiments? As supernatural beings they could conceivably get the information they desired using magic or whatever it is you people call it these days.

7/2/2011 2:11:24 PM


Eh, just another nutter who jumps to insane conclusions faster than i can type.

7/2/2011 2:51:19 PM


When you look at "Zach's" delusions, His4Life, you're looking in a mirror. You're just as loopy as he is. Demons are just as imaginary as little green men.

7/2/2011 3:25:51 PM

Raised by Horses


Were you there?

7/2/2011 4:04:08 PM

Percy Q. Shunn



7/2/2011 8:43:58 PM


Someone just got way too excited over the secret cow level.

7/3/2011 1:39:04 AM


I think you have a point, but not the one you intended to make. People did talk of demons and angels long ago. Such things come up in many cultures through art and storytelling. Stories of alien visitation, mutilation and abduction from recent times are reminiscent of some tales of devilish attacks. You conclude that demons are moving with the times. I would suggest that absent any physical evidence of either aliens or demons, that throughout humanity's existence we have been prone to the same delusion.

7/3/2011 2:47:39 AM


So... aliens travelled for millions of lightyears so they could spend the next 60 years mutilating our cows?
I mean...why?

7/3/2011 4:07:52 AM

Raised by Horses

Spot the imposter:

7/3/2011 4:31:44 AM


Animal mutilation or murder is one of the symptoms of a serial killer beginning to "ply his trade". I don't think that worrying about aliens doing it is nearly as responsible as searching for a human that did it. As for the cows in trees, I really need a picture or a link before I would actually even begin rationally approaching that part of this post. Even then, I would have to lower my I.Q. to enjoy your type of delusion.

7/3/2011 6:20:50 AM


Seriously, His4Life? Seriously?

The way fundies try to shoehorn everything into their religion is both hilarious and pathetic.

I have the perfect song for people who do this.

7/3/2011 6:38:55 AM

J. James

This has been going on for a while. No, not the cattle "mutilations," that's just decomposition gases and maggots. I'm talking about alien sightings. As Anonymous mentioned, sightings of <insert scary thing of the era here> have plagued man since we were Homo Habilis.

It started with the spirits and the Succubi and Incubi. As Christianity spread, it was either angels, the Holy Spirit, or demons up to and including Satan.

Then in modern times that shit got kicked up to eleven. For a while it was airships of the industrial revolution, captained by mysterious Nemo-esque scientists. These airships hit the fan in the late 1800s after a series of sightings over the states, mostly induced by panic and publicity stunts.

Then it was the Zeppelins. Oh, Jesus, was it the Zeppelins. Sightings of these fast, sinister, deadly high-altitude craft poured in before WW1, and they have even been blamed for the Nova Scotia explosion of 1908. The Zeppelins were a special kind of scary because not only did they actually exist but they had the range to be anywhere. But the sightings-and even abductions(abducted. By a Zeppelin. Lol) were all false. Then, in WW1, during the first Blitz of London, people lost the mystery connected to the Zeppelin. Next step? Aliens, of course!

Outer space beings had captured the public consciousness and so people naturally began to believe in them. Now it's gotten even nuttier since Icke, what with transdimentional reptilians and atlanteans and the hollow Earth and moon bases and the Illuminati and all that other horseshit. I believe that within the next decade the new little green men are going to be so eye-crossingly bugfuck insane that it'll just implode from sheer stupidity.

7/3/2011 7:51:39 PM


Look, Zach, all these stuff about cows in trees and such may be because the dish ran away with the spoon.

7/3/2011 11:13:24 PM



7/4/2011 4:14:06 PM


Ron Paul is a racist idiot from a backwater town in Texas. Please do not vote for him. He does not represent freedom or Constitutional values like he claims. Google "Ron Paul Report racism" to discover his real views, as expressed in his own newsletter.

7/4/2011 7:15:37 PM


Those damned alien pranksters dropping cows in my trees!

7/7/2011 6:03:17 AM


7/13/2011 1:55:52 PM


"but I thought cows were curious?"

This had me laughing my ass off. Clearly someone has never actually seen a cow with his own eyes. There's a reason that stupid people are called cows, and it has nothing to do with their weight.

7/21/2011 9:14:47 PM

A. Square

He is at least right in the last sentence.

8/17/2013 7:05:46 PM

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